Bi the way

February 11 2023

A guy posted an event about gangbang for his wife. Being new to the scene I was nervous but up for it. And it was a bi gangbang on top of that.


I was working and was on my break when I saw the ad. And there was a number to contact. I texted ,”hey, i am keen for tonight”. He responded instantly and told would contact later on to provide address. He asked for my facial and unsfw pics which I both provided. He sent me a picture of them.


They were a mid 50’s couple. He was a well endowed man 8 inches or so and looked big as well. The lady was petite with big boobs. I was really eager and nervous at the same time. Because I had minimal experience and it was a bi gangbang. I was busy in work until 10pm and I checked my phone he had left few messages. I apologised for not being able to respond. He didn’t reply for a while. I thought I missed the chance and was a bit upset. I was on my way home and he texted back. I stopped my car on side and read he had sent me the address. It was on apposite side of the town I lived. I was skeptical wether to go or not as it was already 10:30 then so by the time I reach there will be early 11ish. I told him such and he responded that should be fine. Well , once you dick is pumped up with blood the eyes, hands and whole body follows its direction and demands. And I made a u-turn and away I go on a new adventure.I reached the address he sent and it was a motel. I parked my car and sent him a text saying that I have arrived.


The entrance was a bit hotel style for that motel and it was on the second floor so he came down to escort me. We had minimal chat and he looked excited. We go in the room and what I see are men , age ranging 24-60. All naked, some being ticked some sucked and I was just stunned, did I really walk into a male orgy. I got a bit nervous and shy. The guy asked me if I wanted something to drink beer, whisky or “cock”. And he says coke later on. I just asked for a beer. I open the beer and sat on the corner just looking around. Few eyed me and I was so nervous now what to do. In my mind I was making excuses to leave and l was lost on my own world. Suddenly, the bathroom door opens and oh my god , the beauty before me damn if she was such fine looking how must have she been on her early age. The male introduced me to her and we hugged, mind you she was stark naked. With minimal experience I had, I was cheeky enough to pinch her ass cheeks. She smiled and said ,”you naughty”. The show was still going on though. It was a demonstration big dick average small, everything was on display. I was a bit shy of my man till as it was ok but in that scenario it wanted to hide😝🫣. But the Cupid must have been nearby and struck the lady an arrow because she pulled me close and we sat on the bed close. We started to chat whilst everybody was doing everybody on the back. The husband was sucking off someone and someone fucking someone. All together it had to be 8 men. But everyone respectful of each other which was really amazing for a first timer like me. The lady asked to strip as she felt shame that I was dressed whilst others were naked. She took off my tshirt I took my pants off.


She leaned close and started kissing me which I responded and I don’t k ow how long we kissed but we were lost on our own. I was kissing her while one of my hand managed to play with her boobs. A gentleman then proceeded to lick her and looked up at her for approval and she nods. We were just passionately kissing and my dick was throbbing with excitement. The beer must have kicked easy after a hard day at work and after all the sex in the air. She started stroking it whilst we kiss. She said she wants to suck. So I stood up a little as she was lying flat with her pussy being serviced after. Her mouth felt so warm on my dick. And she was so gentle and smooth i was just moaning in pleasure. The guy then proceeds to fuck her and I could feel that thrust and she matched it while sucking. Another of the guy comes over and started fondling and licking her breasts. And she was stroking him with one hand. She knew what she was doing and I was just too horny with all that was going on. Other guys stood opposite me wanting a suck maybe but the lady just stroked him. I slid out for awhile for others to have a go and another reason was to not cum early😅. I calmed myself or my dick down for a while. She was not interested to play with others and excited herself for a drink and sat besides me. We talked about work life and why I was single😂. The others were back on their play, my nervousness about bi gangbang was my boon as they were not bothered and were happy on their own. We finished the drink and we started kissing again, she was a passionate kisser and so was I and another thing was she loved bite marks and I enjoy a sexy bite🤭. She wanted to suck and I stood up, her husband came over and kissed her and start sucking me and that was next level two people sucking me at the same time. They will make gentle kisses on each side of dick and fuck that was hot as. She asked me to fuck her. I fingered her a bit and she was wet with juices. I inserted my finger with her juices in her mouth and fucked her at the same time. She pulled me to kiss and I could taster herself on her mouth and fuck that was so hot. We had a passionate sex and I was so lost that I didn’t dnt even care that people were around. I was kissing her and biting her nipples while pounding her from below and she was tight and wet and warm. She was a goddess of sex and she enjoyed it as much as I was. He lips were soft and juice and her boobs firm and soft even at that age. I couldn’t take more and I was about to cum. She held me tight and wrapped her leg around my waist. Aahh… I unloaded my self on her and she squirted a lot. She embraced me on her warm hug and a long tongue play to end out play.


I lie in the to catch a breath and her husband is now licking her pussy , my cum dribbling out ( I cum a lot) and he was licking it vigorously. She was enjoying it and I liked how he was passionately cleaning my mess. She had few rounds with other gents after that and we ended the night. And everyone slowly made their way. I was one of the last to go with two other gents. She waviness them but came to me and gave me a big hug and a nice kiss and a good bite to remember on my neck. We bid them a good night and was leaving and the guy whom I think was the most hung comes up-to me as goes’ “ mate, she dogged you a lot because even I couldn’t make her squirt as much as she do when Yous were having sex and yous were lost on your own world” I went home with a smile and a bit of smirk and unloaded another load remembering them gorgeous boobs and that amazing lips.