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Beachside fun Pt. 1.

August 30 2023

It was a warm summer day, with very little breeze, and clear blue skies. Dave and Tanya were spending the weekend on their yacht at Rottnest. This particular weekend was unusually quiet , and they managed to find an anchorage at Parakeet bay, tucked into the corner, out of the way of the typical traffic.

Desperate for some sun, Tanya took a book, loaded herself into the tender and headed for the beach for some "me time".

Once on the beach, she found a sandy little cove at the southern end of the bay and stretched out a towel, laying on her back, exposing her body to the suns warmth.

Wearing a tight little black bikini, she could instantly feel the heat from the sun adding to the inner warmth she was creating with erotic and sensual thoughts racing through her mind.

Reading her book, and occasionally rotating her golden brown body, she enjoyed the peace and serenity of the secluded cove. As she rolled over, she noticed a man walking at the other end of the bay. He was a tall, athletic looking guy, with dark hair and a perfect tan. He clearly spent time at the gym, and his arms were chiselled and toned. She watched as he too found a quite spot, tucked up in the opposite corner. She could see him glance over every few minutes, and he established his own space.

She sat up, grabbed her phone and fired off a frantic text to Dave. "Check out the bay.....Im horny as fuck and want to play". Dave fired back a quick thumbs up and horny devil icon.

Tanya stood up and wandered down to the waters edge, she took a slightly diagonal approach, to ensure he could see her enter the water. Diving into the crystal clear waters, her muscular back and toned ass were on perfect display for the strange man on the beach. It clearly got his attention, and he sat up, entranced by the obvious display of sensuality.

After a short swim, she made her way back to her towel, and dried off, again, flaunting her amazing body to the man who was now clearly interested in her every move.

As she lay down again, the sun rewarming her body, she removed her tiny black bikini top. Her dark nipples, hardened by her thoughts, and the cool water were sensitive to her touch, as her palms brushed over them. She glanced over to the man again, who was now totally fixated with her every move. She ran her hand down over her flat stomach, and then down to her mound, lightly and subtly stroking her pussy. She again looked over to the guy who clearly was growing hard with what he could see.

Tanya picked up her book again, and tried to read, but erotic thoughts ran wild through her mind, and all she could think about was his hard cock, and how amazing it would feel inside her. She wanted him bad, and her pussy ached at the thought. After a while, she finally dozed off and dreamt of wild adventures on the beach.


When Tanya woke, she noticed the man was no longer on the beach, but was swimming laps up and down the bay. His stroke was perfect and he glided through the water with ease, clearly a regular ocean swimmer. She made her way down to the water and stood waist deep, cooling her hot body. As he passed by her, his stroke stopped, and her heart skipped a beat. Not sure whether to turn and walk away, or start a conversation, she was frozen.....He made the decision easy, and stood up almost directly in front of her. In a deep, sexy and european accent, he simply said "what a gorgeous day, you make the beach even more beautiful". Tanya laughed and thanked him for the compliment. They exchanged small talk and introduced themselves to each other. Matt explained that he was in Perth for business and had decided to take a few days off to see Rottnest. He was staying at Geordie Bay, and had wandered down to Parakeet to find a quiet place to tan and swim.


They eventually wandered back to her towel, and continued the conversation. It was light and fun and they laughed about just about anything. Tanya explained that she was there on their boat, and that Dave was onboard. She pointed over and waved. Reading a book on the back deck, he waved in return.


Tanya asked Matt if he could possibly apply some sunscreen to her back, as the sun was now high and starting to burn. Matt was a little unsure, as Tanya lay down on her stomach, passing him the sunscreen. Matt said "are you sure your partner wont mind".... Tanya laughed, and responded by telling him its likely that Dave will be watching and enjoying every second.


Matt started to apply sunscreen to her back. His hands were amazing and he massaged every inch of her shoulders and back. With each circuit of her toned and golden brown back, he edged closer and closer to the top edge of her black bikini bottoms. She let out a small groan as his fingers slid underneath the elastic band of her cheeky black outfit. Giving him a clear signal, she said "don't let my ass burn". Nervously, he slid his hands over her ass cheeks, and massaged more cream into her amazing glutes. Matt made the comment "you clearly spend time at the gym". Tanya responded with an erotic groan, and said "please dont stop".....

Matt, with a clear direction began to work his way down her legs, over her tight calves and then back up, over her ass and down her other leg. As he worked his way back up, she parted her legs slightly, and his skillful hands worked his way towards her inner thighs. Tanya’s pussy tingled as she looked over and saw Dave almost in a trance, watching the erotic display. As Matt massaged her thighs harder and harder, the edge of his hands occasionally glanced over her pussy, and it sent an electric jolt throughout her body. Matt was kneeling beside her as he continued to slowly work his way over her entire body, closer and closer to her sensual organs. She reached a hand out and placed it on his thighs before slowly running her palm up his leg to his now super hard cock.


He was massive and harder than steel. His cock was starting to peek out from the band of his boardshorts. He was so big, his boardies couldn't contain him.....she placed her thumb on the tip of his engorged cock and circled the tip that peeked out, begging for her touch. It sent a shiver over his body and he arched his back in response......


  • Opendoorperth

    11 Dec 2023

    Part two please??

  • maca14

    03 Sep 2023

    Loving story... Can't wait for pt2.

  • joder181

    03 Sep 2023

    I was at Rottnest recently and pretty sure was at that beach. Part two - can’t wait.

  • Patrick2510

    02 Sep 2023

    Omg can't wait for part 2