M30 F37

Confessions Of A Cuckquean Part 1

August 13 2023

The sound of the crack was satisfying but the sting on my skin followed by the immediate heat brought tears to my eyes, quicker than my mind could process he was in my face. I could feel his hot breath on my lips and his manly hands crushing my throat. "Who the fuck do you think you're speaking to cunt" his voice thick with menace caused by my defiance.


Note to self:

Apparently when Sir says "Roll over" and you take these words literally, responding to the "You disobedient little bitch" look you cop from him by telling him to " say what you mean and mean what you say" as you tilt your head up (my little bratty quirk thats lets him know I'm most definitely challenging him)....

Is definitely not appropriate in his eyes.


I mean, I thought it was hilarious. The giggle from the corner of the room confirms I'm not the only one that sees the humour in me exposing the loophole in his command.


The last thing I heard before all my senses shut down and everything went quiet and black was "Keep laughing, I'll deal with you in a minute"


By the time I came too I felt no skin contact. No breath on my face... No sight either. He'd blind folded me, fucker.

I tried to take it off, only to realise I was also restrained, UGH!

My hands were bound in the under the bed restraints, my ankles too.


As my hearing settled back in I worked out why I suddenly felt cold and craved the missing touch.


The buzzing and moaning coming from the corner of the room told me, he was with her... she will be regretting giggling now, I bet.


We can't help it tho. Brats in our hearts and souls, we enable each other. When we are together it's like a 2 toddlers at an amusement park, full of excitement, sugar and very, very bad manners. Sir, however, knows just how to deplete us of our sugar high and remind us of our manners.


"Don't cum" I hear him order his playmate.


The 'oh for fuck sake seriously!?' groan that escaped her lips, possibly by mistake, was quickly reprimanded by a cracking sound. Her yelp lets me know he has the crop at hand ready to pull her into line when needed.


The moaning becomes louder, breathing more laboured. I get that all too familiar stab of jealousy that always comes along when he is touching, talking to or playing with another. It's like several heavy marbles bouncing around in my lower belly, having a great old time using my insides as a trampoline. I have gained the ability to turn this into arousal, and arouse me it does. Beyond anything I could ever have imagined during passed vanilla relationships.


I feel the wetness from my pussy getting thicker, beginning to drip down my ass cheeks. I craved his touch, or at least to be able to watch him take control of his play mate. Thier chemistry gave me more of that jealous feeling than I've ever felt in previous trialled play sessions, and I liked it, no, I fed off it.


The moans turned into whimpers, she wanted to cum. She knew, if she did, she would be made to wait even longer for what she really wanted. Every pleading whimper send shots of lust right to my core, she wanted him, the more she begged and pleaded the more heated my body became. He had become everything I saw he could be as a Brat Tamer and, was now, taking his skills to new heights all on his own.


I swear if he didn't give me release, and soon, I would implode.


The buzzing stopped. An exacerbated huff followed.


I could feel someone tugging at my ankle restraints. My ankles were freed, my wrists next. That was my punishment. To listen, not see or participate. He knew that being put in time out, hinders the Brat and puts me into submission.


The blind fold being removed revealed that glorious man, the one person who knows my deepest, darkest desires and does everything he's capable of to indulge them, standing over me.


"On your knees, on the pillow over there, now" his stern hard voice was all the warning I needed, this was just the beginning. If I defied him again my soft limits would begin to be pushed as punishment.


After missing out on so much playtime, I had no more desire to act up.

"Yes Sir" I responded with a nod.

I followed his order, knelling on the pillow placed in front of the door, where his naked playmate stood restrained by the over the door cuffs, hanging my head down with my hands on my lap, letting him know I had surrendered myself to him completely.


"Good girl" he cooed as he lifted my chin and rearded me with a deep, sensual kiss.


My entire body ignited, not that this was a new sensation. All this man needs to do is look at me and I'm in desperate need of a hose down.


"I shouldnt have to tell you what to do next" he whispered in my ear as he stood up straight.


I knew exactly what my silent directive was and was more than eager to please at this stage.


Pulling Sirs pants down exposing his gloriously errect cock, I willing began running my tongue around his tip. I knew he loved this by the eye roll, head tipping back and groan that escaped his lips every time I pulled this move on him. His response made my already wet pussy begin to swell, I needed to feel him touch me.


Meanwhile, his tied, bratty playmate had yet to be subdued.


How could I tell you may ask?


"Oh would you look at that. She is a mind reader" she 'thought out loud'


As I took his cock deep into my throat I quickly looked up, not missing that 'you what cunt!?' look in his eyes.


He didn't grimace at her, but instead smiled... sometimes... that was scarier. She raised an eyebrow at him. She was now challenging her Dom. It took everything I had in me not to smile, I needed him, I didnt want to be put in time out again.


As I continued to take his shaft so deep I could no longer breath through my nose, flicking and rubbing his shaft and top with my tongue when I could, he reached for the crop and handed it to me.


"She's a good girl is what she is, what do good girls get baby?"


This was directed at me. I knew if I took his penis out of my mouth it would result in disapproval.

Positioning my mouth at his tip, with a muffled response I replied "Wewarded Thir"


"Very good, and what do disobedient little cunts get!?"

Again, muffled and this time, kinda slobbery " Punithment Thir"


"Such a good girl you are" he ran his hands through my hair as he praised me.


He looked at her, this time with intent clear in his face, eyes and tone.


"Watch her as she shows you how a good girl is expected to behave, look at her and do not look away"


"Baby" he handed me the crop


"If she looks away, you whip her, understand?"


"Heth Thir" I choked out, my mouth completely full up of a mixture of raging boner and wayyy too much spit.


I looked her dead in the eyes as I pleased my Dom, loving the feeling of being in control of his pleasure and her desire.


I could see it, the desire to be rewarded, to be touched, for him to finish what he started with the toy and some.

The fomo got too much for her, she closed her eyes.




I flicked my wrist with as much might as I could in my awkward position, landing the crop on her side boob.


'Well, her eyes are open now thats for sure' I thought to myself as she yelped and looked at me once again, I need that cock burning in her eyes.


Even more engorged from watching me 'Dom' a female Sir now had a chunk of my hair, fucking my face, causing spit and phlem to drip down my chin, onto the floor.


"All you need to do is behave" Sir reminded her, as if he knew exactly what she was thinking.


She broke our eye contact to look him dead in the eye as she spoke the words we only used when we were playful enough to push him to his limit.


"Yes Daddy" She challenged with a masochistic smirk.


I dared not move or speak as he withdraw his cock from my mouth, breaking the suction causing an usually satisfying "pop' sound.


I watched as she bit her lip her eyes widening, then, as if I were watching a video in slow mo, several different emotions flickered through her eyes... fear... intrigue.... excitement.... as his hand reached her throat, the pause button was hit on 'oops, fuck, I fucked up'


Her face, already flushed from the evenings activities, burned bright red as her eyes slowly closed. She was passing out and I was dripping wet.


"You sleep now cunt" he growled in her ear.