Chatroom adventure

December 22 2022

So there i was, sitting at the computer in the chat room. A couple asked if there was any genuine guys in the room in the Western Sydney area.

I whispered my number to them.

A few minutes later my phone rings and we have a chat. Everything is going smoothly and im expecting them to ask to meetup for a drink sometime to see if we are compatible in person.

We arrange to meetup in an hour.

I shower and get ready before making my way to the meetup location.

The couple arrives and are better in person than their profile pics.


We go for a drive and im in the back seat,his wife sitting there with me, rubbing my cock and kissing me while he drives us around and watches in the mirror. As my throbbing member hardens she gets more excited and into it before she pulls my cock out and goes to town putting on a show for me and her man.

She engulfs my manhood with her mouth and takes me all the way down, coming up gasping for air.

Only to do it again and again, occasionally interrupted by her telling me how much she loves my cock filling her throat.

Her hubby, still driving and finding it hard to keep his eyes on the road pulls into a parking lot and watches the show while playing with his own sizeable piece of meat.

I reach down under her skirt and feel her shaved pussy, dripping wet with excitement. I tease and tickle her clit with two fingers while she sucks like a pro.

Soon enough she reaches climax on my fingers and is begging for me to fuck her.

I look to her hubby and he gives a nod of approval.

I bend her over the bonnet of the car and eat her from behind, tongue exploring from her asshole to her pussy and back again.

I take my cue and slide on in,taking her from behind. I pause to adjust to her warm wet pussy, i pump in and out like a well oiled machine, each stroke a little faster and deeper than the last. I reach one hand to her throat and the other on a breast feeling her nipple between my fingers.

My hand moves to her face and covers her mouth to stifle the noises coming from her.


I keep pumping in and out feeling the cum building up in my balls, getting close to dropping a load, so i ease up.

Taking my time and savouring the sweet velvety pussy wrapped around my hard cock.


We both pick up the pace when we cant take it anymore, shes fucking back, bucking them hips like a wild animal. The guttural groans of ecstasy coming from this sexy woman are helping me right along and get me across the line.

I cum hard and thrust deep and move around rubbing my cock head against her back wall. She loves it and tells hubby how good it was as she climbs off my softening member.

Hubby asks if i mind and before i could answer, is on his knees next to me while wifey lifts one leg over his shoulder and he eats her wet, used and cumfilled pussy. I clean my self up while watching and have a smoke.


They drop me home, the whole drive back, his wife is cuddled into me and thanking me for a wonderful time.

We make plans to catch up again and part ways.


Till next time.



  • BrisbaneHotMale

    28 Jan 2023

    Nice 👍 I had similar experiences with couples in different cities and also those couples who come to brisbane and looking for good time. Finding respectful people before meeting in person is not easy sometimes but it worth it 😊

  • Unme2gether

    10 Jan 2023

    Awesome! Wish I could get a hold of em

  • Barrabuoy

    07 Jan 2023

    That was excellent I felt I was there. Lucky bastard good on you.

  • Avaadans

    27 Dec 2022


  • Teamplayer

    24 Dec 2022

    Great story. Looking forward to the next chapter.

  • jackont54

    23 Dec 2022

    Sounds awesome.