Brothers - Part 1

January 17 2019

We had so much fun at the party. I’d loved getting dressed up in my 6 strap garter belt and luxurious silky stockings, especially since those two pieces of underwear were the only ones I was wearing. Shaun had asked me to be naked underneath my dress, and feeling that was a fair request from my lover I enthusiastically agreed to it.

I remember him coming up the stairs behind me, commenting as he caught a glimpse of my freshly fucked pussy as I bent over to fix a strap on my heels. ‘Yum, your pussy looks so swollen and sexy with my cream pie load trickling out of it’! he told me huskily. I giggled as I straightened up, smoothing my dress down over my thighs. ‘You need to behave tonight baby’ I admonished him. ‘You know your brother is going to be there and I don’t want you being distracted and getting him offside again’.

Shaun and Damien were only a year apart in age but Damien was the black sheep of the family and had left home at 15, returning home only recently. I always felt on edge around him as he seemed very moody and angry and for whatever reason he seemed to resent me. He would often grab his gear and speed off on his motorbike when I called in at their house. If I slept over for the night he’d go out drinking with his buddies and come crashing home in the early hours of the morning. He had never grunted more than a word or two to me the whole time I had known him.

He’d completely freaked me out one night when I was staying at their house. Shaun was dead to the world but I couldn’t sleep and I got up and made myself a hot chocolate. I curled up in the living room and drank the delicious drink, watching the flickering embers of the fire in the grate. I rinsed my empty mug out and before snuggling back into bed I thought I’d better brush my teeth. There was only the one bathroom in the house and I always felt a little weird using it. Shaun’s mum was such a darling though and had made the boys clear a space for me in the medicine cabinet. I looked at myself in the cabinet’s mirrored doors and pulled a face as I saw my tangled bed hair. ‘Just lovely’ I groaned as I opened the doors to get out my toothbrush and toothpaste.

I’d just put the toothpaste on my brush, run it under the tap and started brushing my teeth when I heard the floorboards creak behind me. ‘Oh fantastic’ I thought as I tried to quickly spit out the minty foam. I’d woken Shaun up and he had to get up early for work. ‘Sorry babe’ I mumbled. ‘I couldn’t sleep and got up to have a drink and was just freshening up before I came back to bed’. He chuckled, his gorgeous deep voice triggering an instant response between my legs. I turned to embrace him but suddenly he grabbed my neck, splaying his big hand out, forcing my head down. His other hand cruelly gripped my hip, locking me into place. ‘Hey’ I cried as I started to try and wriggle free. His grip tightened and I felt my heart starting to pound with excitement.

Shaun was a generous and attentive lover, but sometimes he treated me as if I might break. I often hinted to him that I would love for him to be a bit more rough with me, but the thought of potentially hurting me seemed to really upset him. But now I could feel the tension in his strong hand and arms as he bent my body over. I continued to struggle though, feeling my flight or fight response flooding my body with endorphins. The more I fought though the stronger his grip became. ‘Shaun, you’re hurting me’ I whispered loudly, wanting him to let me go but not wanting to wake his mum up. ‘Mmm’ I heard him murmur and just then I felt his crotch grind into my arse.

I was only wearing a cami top and French knickers and the movement had scrunched my panties up, making his massive erection even more obvious as it pressed into my flesh. I was just about to cry out again in protest when he suddenly tugged my hair around his fist and yanked my head down and to the side. My neck was exposed and I gasped as I sensed him coming closer and then jumped as I felt his muscular tongue start licking me slowly, from my clavicle up to behind my ear. ‘Oh fuck’ I panted as I went weak at the knees. I must have been a little low on blood sugar as the erotic sensation of his tongue lathing my neck caused an autonomic response of dizziness and desire. The desire was intense but the dizziness was overwhelming. I slumped against the vanity unit and felt him move away from me and head back to bed.

‘Wow’ I thought to myself! ‘Something has got him in a red hot mess tonight’! I quickly put my toiletries back on the shelf and shut the cabinet door. I flicked off the light and using the moon rays filtering in through the hallway windows to navigate I made my way back to his bedroom. I was tingling all over with sexual tension. If that stunt he pulled in the bathroom was the appetiser then I couldn’t wait to sink my teeth into the main course. His room was pitch black dark and I could just imagine him laying there, cheekily awaiting my return. He would have known exactly how turned on I was by his aggressive attack in the bathroom and no doubt would be stroking his gorgeous cock, keeping it rock hard for me.

I felt my way towards the bed, half expecting him to flick the bedside lamp on to surprise me. ‘Oh you’re bad’ I teasingly told him. ‘Acting like nothing happened’! Just as I was about to tell him exactly how I felt I recognised a sound which had been persistently tugging at my auditory senses since I walked back in. It was snoring. Loud, rhythmic, regular snoring. ‘What’! I cried out, flicking the bedside lamp switch. I could barely believe my eyes! He was laying in the exact same position as when I’d left the bedroom. He was totally out to it, in a very deep sleep.

My mind started tumbling over hundreds of scenarios to explain what had happened. He was fast asleep. He was snoring. It couldn’t have been him after all. But if it wasn’t him ….. who could it be? Oh god. Could it have been Shaun’s brother? His flesh and blood? Damien?

To be continued.