M50 F47


June 25 2023

About 5 weeks ago Tyre Guy got me to add Boily as someone who could potentially help me out with a little fun times. So I added him and we started to chat about what we liked and what we were into. It was arranged for a couple of days later or was it the next day for me to meet him for a little rendezvous. It did take me by surprise that it all happened so fast but I did go and meet him at our meeting point. He told me he had a van that had a mattress in the back and we could have sex in the back of that. So after work I drove to the meeting point feeling a little apprehensive but also knowing I would be okay.


Anyway I arrived and pulled up beside his van as instructed and got out and jumped in the back. Me being me I was a little awkward and started rambling as I got undressed. Honestly I didn’t know what to do and I even made taking off my clothes look hard. Once I was naked I laid down beside Boily and we started to kiss which did take me a little by surprise as most of the rendezvous, including tyre guy, either have very minimal kissing or none at all. He ran his hands up and down my body very lightly which was a bit of a turn on and felt so nice. It definitely started the fire or flood I should say. I wasn’t sure what to do with my hands and was still a little awkward but eventually I grabbed his cock and started stroking. Boily then shifted his attention to my pussy and started to fondle my clit and pussy lips with his hands and then his mouth. Boily definitely knew what he was doing and he made me cum. It was such a surprise that I came so quickly as it usually is a bit of an effort to get me there for everyone including myself (well except when I have my rose vibe).


Once I came I then sucked his cock. Running my lips up and down his shaft whilst sucking as hard as I could. I don’t believe I was sucking for long before I was told to stop and he then climbed on top and fucked me until he was done. It didn’t take long before he came but with the lead up to it it was completely understandable. We only fucked in missionary this time or what I call married sex position but it didn’t matter. I had come and a friend of mine told me that’s all you need. Honestly I was so relaxed and content that nothing mattered and Boily seemed to be as relaxed as me although I may have been a smidge more because I was closing my eyes. So we lay there for a minute and he started lightly running his hand up and down my body. It was adding to my relaxation whilst also turning me back on. I said to him that if he didn’t stop that he would find himself in more trouble which I then found out meant a green light to get back into it. He started fingering me until I came at least one more time. I commented how was I to drive home when I was so damn relaxed and pretty much on cloud 9 to which we both laughed. Once we were done I got dressed and we went our separate ways.


Unlike most (except tyre guy and seeker) Boily messaged me later to thank me and I thanked him for an awesome time. We chatted about things and then arranged for another rendezvous the next day. Same meeting spot and same time.


The next day came and even though I had seen Boily the previous day I was still a little awkward. I believe I even got caught up in my clothes trying to take them off. I’m not sure why I was so awkward it’s not like I didn’t know what was about to happen. I got my clothes off and laid down and started kissing him and I grabbed his cock straight off the bat. No mucking around this time! I had taken a couple of mints before climbing in the van and Boily commented that I was minty fresh. Whilst kissing Boily ran his hand up and down my body and I’m pretty sure I got instantly wet. That’s one thing about me is I can get instantly wet just by a touch or a kiss or a memory.


Boily started fondling me like I was doing to him. He started to run his fingers over my clit and he ran his fingers done my pussy lips until he was at my entrance to which his fingers slipped inside. All whilst kissing me. Eventually Boily moved away from kissing me and he went down on me. Again I came and I think I even came a couple of times whilst he licked and fingered. It was then my turn to suck his cock. Loving it I ran my mouth up and down his cock slowly whilst sucking as hard as I could. Making sure he was as hard as he could get. I could feel his cock swelling with each stroke of the mouth and my hand. Boily then told me to stop and we started to fuck again. Once Boily was done we laid there again both relaxed but we didn’t lay there as long as we both had to be places so we got up and got dressed and went out separate ways.


Again we chatted learning about our likes and dislikes and what turned us on. I found out Boily was bisexual and he found out I was bicurious and open to most things. I don’t believe we caught up for a week as he went back to work. But I’m unsure of the timeline. When he did want to see me again my period had started and I told him that and offered to give him a bj instead. He said that would be okay and we arranged this time for him to come out to my house whilst I was waiting to go back to work. We were on borrowed time though as I had to be somewhere in 45 minutes from when he got there.


When he arrived I took him straight into the middle room of the house which also happened to be where my husband slept. I got boily to lie on the bed and I started to suck his cock. I believe this time I even sucked his balls and licked his shaft from bottom to top. I’d been getting pointers off tyre guy and I implemented these into this BJ. I sucked and stroked until Boily came in my mouth and I swallowed which was a delight because he was really tasty. Boily then got up and left.