M48 F50

Allyssa Part One

April 28 2023

We have a friend that we played with early on when we first started in the lifestyle, but Allyssa doesn’t find him as suitable these days. Excitingly though, Allyssa suggested to invite him over for drinks one Friday night. Jeff came over Friday and the drinks were flowing, then Allyssa told me that she had organised for a stud to come and fuck her in our bedroom and that she wanted us to go to my office and listen to her fuck via the baby monitor. She also said not to tell Jeff.


Allyssa ducked off and ten minutes later she texts me to say the stud will be here in five minutes. I ushered Jeff into the office and when he asked what was happening I told him to just trust me. When we entered the office, I received an MMS with Allyssa showing her all dressed in lingerie, bra, suspenders, stockings, heels and a black see through gown over top. Whilst showing herself off she told us to sit tight and listen and suggested we watch the videos of her fucking and sucking randoms that we have collected.


We started to watch a video of Allyssa on her knees sucking cock while I turned on the baby monitor app on my phone. We could hear her say, he’s here and then the click click of her heels. Next, we heard her talking to a guy and asking him if he liked what she was wearing. We were both turned on but that’s the last we could make out throughout the session apart from hearing her orgasm several times and then the stud cumming hard. We heard him leave and I get a message asking me to come to the room and then Jeff looks at his phone. Unbeknownst to me Allyssa had sent a video of her sucking cock. I walked into the room and there she was spread eagle on the bed with cum dripping out of her pussy. I dove in and cleaned her up, she came again. Before I’d had enough her phoned biped and she pushed me off saying that the next guy was only five minutes away and she needed to tidy up.


I went back to the room and Jeff quickly pulled his pants up and looked at me sheepishly. I told him fair enough, but we need to stay here. Whilst waiting for the next stud to turn up Allyssa started talking dirty to us saying how she was going to fuck us hard all-night and be our dirty slut. She said she was touching herself and was so turned on that we were listening. Soon there was the click click of her heals and another random stud entered her room. Lots of grunting and groaning and several orgasms before the stud came hard. This time she asked for Jeff to come to the room where he promptly cleaned her up whilst she facetimed me and talked dirty. Allyssa came hard on his face and when finished she pulled his head up and he groaned and said no one has ever squirted down my throat like that before. She told me to come into the room.


When I enter, she tells us to stand up and drop our pants and start pulling our cocks. Both our cocks were covered with pre cum. She demanded that we not cum until she said we could. We were handed her phone and told to take photos and or film whilst she touched herself and talked dirty. It didn’t take long, both Jeff and I said we have to stop or we will cum. Allyssa jumped off the bed, put her glasses and and got on her knees. She told me to film and that she was going to suck us off and that she wanted us to cum all over her face. I groaned with lust and Allyssa looked up at me while pumping both our cocks and said, “I knew this would get you off and this is just one of your fantasy’s I’m going to make come true for you tonight!!” With that she started sucking and licking both our cocks until Jeff pulled his cock out of her mouth and blew. He came all over face, glasses, in her hair and on her tits. I was groaning hard and pulling my cock while trying to film. Allyssa grabbed his cock and wanked it whilst rubbing the head of it on her tits. When he had just about finished she stuffed it in her mouth and sucked hard. Jeff groaned loudly and shuddered and then pushed her away. I could see his cum dribbling down her chin. That was it, I exploded and came hard and loud, blowing over her face and tits. It was a huge load and an intense orgasm. Allyssa made me film her while she rubbed our loads into her tits whilst talking dirty. Jeff left the room to clean himself up and Allyssa stood up and grabbed me by the back of my head and made me eat Jeff’s cum off her tits and the side of her face while she told me that she made sure that I didn’t cum in the same place. It was hot and a sign of things to come.