Chatroom encounter continues

January 25 2023




This is part 2 , the following encounter from my other story.



It was Friday afternoon just about to finish work and i got a message from the married couple from my first story asking if i was available. Already had plans to go out clubbing with friends at around 11pm.

So i went around to their place for a few hours of debauchery.


I arrived at the house and make my way in, and head for the shower. Mrs J  joined me in the shower and was washing my back when i notice Mr J taking pics and jerking off in the doorway. We put on a bit of a show for him, making out under the water and running our hands all over each others soapy bodies. We finish up in the shower all hot and ready to go. To the lounge room we head and order some pizzas while watching the football, Mrs J takes turns bobbing her head up and down on mine and Mr Js cocks.

Mrs J answers the door to the pizza guy topless, making his night.


After we have a feed the playtime begins.

We are all naked and on their marital bed taking turns having our cocks sucked and licking pussy.

I 69 with her on top of me and Mr J taking some more pics. While i was busy and distracted breathing through my ears Mr J played with my balls and helped out Mrs J.

Who was slobbering all over me and taking me deeper with each down stroke.


We were interrupted by the doorbell, one of their married couple friends who had just been on a date with another guy that fizzled out, had come past to play.


Off came their clothes and Mr J and the new arrival Mr W played together and stroked and sucked each other while watching me with their wives.


I was on my back on the bed with Mrs J sitting on my face while sharing my cock and balls with Mrs W. Taking turns swapping who was eating who and them eating each other while i took turns moving from pussy to pussy and having them suck each others juices off my cock and putting on the perfomance Johnny Sinns would be proud of.


The 2 hubbies in the corner came together and headed out to lounge room to recuperate. Mrs J squirts and cant take anymore fucking or being eaten alive so she joins the hubbies.

Me and Mrs W keep at it and 69 until she cant take anymore and just wants to taste my cum. She pulls out all stops on her quest to quench her thirst, the double gawk gawk 5000 hand twist makes an appearance and i fill her throat and she swallows every single drop, with each swallow, her throat muscles milking my cock and heightening my pleasure. When shes finished slurping me down she grunts with joy and comes up to kiss me and thank me, telling me that my cum is the yummiest shes tasted and she cant wait to repeat that performance.


We join the rest of the impromptu orgy in the lounge room and chill out before Mr and Mrs W have to leave.



Mrs J has come to her senses again and wants to be filled up. She sucks me hard and gets me ready for round 2.  We fuck missionary with her hubby holding her legs up so i can go hammer and tongs on his little wife. We swap to doggy and hes under us licking her clit while i fill and stretch her tight hole. My balls swinging back and forth over his face occasionally copping a tonguing.  Eventually i cant hold off and blow another load. As i pull out and lay down on the bed to get my breath back Mr J is devouring her. I get up and make out with her while she rides his face and pushes my cum out into his mouth.


We have another shower and get dressed before leaving we make plans for the following weekend, then i make my way to meetup with my mates at the niteclub, a smile permanently etched onto my face for the rest of the night.


Stay tuned for episode 3