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A happy ending with a 3some part2

October 28 2023

It wasn't long before this drove Tyrese over the edge again she found herself coming whilst heavy breathing she's turned to Jay And said to him, "I Need You Now". Jay knew what this meant, it meant Tyrese's pussy needed his cock, Jay moved and parted Tyrese's thighs as he placed the tip of his cock in front of her pussy. Serene grabbed it and began to tease Tyrese's pussy with the tip of Jay's clock sliding it up and down around her clit. Tyrese's pussy was partly open as she placed Jay's clock inside of her, with one movement Jay's clock slid deep into Tyrese and then slowly back out again. Serene looked down to see Jay's cock wet from Tyrese's pussy And slid her hand along his Shaft as Jay slowly fucked Tyrese. The feeling of Jay fucking her pussy and serene's hand on Jay's cock and her clit Brought wave after wave of orgasm with her back arched so she could get as much of Jay's cock inside of her, the feel of Jay's cock inside of her and his balls slapping against her he was about to come she felt as his cock became rock hard as his cum started to fill her pussy.


After the first gush she could feel serene Pull Jay's cock from her pussy, The second stream landed on her boobs and subsequent in serene's mouth as she sucked every last drop of cum from Jay's cock. she's not sure what came over her again but the second she finished milking Jay's cock she placed her head between Tyrese's legs and began lapping at the cum Jay had left in Tryese's pussy.


Tyrese grabbed Joe's cock and said to Jay, "I want you to fuck her while I lick your cock and her pussy". he couldn't believe his sexy wife had just told him to fuck another woman's pussy while she licked him.

Serene was on her back with her thighs apart and her pussy begging for Jay's cock to slide inside of her She could feel Tyrese's slender fingers rubbing her wet pussy lips And the tip of Jay's cock against her clit She could feel her pussy swell as Jay's cock slid inside of her all the way up to his balls, he started to slide his cock back it was then that she could feel Tyrese's tongue running down the wet shaft of Jay's cock onto her pussy lips and to her clit. As the rhythm of Jay's cock and Seren's tongue working her pussy she was in pure



she grabbed Tyrese's leg pulling it over her held her hips and pulled Tyrese down so her pussy was just above her face so it was like Tyrese and Serene were in the 69 position licking each other's pussies but at the same time Jay's thick cock was fucking her sliding in so deep she had no idea how she was able to take it all. She could feel her orgasm building again wave after waves rolled through her body she was coming that much she could feel the Sheet below her getting wet but she didn't care, all she could think of was sliding her tongue deep inside Tyrese's pussy as they pleasured her. With a tingling sensation that started in her toes it made its way up the spine throughout her whole body making her moan into Tyrese's pussy.


this brought Tyrese over the edge with herand both girls came at the same time this was too much for j with his wife moaning as she licked and sucked his cock and this woman coming all over him he felt serenes pussy grip his cock as she came and this in turn brought him to climax as he filled serene's pussy he withdrew his cock from her his wife slid it deep into her mouth sucking every drop of come from him then plunged her tongue deep into serene's pussy.

All three collapsed totally exhausted and they lay their entwined as sleep fell over them.

When they awoke the couple reached out and Drew Serene closer towards them They started to include her in their kiss.

Serene and Tyrese push Jay back into the tile bench Tyrese grabbed Jay's cock as Serene started rubbing her lips and her tongue up and down on one side, Tyrese did the same to his cock on the other side.


Serene had a deep urge to make Tyrese cum, she started kissing her passionately with there nipples rubbed against each other, she reached her hand sliding it down tyrese's wet body To her pussy.

It was at that moment they felt Jay's fingers as he touched both their pussies, it didn't take long to both to cum.

They sat back on the bench and rinsed off, they left the bathroom.

"Anybody have any ideas for whatto do today, I was thinking of going to the beach but I didn't bring my bathers so I'd have to pop into town to get some.


Jay said, "We will have to check out of our hotel because we only booked for one night and we didn't bring any bathers".

"Great", Tyrese exclaimed "Check out the hotel, shopping, Beach, sounds like a perfect day to me, Probably not so much for you Jay but hey you get to watch as we both try on bathing suits". "I'm fine with that". said Jay.


They went into a few Bikini swimwear shops, at one point Jay saw Serene whispering something to Tyrese then he notices Tyrese missing for 10 minutes. After what seemed like endless shops the girls finally found ones they liked and proceeded the go and try them on.


The shop was very deserted and it was one of those with the unisex change rooms so Jay quietly sat In front of the change room. Within a couple of minutes he saw a bum sticking out from the curtain and he heard Tyrese say, "My butt or hers?" "Definitely yours honey I know that's sexy bum anywhere", Jay replied. Then a pair of boobs stuck out the curtain and jay heard, "Whos are these?" "Serene", jay said serene looked over at tyrese, she was so hot and sexy, she just wanted to feel her naked body against hers.


"Should we be naughty and call him in?" Tyrese didnt answer her she just softly called jay and he quickly slipped into the change room with the girls. They were wearing a matching bikini but had swapped.

serene took this opportunity to jump in and say, "I think he should show us how much he appreciates it and how should we make him do that?

i think he should lick our pussies till we cum right here in the changeroom".

Jay could not belive what he was hearing, his sexy wife wanted him to make her cum in a changeroom, it didnt take long for him before he was on his knees with each girl on the bench pulling bathers to the side so he could take turns at playing with and licking there pussies till they came.


After cleaning up they paid for the swim wear and left heading to the beach, serene found a nice spot with a bit of shade from a beach changing room, the ones all brightly colored on the forshore. While the girls had sat back and relaxed Jay slipped off and hired the change room for 2 hours, he came back to the girls, unlocked the changeroom, stepped inside and then called the girls, they turned and saw him standing naked in the room, serene was the first to jump up with tyrese in hot pursuit. The door had hardly closed before serene was guiding jays cock into tyreses' mouth and she began to suck on his cock teasing the head with her toungue, all the while serene had laid under tyrese and began sucking at her swollen clit, causing her to moan on jays cock. This took Jay right to the brink of cumming then tyrese bucked as serene slipped her finger inside her pussy and with this one motion she made Jay cum in her mouth, now she didn't normally like to swallow but she couldn't help it with serene fucking her pussy and the sensation of Jay cumming, she sucked stream after stream from him, sucking his cock non stop til her own orgasm had finished.


Then they cooled off in the ocean, wandering where the rest of the afternoon/evening would take them.