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Balmy Brisbane summer night

December 01 2022

We are catching up with a sexy RHP member and having a quiet drink at a bar.


No expectations, just testing the waters, seeing what sort of person she was. You were very shy to start off, but then the two of you found a common theme in your Pilates and just got talking. I was happy just watching you two, as she kept looking you up and down discreetly, occasionally looking over at me with a glint in her eye.


We talked about families and the hassles of kids. All married, she spoke about the rules of her open marriage and the ups (and some downs) that it can bring.


I made a joke about trying to manage such a schedule and she laughed, leaning forward and placing a hand on your thigh.


As she recovered, she sat back up, but kept her hand in place. You look down but don’t attempt to remove it. As the conversation continues to flow, your left hand starts to gently stroke the back of her hand on your thigh.


Her little fingers starts to tease at the hem of your skirt. Instinctively, your legs part, oh so slightly and you look at me, a mixture of desire and trepidation in your eyes. I gently smile and nod slightly. “Be who you want to be” I mouth to you.


I then start to engage her in conversation, distracting her a little, as you lean back slightly and enjoy the sensation of her hand that never skips a beat.


Slowly, her hand slides further up your inner thigh. You start to breathe very quickly now, taking hold of her elbow so you can control and guide as you feel comfortable. I can see that her nipples are hardening under her shirt as she is ever so close to your tantalising pussy and she can feel the warmth coming from it.


The booth we are sitting in provides the perfect screen as she rubs the outside of her little finger against your pussy lips.


Your breath catches in the back of your throat and you have to swallow because your mouth has suddenly gone dry. She keeps talking to me, but is looking at you and you look into her eyes and gently nod, the tip of your tongue just sticking out between your slightly open mouth.


“Is it dark enough for me to kiss you?” she asks you. You glance around the bar, no one is paying any attention to us, and you nod, saying “Quickly, and just a little one”. She leans in and presses her lips against yours. They are soft and taste of her lip balm. She runs her tongue around your lips and reaches between your legs with her other hand. “You taste so nice,” she says. “I would really like to taste some more of you.”


She brings her arm up around your shoulders and hugs you in close, to any observer two friends hugging, but hiding her kissing your neck. You close your eyes and gently slide a hand up to take a hold of one of her breasts, your fingertips finding her erect nipple immediately, and you feel her lips stop moving as a gentle moan escapes her mouth.


“This bar is getting a bit hot and stuffy”, she says. “It’s always so muggy this time of year”, I say. “We are staying nearby, perhaps we can get a drink by the pool at our hotel”. She looks at me and smiles. “I don’t have any bathers, but my knickers and bra look like one”.


“Sounds like a plan” you manage to get out, your mouth still dry with excitement.


We leave the bar and head to our hotel. She is walking between us and she takes your hand in hers, her thumb stroking the outside of your hand. She turns her head to me and says, “You’re a very lucky man. She is gorgeous”.


“I know. And thank you for making her feel so special, because she truly is” I say.


“I’m going to make her feel like a goddess” she replies.


We make it to our room, and you go to the bathroom to put your bathers on. The blue bikini with the white stripes that is off the shoulder.


I take the robes out of the closet and hand one to her so she can undress, yet be covered on the walk down to the pool. She dons her robe, then takes the other from me and walks towards the bathroom. As you step out, she wraps it around you.


She pulls you in by the front of the robe and kisses you, gently pushing her tongue against your lips, waiting for them to open to allow her into your mouth. You savour the feeling against your mouth and let them linger there for a second, then slowly open up.


Slow, long, kissing, tongues gently probing each other, her hand reaches behind your back and brings you in closer. Your right hand reaches up to take her breast again, caressing her nipple through the fabric of her bra, feeling it harden.


She opens your robe and as it falls onto your upper arms. She looks down and lifts your top up, taking your nipple in her mouth, gently sucking and running her tongue around the tip. “I needed to do that,” she said. “Shall we go for dip?” All I can do is nod, totally entranced in the wonder that I am seeing.


“It’s ok,” she says. “You will get to play soon enough”.


We head to the pool. The bar tender at the pool bar is packing up. “I can get you two drinks each, but then I have to go” he says. “We will take them all at once, so then you can leave,” I tell him. “Don’t want you to have to wait around just for us”. He smiles at me knowingly and brings back three glasses and a bottle of champagne. “It’s easier this way,” he says. “I’m off now. Pool closes in two hours. Not likely to have anyone else interrupt you though. You’re the only people been here all day”.


I pour the champagne. She is standing between us, her left hand rubbing up and down your belly and inner left thigh, and her right hand rubbing up and down my inner right thigh.


She leans across and kisses the nape of your neck as I hand her a glass of champagne. “Can I kiss him?” she asks. “Not yet” you say, “I want some more first”. You lean across and take the glass that I am offering you, taking a sip and then kissing me. “Thank you” you whisper, “I love you”.


“I love you too” I say. I put my hand around her waist and pull her back against me. She can feel how hard I am, my cock nestled between her butt cheeks. She reaches out and pulls you in against her, her leg between yours, her thigh pressed against your pussy.


You look into her eyes and see hunger that is matching yours. You reach in and kiss her, placing the glass down behind her on the pool bar bench. I reach around and stroke my fingers up and down your stomach and over your nipples with one hand, and press against her stomach so she can feel how hard I am. Your leg slips between hers, and your arch your foot so your thigh presses against her pussy too. Slowly you start to grind against her leg and she quickly reciprocates, rolling her hips to press up against my cock, and then along your thigh.


I pull the hair back over her shoulder to expose her neck. I pause with my lips above her neck, waiting to catch your eye. You open and look at me, still kissing deeply and gently nod. With your approval, i now run my tongue along the edge of her neck and up to her earlobe, gently taking it in my mouth. She shudders as I breathe in her ear, and you can feel it all the way down her body and into your thigh.


I reach up with each hand and slide them under first your bikini top, and then her bra. Taking as much of each breast in my hands as I can, I gently squeeze, gripping and sliding up the breasts to reach the nipple and taking them between my thumbs and forefingers. I gently pull them, slowly, taking them to their full length, and slowly and gently rolling them between my fingers. She pulls her leg down from between yours, replacing it with her hand. Long slow strokes with her fingers, starting at the back of your wet pussy lips and making their way to your clit, which she gently squeezes between her two fingers. Back and forth, slowly, but increasing pressure with each stroke.


My hand in its adventures has lifted her breast out of her bra and you take her nipple in your mouth. You feel it harden as your tongue pushes it against the roof of your mouth. She pushes your bikini bottoms to the side and her fingers continue their magic, no longer restrained.


My left hand slides down her belly and between her legs, the space made free as your leg has now moved to the side to give her fingers room inside you.


I press my hand against her pussy, cupping it from the outside and gently moving my fingers like a piano player doing scales, each finger moving one after the other back and forth. She leans her head back, “Please” she whispers, “Inside, please”.


As I slide my finger under the elastic of her briefs, she begins to press with more pressure against your clit, and slides two fingers inside your very wet pussy, tucking them up inside to rub your G spot, whilst her thumb circles your clit. My hand is still on your breast, thumb circling your nipple in time with her strokes.


Her other hand reaches around and she runs her finger nails up and down the shaft of my cock and kisses me hard on the mouth. “I want to feel that inside my mouth soon”, she says. “And watch it go inside your wife’s mouth too”.


Just hearing that almost makes me explode and it takes all of my control to stop, distracting myself by focusing on pleasuring the two beautiful women in front of me.


Hands a blur, all reaching out and rubbing, stroking, probing, the cold water isn’t enough to stop sweat dripping down us. You both look into each others eyes as you feel that each of you is getting closer to cumming. Leaning in you both kiss deeply, your tongues darting into each others mouths in time with the fingers probing and rubbing all of the sensitive parts.


She suddenly stiffens, the falls forward as she cums, her cry caught in your mouth. She begins pressing deeper and more firmly into you and rubbing your clit whilst she leans down and takes your other nipple in her mouth flicking it with her tongue until you, too, shudder with a wonderful orgasm.


Hugging into each other, you ride the waves of your orgasms as I stroke my fingers along your backs. Breathing deeply you step apart and turn to me, as I reach behind and grab your glasses. “Drink?” I ask.


  • Moore4us

    08 Dec 2022

    Wow! Sounds amazing, looking forward to part 2

  • beachcouple200

    05 Dec 2022

    Very 🔥🔥🔥 love the build up of anticipation 💦💦

  • Patrick2510

    03 Dec 2022

    Brilliantly written xx

  • SyFlick

    02 Dec 2022

    Lovely attention to detail, would love to hear part 2.

  • maca14

    02 Dec 2022

    Very HOT and steamy 🔥🔥🔥.