Best meeting of the day

November 07 2023

True story of today …in my job I am the ultimate professional, well educated, articulate , sought after to work with …love my job, I have built an amazing team that achieves a lot despite the challenging work we do….this persona literally melts as I read his message “on my way back to Perth, I hope to find you naked waiting for me in your office”

This man has been my lover and fwb for several years, we have ticked many things off our sex bucket lists together, we have started orgies…

I have unlocked the front door to the office building and returned upstairs undressing as I go and dropping my clothes along the way. I sit back on the lounge chair in my office and put the blind fold on .I spread my legs, lick my fingers and reach down to touch my clit. Mmmm - soft , warm, the anticipation of his arrival making me wet. The cool air has made my nipples hard or maybe it’s just the thrill of lying naked in my office.

I hear him laugh quietly as he comes up the stairs, pausing momentarily to pick up my clothes …He steps into the room.

Mmmm babe , that’s fucking hot …I feel him kneel down in front of me …pull me closer and push my legs back. Silence as I feel his hands on me , leaning in to kiss me and whispering you know how to turn me …kissing down my body hands and mouth feeling me. Then his warm mouth, his tongue tasting me…