M32 F30

Birthday surprise

July 21 2023

It was a Saturday night, me and hubby had just gotten home after spending the night out celebrating my birthday. We had just climbed into bed when he mentioned that he had messaged someone and they’ll be over shortly to join us in some erotic fun.

I was very hesitant at first and was definitely second guessing whether this someone was gonna even be interested.


A few moments later there was the knock at the door. He has arrived. I was laying in bed when hubby answered the door and invited this someone in. Hubby got back into bed naked of course, when this someone started taking his clothes off and jumped in beside me.


I’m now lying naked between two attractive men. Not long after this someone grabbed me in the chin and started kissing me. Before I know it he has made his way down to my thighs, separating them and making his way to start licking my wet pussy with his incredible tongue. It felt amazing, I didn’t quite make it to having an orgasim but let me tell you it wasn’t far off it. Not long after we had changed positions and I started sucking his soft cock, before I know it, it was hard and pulsing. Whilst I kept sucking, hubby come from the side and slide his very hard cock inside my very wet pussy. I knew how turned on he was but to my discretion, he had already cummed inside me 2 times, very quickly.

After sucking on this someone’s very large and hard cock he spun me around and spread my knees and then rubbed his big hard cock on my juicy wet pussy. I quickly realised how much of a tease this guy was. After a few moments of rubbing his hard cock on my dripping wet pussy he pushed it all the way in and back out hard. After a few thrusts I could feel my orgasim building up. I looked up at my hubby, locking eyes did I mention he looked sexy as fuck sitting back watching me be fucked by some random guy with a huge cock. It wasn’t long after that moment that my orgasim exploded, it didn’t stop there it become consistent. I knew how much he loved loved it after he not lasting too much longer when he asked hubby where he was able to blow. Hubby replied with anywhere is fine. He then pulled his big hard pulsing cock out of my dripping pussy and blew all over my back. He done a quick wipe up and flipped me over onto my back where he began to eat me out sensationally again.

Time passed by and we finished up.