Celebratory treat

April 26 2023

We had been to a major celebration and it was getting late so he (we will call him Sam)drove me home. We sat in the car several hours of course i thought nothing of it and then went inside the house for a cup of tea.


Out of nowhere Sam pulled me in and we kissed followed by him saying "I miss feeling the curves of your hot body pressed against mine"

Now I enjoyed It but it was totally unexpected, it didn't stop there.


We continued and both agreed to go to the bedroom taking our clothes off as we went to the room. I sat on the edge of the bed naked playing with myself rubbing at my clit moaning at the self pleasure.


Sam slowly walked over to me telling me I was such a naughty girl he traced his hands down my body, slowly making his way up my legs, my body starts to tremble.

My legs open, I lay down and embrace what's about to happen he is taking me in all ways my mind and body is blown my back is arching moaning from pleasure, lip bitting and body trembling, i tell him im about to cum and when i did i said that he'd been that naughty one and he needed the punishing now.


We continued on in the shower