An Stroll in the Park

October 04 2023

Was a clear and warm Wednesday evening. Just finished a coffee and cake with the wife when we decided to go for a drive. For ages we have spoken about doing the deed somewhere public, and after being kid free, decided to head to Kings Park for a naughty rendezvous.


We found a spot, which had a few cars there, but decided to stop anyway. We got out and walked down the hill to a large grass area. The wife wearing a summer dress which hugged her curves made me hard just staring at her as she walked in the moonlight. There on the grass, I sat down, her on top of me while we began to make out. Her hands touching me everywhere and I made my way to her pussy, she was wet and moaned with delight as I inserted my fingers. A few minutes of foreplay led to her asking for my cock. I dropped them exposing my hard cock, she moved aside her underwear and I went in with ease. Her moans kept me hard as she bounced on my cock, the noise from people not 20m behind us kept us excited. Holding her arse tightly as she held me against her chest, riding my cock hard but slow, building to an almighty explosion of cum inside her. She jumped off and I could see my load dribble out into the grass. He headed back to the car where I finished her off while driving home through the streets of Perth.


Safe to say it was an exciting evening we plan to do again soon


  • Timetobe

    20 Oct 2023

    Great story Love to watch the next instalment

  • gavsexy69

    07 Oct 2023

    Love it love just out no were sex it's awesome

  • Maracus69

    06 Oct 2023

    Nice ive done it there too nearly got caught out was great

  • bobbob6969

    05 Oct 2023

    Mm love to join in