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A risqué day at the bay…

November 17 2023

On a gorgeous Friday morning my wife and I set off for a day at a little secluded beach we like to go to, we had organised a day off together to spend a bit of us time just sun baking, swimming and getting a little risqué. The beach in question was known locally as a frequented nudist beach, mainly due to the difficulty to access it. Even though it was a stones throw from one of the most popular beaches in the world, it wasn’t a beach that was widely used other than for the odd surfer or bush track walker. Hence the popularity amongst the nudist and the few thrill seeking swingers, lovers and voyeurs.

The weather was spectacular and had us in a great mood to see where the day would take us, this wasn’t our first time setting off for an uninhabited day of nudity and if we felt it a little fun in the dunes, another thing we weren’t new at either.

On this day we hadn’t spoken much of romping in the dunes just that we were keen for a naked swim in the crystal clear water, and without fail the water was glorious! Barely any wind with a slight bit of swell we spent quite a bit of time in the water just floating, body surfing and quite a bit of sexual banter. This continued on and heated up whilst we sunbaked naked, we were both feeling pretty keen for another pulse raising trip onto the dunes. We traded fantasy scenarios of what we were wishing would happen whilst we were in the sexy shadows of the bush that lined the dunes and after my wife said she wanted to squat over a strangers cock whist sucking another stranger off, I had reached my limit I grabbed her hand and lead her into the trees where I had just planed to bend her over and have my way with her. But as we ventured into the trees I noticed a naked man shaped flash into the dunes beside us, I think we had been being watched and to his luck he was about to get a show he might not of expected. Seeing this lit an erotic flame in my wife’s eye and she took control and kneeled on the towel she laid down and started to suck my cock in an exaggerated manner which I gather was for our friend off in the distance watching. She seemed possessed by his presence and began to touch her engorged vulva whilst she made eye contact with him, this set me on fire! I couldn’t get enough of her teasing him, she positioned her body towards him so he could see her sliding her fingers slowly inside her swollen pussy which increased the tempo of his stroking. She then laid me down and got on her hands and knees with her arse pointed directly in his view, as if she was inviting him to come enter inside her. She continued to suck my cock so enthusiastically I bent my head back in ecstasy, which lead me to notice another naked shape in the bushes. I scanned the surroundings for more and to my surprise there were 6 voyeurs all watching, all naked, all men, all stroking themselves. Being so enthralled in the heat of things and amongst the buzz of adrenaline I asked her if she trusted me? Whilst still making eye contact with our first friend and spreading the dripping lips of her pussy she devilishly smiled at me and said “YES”

I fumbled around our bag and grabbed my shirt and blindfolded her, she continued her devilish laugh and said “what are you going to do?” To that I replied “nothing… but he’s going to do you” she let out a slight groan and whimpered “don’t let him cum in me”

I not only waved him over but I called the other 5 guys I had spotted which she had yet to!

Amongst the slurping and snapping of twigs she still hadn’t noticed that she was surrounded by more than one other guy. I ordered him to fuck her and told him when your done cum on her back! I then signalled to the others to do the same.

The first guy was a fit 50yr old looking guy, tallish with a solid 5 inch cock which made me feel comfortable as I’m about a 5-6er as well. He got on his knees as he fingered her a little and slowly yet with a slight bit of a thrust slid his cock all the way in. Her moan almost made me come instantly! She has a certain face she pulls during that moan that ignites my loins! He albeit a little too eagerly pumped her into submission, she had stopped sucking my cock and was strangling it instead. His over excitement lead to his short time inside her and with a gorilla like grunt he unloaded his load onto her back! It wasn’t a lot but nothing to be ashamed about either.

She started to lick my cock smirking and said “it’s your turn” to this I replied “Not till they’ve had their turn”

She paused and lifted the blindfold quickly and saw the others waiting their turn and without haste she continued to rub her lips up and down my throbbing cock. I nodded to the next in line who even though had a nice sizeable 7 inch cock was even quicker the the first guy, his ferocious pumping ended in a mere few seconds with an load that seemed a bit of an anti climax. The next in line was my favourite, an older guy with a barrelled chest, he was about 6’3” and dwarfed her. His cock was amazing, only 6 inches but its thickness was mesmerising! The head of his cock was so bulbous I was almost begging him to fuck her! Even with his giant stature he was gentle and very softly entered her with an almighty groan from the depths of my wife’s lungs. His large hands were completely covering her tits as he used them to lever her helplessly on his grandeur cock! His thrusts were explosive, she was completely dominated by him, he was basically using her as a fleshlight!!! My mind was blown, I had found the guy that scratched my cuck itch. I was not alone, during the mind blowing groans and moans she was letting out two of the voyeurs leant over her and blew their loads on her back, one completely missing and the other covering her shoulder. The third guy was fucking my wife better than I could even attest to, she let out an almighty sound and her body shuddered as she came on his massive cock! I was so turned on I had to squeeze my cock to stop it from unloading, I didn’t want to cum yet. After what was not long enough for my liking but still probably a good few minutes he pulled out his pulsating cock and unloaded a flood of cum!!! His shot was so enormous it actually flew past her head and landed on my chest! I didn’t even flinch it turned me on so much I was begging him to fuck her more. As I leant forward I saw a massive puddle of semen pooling in the small of her back, there was so much it was running around her waste and down her legs. She still hadn’t stopped moaning she was almost begging for mercy when the last guy slid his small cock inside her. He wasn’t a very eye catch man, his belly was sitting on her red arse and his cock was only about 3 inches erect! But what ever he did with it he had her moan just as much as the third guy. He’d pushed her shoulders down and perked her arse up and was grinding his cock inside her, she was profusely rubbing her clit while the pool of cum rolled toward her head. Without hesitation he scrapped the cum away and flicked it into the bushes while his other hand had her waste tight. The slopping sound of his cock inside her pussy that was left stretched by his predecessor was too much for me I stood up with intentions of cumming on her as well when he pulled out and squirted a load that seemed to never stop.

Knowing I didn’t have much left in me I flipped her over and spread her legs but before I entered her I for filled a much thought about fantasy I sucked her clit and licked the inside of her very well used and swollen pussy, her look was one of absolute deviousness. I continued to stare into her filthy dirty look as I slid my cock into her red pussy, the feeling of her used pussy sent me into instant end stroke but this load was reserved for inside her. Our eyes never broke contact as my cock pulsated my load deep inside her. During our ender we hadn’t noticed our new friends had all vacated the area and we were left to stare at each other silent on awe at what we had just done.

We have returned to that beach many times looking for number 3 but yet to find him, maybe another day at the bay….


  • xxcum

    23 Jan 2024

    Are you taking about  Coolum third Bay or Alexandra Bay?

  • JonnyV69

    05 Dec 2023

    Awesome story! Hope you have more add at some point.

  • Andy_Magn

    04 Dec 2023

    Such a great read. Would’ve loved to be a part of it. I’d be the six inch guy with the massive load.

  • naughtytintin

    28 Nov 2023

    Great story and knowing you have embellished it a bit does make me wonder which bits and by how much!

  • swingtime

    25 Nov 2023

    Wow we love playing at the beach too hehe

  • ChasingTheSun74

    24 Nov 2023

    Great read, ever check Byron nudist beach out ? We are actually heading there today.

  • mantoy69

    23 Nov 2023

    Gotta love A bay !

  • skbh357

    22 Nov 2023

    Love the story. Had similar experiences at a bay we know on Sunshine Coast.

  • Strippercougar

    21 Nov 2023

    I meant she was loving all those hard Cocks💋💋💋

  • Strippercougar

    21 Nov 2023

    I would love to be fucked like your wife after reading your story. She was living all those cocks. You are a great husband to open up her world to her that way. I adore how you and your wife are so open minded.

  • Cptnporkswrd1

    21 Nov 2023

    Great story and a great beach!

  • letsplay_33

    21 Nov 2023

    Great story, we were up that way a few Fridays ago but didn’t have your luck 🍀 😈

  • Knottybutnice

    21 Nov 2023

    Great story guys

  • smoothly

    21 Nov 2023

    I know the bay well, but never had as good of an experience as that! Thanks for sharing! ;) x

  • JustNAlex

    21 Nov 2023

    Such a thrilling story 😍

  • James3088

    21 Nov 2023

    Great story guys, loved it

  • Mj1002

    21 Nov 2023

    We would love to come to your next visit to the beach

  • Kitty_Kat08

    21 Nov 2023

    Wow so very hot 🔥🔥 such a great read, thank you for sharing

  • ajaussie

    21 Nov 2023

    Very hot story . My compliments.

  • playtime

    21 Nov 2023

    I hope this is a true story

  • gavsexy69

    21 Nov 2023

    Nice job I'd like be the number 3