Am I a cuckold? part 2

August 08 2018

She gazed at me with her sweet, innocent, green eyes. A full grown, brown, hard giant cock was inside her mouth, stretching her lips to their full potential. Now she took one of her hands and groped his balls, playing with them as though they were marbles. Big, heavy marbles.

They both looked at me the whole time, and I felt as if it was all in slow motion. He looked at me shocked, she looked at me with a look I have never seen before from her. Something betwee teasing, crazy, and sweet. Shocked as he was, his libido was stronger than him now, and he couldn't resist this hot, wet place to lay his cock in. He caressed her head and she started to put more of him inside her mouth. Now her hands were grabbing his arse, and she wasn't looking at me - she was concentrated fully in getting this gigantic cock in her small mouth.

At that point, it was clear to us all we have reached the point of no return. At first I thought that when I'd come out of the shock I'd probably get the hell out of there and break whatever comes to hand, but I realized at some point I'm not in shock anymore, I'm just fucking horny.

They both closed their eyes now, while mine were wide open. She tried to fit as much of him as she could, but it was so big and her mouth was so small (yup, she was small everywhere), I could see much of his cock outside her mouth, trying to estimate how much of it is inside. Now she was grabbing the rest of his cock, wanking him, changing paces. She looked so professional, I had to wonder - is it her first time, really?

Suddenly, he put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her from him. She gazed at his face while his cock was moving on his own, shooting a huge load on her face, on her top, and on the kitchen floor. She looked at me, her face covered with cum, and smiled. He was more shocked than the both of us, at that point. Without waiting too much, I took off her top, wiped her face, and threw it in the washing machine. I kissed her long, passionate, and then looked at my best friend, who had just cum on my girlfriend's face, after having his cock sucked out of the blue.

I put my hand on his shoulder and led him to our bedroom. He sat at the hedge of the bed, still confused, but, of course, played along. I could see that his cock has softened completely - and it was still very big. I held my topless girlfriends hand and led her to stand beside him. I told him to hug her, while she was standing and he was still sitting at the edge of the bed. I then pulled down her panties, revealing her beautiful pussy to him. He stared at it long, and then I pushed him softly by the chest so he'd lay on the bed, and asked my girlfriend to sit on his face. She hesitated, but this night was so crazy, I think we'd do anything. She slowly sat on his face, placing her sweet pussy lips on his mouth lips. She started moving on him, and I heard the clashing of his tongue with the walls of her cunt, the movement of the fluids, I heard the rubbing of their skins against each other. His cock was hard again - huge and standing straight, in front of me, while he was drinking my girlfriend. I sat on the bed behind his head and kissed my girlfriend again. It has been a long time since we kissed like that. I pulled her up to stand on the bed and directed her back, to his cock. She looked amazed to see his erection in full, as though it wasn't in her mouth a moment ago. She lowered her arse to sit on it, as I held it to point at the exact spot. As I held it, I felt it's hotter and harder than I'd imagined. Her lips were close now, I could see, smell, and feel the heat and wetness coming out of her cunt. She sat on it, trying to fit all of it inside. I looked closely at her pussy, I could see it expanding, flexing. She wanted him so bad.

Her entire body was now in the mission of fitting the whole of this great cock in her. He was closing his eyes, maybe to convince himself he was dreaming. She sat as low as she could, started to move up and down, ride his cock like a cowgirl. I kissed her again, and she started picking up the pace, riding like a pro. Her breaths grew heavy, she started making these tiny uncontrollable moans, in a voice reserved only for moans. I was hard as a rock, kissing my girlfriend while the gigantic cock of my best friend is pounding her small pussy. She was now riding fast, hard, her moans grew louder and bigger, she grabbed his chest hard and I could see her starting to vibrate, her pussy lips shrinking and flexing. She came like crazy. She got up and saw he hasn't cum yet, and he was crazy hard and big. She grabbed his cock and looked at me smiling - "Some help would be appreciated".

Should that be continued as well?:)