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Cinema Stories Pt I

October 11 2023

We'd heard plenty about this place, an adult cinema, somewhere to go let your hair down.


These places are known to be sleazy and seedy but we were willing to give it a go.


We arrived, nervous but excited with anticipation of what was to come. No expectations just open minds.


We entered and it was packed. Guys everywhere, porn playing on a range of TVs, trans, bi, group, you name it it was on.


We found a couch and immediately felt all eyes were on Mrs, given she was the only lady in the place.


Immediately one guy was in our face with his cock in his hand, Mrs B asked for some space and he politely moved away.


After 5 or so minutes of settling in I could tell Mrs B was starting to feel good and we started with some touching and kissing. Immediately the crowd began to grow. Mrs B then sat on the lounge next to me with her legs wide open as I began to rub her pussy, it was so wet, I could tell she was enjoying being the centre of attention. At least 20 guys with cocks out rubbing them all to her.


Mrs B then said she wanted my cock in her mouth, she knelt on the floor in front of me with her ass in the air and began to suck my cock. I was hard, throbbing and felt her saliva running down my shaft.


After a few minutes, I told her to get on, she straddled me, tits in my face, with guys even watching from over the wall behind us. I could tell she was in her element, and then she said the magic words, "I want to suck some more cock".


I told her to turn around and face the crowd and pick someone out. She pointed to a guy who was standing a bit further back, and signalled him to come closer. I think he thought he'd won the lotto.


She quickly got his belt off and jeans down before taking him deep in her mouth, all the while fucking me like it was her last.


In no time she turned around and was kissing me. The guy had exploded in her mouth, he couldn't help it and not long after with a crowd of around 30 watching I exploded deep inside Mrs B.


We both fell back into the lounge, exhausted, before a round of applause broke out.


Needless to say the nerves were gone and we'd had an amazing time. We quickly gathered Mrs Bs clothes which were all over the floor and she went off to get dressed.


Such an amazing night and only the first of what will be many at our new favourite cinema.


  • 2curious2bear

    22 Oct 2023

    Love this 😀

  • Wannatravel

    20 Oct 2023

    Your definitely a lucky guy !

  • 2023northern

    20 Oct 2023

    What a stunning lady! Lucky fella!!

  • FunFiandE

    20 Oct 2023

    Hot. We enjoy the cinema 😈😋

  • Jupiter

    15 Oct 2023

    Very hot. Where is this adult cinema?

  • tripod420

    14 Oct 2023

    can someone take me there

  • mrmanly61

    14 Oct 2023

    And may I say, your girl is gorgeous. Wish I was there and she picked me!

  • aussieguy68

    14 Oct 2023

    Have done exactly that at ClubX on George st a few times …. Think it’s closed now unfortunately

  • Funluva

    14 Oct 2023

    Can't wait for Pt 2🤤

  • CumSlutsRus

    14 Oct 2023

    This sounds like a certain place we have been to a few times! 🤔😈 Hope to run into your guys there sometime 😉

  • Magic_Hands

    14 Oct 2023

    Hot story. Like it. Cheers for sharing..

  • FuntimeloversQld

    14 Oct 2023

    Hot Story

  • Startagain4551

    14 Oct 2023

    Hot. Have enjoyed the same type of experience. Sexy as