Airport adventure

October 20 2023

Apologies for the long gap between stories, here’s one I thought was well worth sharing.


I fly quite a bit, mostly for work, so I spend a fair bit of time at airports unfortunately, but this time was a fortunate experience!


I arrived at the airport to catch a connecting flight home, I had about 4hours to kill so I checked in and found a seat at one of the bars near to my gate, it was in a corner section I had not noticed before, there were two other people sitting in the corner, one guy with his headphones on eating a burger, and an attractive older lady eating a salad and enjoying a glass of champagne.


I sat and ordered a drink and some food, the guy left and another guy took his place, he struck up a conversation with the woman and pretty soon they were exchanging phone numbers, for “advice” as she was a nutritionist, which I found odd, that she was willing to give her number to a complete stranger, I could see she was married by the ring on her finger and through eavesdropping on their conversation she had teenage children.


I joined their conversation and the man eventually left to catch his flight, I continued chatting with the lady, she was being quite flirtatious, noting that alcohol gets her into trouble, we flirted back and forth before three other older ladies joined our corner. The way she was looking at me and smiling, I thought to myself, I think she wants me to fuck her right here right now!


What was I going to do, how would I tell her that I was willing to fuck her also? So, I put my hands under my table where only she could see, and made a circle with my fingers in one hand and inserted my finger from the other hand into the circle, as if to say my cock, your pussy?


After doing so for a moment she noticed my sign language and smiled, now how to leave the area and the other ladies without them assuming anything. I promptly packed up my charger and she did too, I stood up and she asked “ready to go?” I replied “yep all ready”, she stood up and followed me we stopped where the ladies could’ve see us, she asked “where do we go”, I replied, let’s go this way, I lead us towards the toilets, there was a unisex disabled cubical vacant, I entered first with her close behind, I locked the door and turned to face her.


She asked “you sure?” I replied “absolutely!” And we kissed, our hands exploring each others bodies after eye fucking each other for the better part of an hour. I undid her belt and rubbed her pussy as she dropped my shorts and stroked my already throbbing cock, I turned her around and bent her over, lathering my cock and the entrance to her already dripping pussy with saliva and slid inside her, she moaned loudly, there was a lot of foot traffic outside the door and I’m sure they would’ve heard her moans, but we didn’t mind.


I preceded to pound her pussy, she was pushing back on me, taking every inch like a pro, telling me how good it felt, after a 5 minutes of solid pounding she came hard and dropped to her knees, taking my swollen knob in her mouth, working it with her tongue expertly, once she regained her composure, I bent her over again and started pumping away on her pussy, slapping her round ass and pulling her bra down to tweak her erect nipples, she moaned in pleasure again, I pushed her hard up against the wall as she gripped the handrail, I was fucking her hard now, her head banging into the wall, I could feel my cock was close to exploding, I asked her where she wanted my cum, she begged “please pump it inside me” another few strokes and my cock was flooding her sweet pussy with hot sticky cum, I pulled out and a huge gob of load dripped onto the tiles, she sat on the toilet and squeezed as much as she could out as I cleaned my cock in the basin and pulled my shorts back up.


I grabbed my bag and said we should stagger our exits, so I left first and she locked the door behind me, never to be seen again, no numbers, no names, just a flirty conversation and a quick 15 minute pounding on an airport toilet. So next time your flight is delayed, there’s always something you can do to “fill” your time… you’re welcum.


  • Brisrvb

    24 Oct 2023

    Public sex is hot I've been fucked in a train toilet at 11am on a Thursday lol he was a younger guy too

  • gavsexy69

    23 Oct 2023

    At a Train station was my most public fuk

  • Beachesluva68

    23 Oct 2023

    Ladies, any takers Thursday morning, Sydney domestic 😜😅

  • jim8515

    22 Oct 2023

    Great story - wish I could have such an adventure one day!