Anonymous Encounter Chapter 1

November 14 2023

He couldn't believe the moment was here, he walked through the door of the bar and knew it was her immediately.


His eyes took in her luscious curves, framed in a snug fitting green dress. Her hair was so long, flowing down her back, he hadn't realised just how long it would be. He couldn't help but imagine it caught in his fist as he guided her onto his cock.


He started to get hard just imagining it. No, he had to get himself under control and walk over there.

As he watched , she turned sideways, and he got his first glimpse of her, she was laughing at something the barmaid said as she handed the drink to her.

He watched her lips wrap around the straw and again imagined his cock sliding through those pretty red lips. Red lips, did she have to have red lipstick on, now his fantasy evolved to seeing that lipstick rubbed off around the base of his now throbbing cock.


She finally turned and he saw that she was exactly as he thought, curvy, sexy and a naughty smile, attractive by society's standards but not so much that it was off putting.


She looked up and their eyes caught, she smiled in recognition and as he watched she blushed. He couldn't believe that the sexy minx he'd spent hours dirty talking to blushed before a word was said.


Nerves had set in, she'd arrived early and was waiting for him to walk in. The barmaid was friendly and cute so she ordered a drink and chatted to pass the time.


There were butterflies in her stomach and a warmth between her thighs. She was feeling sexy in her matching lingerie, her pussy was still tingling from the orgasm she'd given herself before running out the door.


She thought he would love her bright red lip color, it accentuated her natural pout and bought attention to her lips which would hopefully be kissed passionately soon. Even better, they might end up wrapped around that thick cock she'd been fantasising about.


She thanked the barmaid and lifted her drink to her lips, thoughts of hitting on the obviously interested girl making her smile. What a surprise that would be for him, "hi, great to finally meet you, let's have a threesome" .


She looked to her left and he was there, he looked both amused and aroused, did he know what naughty thoughts were running through her brain? She smiled at him and found herself blushing as her walked confidently towards her.


He was tall and handsome, she had to tip her head up a little to look at him as he stopped in front of her. His photos hadn't done him justice, they didn't show the sexy warmth in his eyes as he raked his gaze up and down her suddenly warm body.


She subconsciously squeezed her thighs together as a rush of wetness made her panties damp.


He watched as she bit her bottom lip sub consciously, every action betraying the fact that she was already turned on.

He bent down and feathered his lips over hers, chuckling as she went on her tiptoes chasing his lips as he slowly pulled away.


"Why don't you go grab that table" he suggested,nodding to one in clear view of the bar, even though the bar itself was quite dimly lit. Mood lighting that seemed appropriate.


They'd already agreed not to exchange names so introductions were unnecessary.

He ordered his favorite drink and when the bar maid bought it to him, he thanked her, leaned closer and murmured, "I'm good at sharing my toys if you're interested ".

The barmaid laughed and replied, "I always enjoy a show, if it's good enough I just might join in"


He strode over to the table and settled in his seat beside her, glad she was facing the bar. Now he could watch her and the sexy little barmaids reaction to what he planned to do.


Leaning forward, he slid his hand around around the nape of her neck and guided her forward to kiss her properly, she tasted like citrus and sin.


He slid his other hand onto her thigh closest to him, giving her a moment to change her mind if need be. He felt her relax into his touch as her breath hitched.


He whispered to her, "Go to the bathroom and take your panties off and bring them to me".


She gave a little laugh and with a naughty smile replied, "I didn't bother wearing any".


Fuck, she was just as sexy as he'd hoped, but now was the time to push her a bit and see if she really was into him.


He slid his hand further up her thigh and her legs parted automatically for him, he could see her breath starting to come faster as he grazed her pussy with his fingers.


He looked up and noticed the bar maid watching. He delved just a little deeper with his middle finger and found her pussy soaking wet. He made slow circles around her clit and enjoyed seeing her eyes slam shut from the rising pleasure.


He kept working her cunt with his fingers determined to make her cum right there. He started murmuring in her ear, "you're such a good girl, you going to cum for me aren't you".

She nodded her head and softly moaned.

"You're going to soak my hand like a good little slut", that got her hand wrapped around his thigh and squeezing as she tried to control herself.

"You're going to cum when I tell you the bar maid is watching every fucking thing we're doing aren't you my dirty girl"

That was it, he felt her pussy tighten around his fingers and he slammed his lips to hers to muffle the soft moans and whimpers of "oh fuck, so good, oh my god"


She couldn't believe how fast he'd made her cum. She tried to slow her breathing as he gently broke their kiss but stayed leaning close, his face a picture of masculine pride that he'd mastered her body so fast.


She felt him ease his fingers from her needy wet pussy. Before he had a chance to react she grasped his wrist and sucked his cum soaked fingers into her mouth one by one savouring her own taste whilst making full eye contact with the voyeuristic hottie behind the bar.


She was still incredibly turned on and by the very impressive bulge in his pants she knew he was too. She lightly brushed her fingers across his cock, drawing a groan from him.


"I've been thinking about sucking your big cock for weeks now" she murmured into his ear, he must have liked hearing her voice her desires as his cock twitched in her grasp.


"I need to go and fix my lipstick" she told him, "I'll order you another drink on my way". He nodded looking like he couldn't decide if he should join her or just bend her over the table in front of the whole damn bar.


  • Bifemwantsfun

    19 Nov 2023

    I'm confused in first few paragraphs she squeezes her thighs feeling her panties getting damp then in next few paragraphs she telling him she didn't wear panties and his fingers graze her pussy...

  • Mr_Interested

    19 Nov 2023

    Really well written, looking forward to the next chapter.

  • Yoursifyouneedme

    19 Nov 2023

    Surreal, well written.

  • Patrick2510

    19 Nov 2023

    Great story, is there a part 2?