DP outta nowhere

March 03 2023

I'm winding down getting comfy and ready for bed and my phone rings, it's one of my fwb, he's 5 minutes away about to stop in. I hear him at the door and he isn't on his own. I invite them in and we start chatting. The conversation steers towards swingers party experiences, my phone rings again, it's another fwb seeing if I'm up. I hang up the phone and my friends friend, let's call him matthew, asks if he could jump in the shower real quick. I oblige and get him a towel and walk him upstairs to the bathroom.


I go back to my room where my fwb ( Frank) is. I'm picking up on a vibe, so I ask, "what are you doing? Have you got stuff you need to do?" He replies " I do, and I'm late"

I reply" well we can fuck around til your friend gets out of the shower" he says " I was going to see if he could hang for a little bit" I agree.

Matthew comes back in thanking me for the shower and Frank informs him " you can hang here for a bit, I've gotta go" and he leaves.


As I shut the door I look at Matthew and he's grinning. I say "get your pants off!" The pants are off and it is beautiful! I grab it and attempt to swallow the entire cock to produce spit, I spit on it and continue to suck it long and deep. He spins me around so I'm on my back and he's licking my pussy, his cock is instantly hard and big!


I stop and say "please put that in me just a little bit, I need to feel it inside me" he bends me over doggy and slides it in I almost cum instantly. He is so big I have to change positions, we proceed to roll around the bed in all sorts of positions, his cock never leaving my pussy. I it feels amazing I can feel my body trembling from cumming. Then I hear a car pull up. It's my other fwb (jack) that called earlier, he walks in and surprises us.


He offers to leave and I say "you don't have to go" Matthew and I continue sucking and licking each other and I see jack watching us stroking his cock. I tell Matthew to get up and fuck me so I can also suck jack. Then I say " I want you both in me!" We fumbled around trying to position ourselves comfortably and finally we manage a really good one. Both the guys are lying on their backs with their legs in the air their sort of mirroring each other from their ass cheeks, cheek to cheek, ball to ball- almost, I wind my legs through theirs and slide one cock in my ass and then the other in my pussy, I barely have to thrust and I'm squirting all over them, so much that my tight pussy spits them both out of both holes lol! Amazing! Highly recommend it!


  • Hot4U2

    12 Mar 2023

    That’s a great story. And your first! I’m just outside of Brisbane. Would love to be a FWB with you to!

  • HornyTrucker75

    10 Mar 2023

    Wow, that’s awesome… you can message me anytime!!!

  • joder181

    09 Mar 2023

    Hot hot hot loved the story I would love to read more of your adventures 🌹

  • Funfourone

    07 Mar 2023

    Nice. Lucky holes.

  • friendlyguy65

    07 Mar 2023

    What a great day!

  • JGrey77

    07 Mar 2023

    Love it! My kind of woman.

  • Freelove

    07 Mar 2023

    Great story and you being yourself , luv it

  • roberto__nice

    07 Mar 2023


  • Markg1

    06 Mar 2023

    Super sexy love to try dp some day super sexy

  • jackont54

    06 Mar 2023

    Very hot, if old mate had stayed you would have had your mouth full too. Next time I am in Brizzy....

  • Dirtysecretslut

    05 Mar 2023

    I am a female and I am a dirty filthy slut. Life is way too short to not live guys. and I'm not sorry if that offends anyone! This did genuinely happen as well. That's my first story post. Stick around for more... Lmfao

  • Fun912269

    05 Mar 2023

    Dam that 🥵🥵🥵🥵as well done 🤤

  • Seaman86

    05 Mar 2023

    It's good one.......everyone was lucky

  • Englishman48

    05 Mar 2023

    So hot. I never thought of that position for DP! Love DP and a strong squirter

  • JeanVieve

    05 Mar 2023


  • FrenchToast

    04 Mar 2023

    So happy for you! That’s hot as babe 🍑🔥🤤

  • rover35

    04 Mar 2023

    Fantastic story. So want to know more about that position 🔥🔥🔥

  • Adam23

    04 Mar 2023

    Talk about hot 🥵

  • michealssss

    04 Mar 2023

    Incredible story

  • mayawantsmore

    04 Mar 2023

    So hot, I need that to happen to me

  • Adieo

    04 Mar 2023

    Great story

  • adcummo16

    04 Mar 2023

    Fingers crossed 🤞 hopefully one day

  • aristo201

    04 Mar 2023

    Done that a few tomes. It’s hot, through requires great positioning 😂

  • afg00

    04 Mar 2023

    Love it, never thought of that pos for DP..

  • Newlyinterested

    04 Mar 2023

    Hot and great position idea 🙌

  • Messupmyhair

    04 Mar 2023

    Perfect result. It’s amazing 🤩

  • Asensualvirgo

    04 Mar 2023

    I think this was so hot….

  • Raconteur69

    03 Mar 2023

    Spontaneity certainly makes everything a little more exciting

  • icanhost

    03 Mar 2023

    So hot 🥵

  • tom291

    03 Mar 2023

    Definitely want to be apart of that

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    03 Mar 2023

    DP 🤩

  • SmthngsDfrntNow

    03 Mar 2023

    That’s hot babe