Birthday pressent

August 24 2023

This is a meeting from a few years ago while living in a northern Victorian town. I had been chatting to a couple online for a while from Broken Hill. In the chats, I told them I had had a vasectomy and got tested regularly. Then, at one stage, I started only chatting with the husband of the couple. He told me they were planning a trip to the town I lived in and the date which was a Friday. He asked if I would like to catch up on that day, in the afternoon, as they had to go out on the Friday night they were in town. I organised the Friday off work as I had a few things to do and could meet up with them in the afternoon. Next time I chatted with the husband I let him know that was fine. He said they would be in town about two in the afternoon and he would text me when and where to meet.

The day came and I did my jobs in the morning and got ready to meet up with this couple. The husband then texted me and the meeting place was a time, motel and room number. I was not expecting this as I thought it would be a coffee or a drink at a bar. I sent a text saying I was on my way and the husband sent one back, not to knock on the door of the room but to send a text when there, and he let me into the room, and not to say anything and come in and get undressed. I arrived, did what was asked, and sent the text. Next thing, the door was open and I went in and he closed the door. I noticed his wife sitting on the bed with a lacy bra, panties, and a blindfold. I was semi-erect at the sight. I got undressed as instructed and moved towards the bed. The husband lifted the wife's hand and placed it on my semi-erect cock. She started to stroke my cock. He removed the blindfold and said Happy Birthday, dear. Then the husband said he would sit down and watch, and I was to please his wife for her birthday. By this time, she had my cock in her mouth, which was no longer semi-erect. It was fully hard. I took my cock from her mouth and kissed her.

I started caressing her sexy body and kissing her neck and shoulders. I ran my hand between her legs, and I could feel her wetness through her lace panties. With one hand I removed her bra and still stroking her legs and teasing he pussy started to work on one of the best sets of breasts I have ever seen and her nipples were fully erect. I laid her down on the bed and lifted her ass and removed the wet panties before moving back to those breasts. I placed my hand on her wet pussy and started to caress her wetness while kissing down her body. I started to rub her clit before blowing soft breath onto her pussy before slowly tickling her clit with my tongue. I started eating her pussy and she was about to orgasm when she stopped me and asked if she could sit on my face to be eaten. I agreed. while changing positions I notice her husband naked and stroking himself. She lowered her pussy onto my face and continued to eat her pussy and she started to suck my cock again. Then she sat up a bit and orgasmed and a flood of pussy juices ran over my face, she tasted great. Her husband then ask her if she wanted my cock inside her? to which she answered yes. I was still eating that juicy pussy and he said he get a condom. He moved over and while I was eating his wife a mouth went onto my cock and rolled a condom onto my cock. Found out afterwards it was the husband. She climbed off my face spun around and her husband guided my hard cock into her wet pussy. She rode me for a while then I sat up and hugged her and with me still inside her, I rolled her on her back. I kept thrusting into her wet pussy and she orgasmed again and I was getting close to cumming. A few more thrusts and I pulled out and removed the condom and blew a large load over her body and breasts.

I kissed her and laid beside her and started to massage the cum into her breasts and body. we lay talking a bit and she grabbed hold of my cock and it was starting to get hard again. She said she would like my cock inside her again, and asked if i would do that for her. What was I to say but yes. She took my cock in her mouth and worked on it until hard. While she was sucking my cock I was playing with her clit and fingering her pussy. She asked for doggy once I was hard, I said i would grab a condom. Her husband said if it was ok with his wife I could fuck her without one. I did not have to ask she said I want to feel your bare cock inside me. We positioned ourselves and I entered her. Once in a rhythm, i reached around with one hand fondling one breast and the other hand started to rub her clit. She orgasmed again sending another flood of pussy juices over the bed. I kept thrusting into that wet pussy and I was about to cum so slid out of her ready to blow my load over her back. She told me to put my cock back inside her to which I replied I was about to cum. She looked at her husband and said I want you to cum inside me. I looked at her husband and he said if she wants your cum inside fill her up. I slid my cock inside and kept thrusting until I filled her pussy with my come. After I came inside her I thrust and few more times slowly and then removed my cock. Her husband came over and spread her pussy lips to see her creampie and my cum dripping out.

He the said I should go have a shower, which I did. Thinking about what had happened while showering I become semi-erect again. I got out went back into the room to get a towel to dry off he was fucking his wife and this made me hard again and she saw me watching. I dried off and he finished inside his wife so she now had two loads inside her. I was fully erect and she said that I must be a horny bloke to be hard again and not to waste a good hard-on and fuck her again. Her husband said to go for it. I moved her to the edge of the bed and spread her legs. Opened her pussy lips and saw one wipped a load of cum with her husband's cum dribbling out. I entered the super wet creamy pussy and fucked her. She orgasmed again and then I unloaded another load inside her. I pulled out and she sucked my cock clean while I rubbed her cum filled pussy. Once she was finished cleaning my cock I got dressed. I kissed her and said happy Birthday and said hoped you enjoyed your present. She said she did.

We met up a few more times after that when they were in town, they were great company and we had great times


  • sandman15

    01 Sep 2023

    That was awesome 👌🏻 glad you made there day a great one and made me hard reading it cheers for sharing a great story 😀 👍🏻.

  • Lionboy

    27 Aug 2023

    When her next birthday ? 😊

  • Danny01

    26 Aug 2023

    Great stuff

  • ajaussie

    26 Aug 2023

    Great and hot story

  • BrisbaneHotMale

    26 Aug 2023

    Nice 👍 I was the birthday present for some cuck dynamics so you reminded my good time with them. Happy birthday to her 😊

  • HomerHudson

    26 Aug 2023

    Absolutely hottt 🔥🥵