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A happy ending with a 3some part1

October 28 2023

The suite had been booked for ages as a surprise weekend for Serene & her now broken up boyfriend.

She wasn't sure whether she wanted to go by herself, as other than the concert she had no other plans, it had all been set as a sexy weekend and did not feel as if she was going to enjoy it and would spend the time upset at the breakup.


However the money had been paid, She rang Cassie to offer the trip to her and her husband phill but with such short notice phill couldn't get the time off work so Cassie convinced her by saying she may meet some guy who loves 80s cover bands as she does and meet the new man of her fantasies, so she packed her bags.


She arrived at the hotel and checked in when the clerk handed her the key card to access the room, he stated that the room was ready as per

her requests and all items were ready and waiting, she totally forgot about that sexy part of the weekend.


She was LED her to The elevator, the doors opened, he LED her down the corridor to the penthouse suite he swiped the card and opened the door for her.

She entered the room And was immediately taken aback by its opulence, from the thick red velvet drapes and floor coverings to the Glass chandeliers and stunning views from the ocean to the city.


She went back into the room to start packing her suitcase away She opened the closet to see bright red lingerie hanging on the hangar this along with a few other things was her special request items when she booked picking it up looking at it she said thinking there would be no use for that now hung it back up along with the rest of her clothes and decided to take a nap before the concert later.


After spending considerable time doing her nails and her hair and make up for no person she looked into the mirror turning from left to right although in her late forties she felt she still looked good and had no idea why her ex would leave her

with her just past shoulder length wavy dark hair size C boobs she held her hand against her waist with the shiny red fingernails highlighted by the black of her strapless dress, she grabbed her tickets made her way downstairs.


Upon looking around the room she can see it was mainly occupied by people who are own age either single men or single women, there were very few couples there she took a seat at the bar in ordered herself a drink. It wasn't five minutes before she was approached by some drunk Guy offering to buy her a drink or for a dance she turned him down gracefully

and a way to the band start. She was trying to get into the music but was distracted, she spotted a couple sitting at a table near her, she grabbed her drink and walked over to them introducing herself.


The couple introduced themselves as Tyrese and Jay standing up Jay invited her to To join them and pulled out the chair, she thanked them and sat down. As the evening wore on and a few more drinks it wasn't long before all three were singing along with the bands when all of the sudden last drinks were called Before they knew it they made their way outside the taxi stands.

Tyrese suggested they share the same cab, with all three jumping into the back seat of the cab they made their way from the concert.


The cab stopped at Serene's Hotel, Jay got out of the cab to allow her to step out as she was saying goodbye a sudden thought struck her and from out of nowhere she asked them both if they would like to join her in a nightcap to end the evening. she LED them to her penthouse suite.

Serene told them to make themselves comfortable while she fixed them a drink, Tyrese and Jay sat on the couch and from where she was at the bar she could see them but they couldn't see her. Tyrese had brown blonde hair with highlights through it, A very sexy body, She was around 5;6 With tanned skin and b cup boobs, perfect looking nipples. Serene had caught herself looking at Tyrese more and more as the night went on but she had no idea why.

Many times she had also nearly been caught looking at Jay's pants and what seemed to be a rather large bulge. Serene sat on the floor in front of them, Jay's hand was on Tyrese's thigh with his fingers moving around in circles Tyrese had her hand on what seemed to be the head of Jay's cock through his pants.


They talked about the room and Serene admitted that she'd got it as a sexy weekend away for her ex partner before he left her for someone else and a friend talked her into using the room anyway. She took them on a tour around the suite ending in the spa, by this stage the early old hours of the morning started the creep up and she suggested to Jay and Tyrese that they may as well stay here the night and there were more than welcome to jump in the spa, they thanked her but declined the offer and said they couldn't intrude she said no please do it would make me really happy they eventually agreed. She slowly stood and said to her guests she was going to run the spa for them and retired to her room she gave them both the kiss goodnight on the cheek and as she kissed them both she squeezed their bum and then made her way into her room.


Sitting on her bed she began to undress She was down to her g string and bra when she looked over to the bathroom. Remembering It was a one-way Mirror on the door looking through she could see Tyrese and Jay had taken off their clothes and was standing in the spa, Tyrese had her back to Jay and he was kissing her neck and rubbing her nipples with one hand the other made its way to her pussy, it looked freshly shaven and she could see Jay's hands slowly stroking her wet pussy. Tyrese had Jay's cock in her hand and was stroking it back and forth, Serene watched, she could feel her nipples getting hard and couldn't help but give her boobs a squeeze. Jay had turned Tyrese around and was kissing her on the lips with his hand moving down her back he cupped her bum with his fingers making their way to her pussy. She could see his finger sliding inside her.


Serene had begun touching herself with one hand squeezing her boobs and the other starting to explore her now very wet pussy.

Jay and Tyrese sat down in the spa and she could no longer see.

Serene stood up and before she knew what she was doing she had unclipped her bra and dropped her knickers to the floor, she made her way into the bathroom Tyrese had begun sucking on Jay's cock and he laid back floating in the spa. As Serene entered, Jay saw her first with Tyrese focused on his cock, he withdrew it from Tyrese's mouth.

It was Serene completely naked with her nipples rock hard, legs slightly apart and a thin line of jet black pubic hair that went down and finished just before her pussy. It was easy to see that she was turned on with her swollen wet pussy glistening with her cum, she looked at them both and in a sexy voice asked can I join you?

Jay nor Tyrese knew what to do they had never been in any position like this even remotely before although fantasizing in the past about another woman.

It was Tyrese that spoke first she stood up held out her hand to Serene and said please do helping her step into the spa. Serene said to Tyrese, " would you mind if I joined you in sucking Jay's cock?" Tyrese Didn't so much reply but grabbed Jay's cock with one hand and guided Serene towards it.

Serenes' tongue tip licked around the head of Jay's cock while Tyrese started playing with his balls and doing the same with her tongue it wasn't long before Jay's cock was jumping with his heartbeat as the girls licked and sucked his cock.


After enjoying this for some time Jay floated Tyrese on her back and began kissing her thighs as she floated kissing his way up towards her pussy kissing her lips her clit and sliding his tongue inside of her. Serene watched and couldn't believe how much she was getting turned on by watching jay, it wasn't long before Jay had brought Tyrese to a climax and she shuddered and shivered as the wave of orgasm washed over her body the feeling of being weightless while her sexy husband devoured her pussy.

Serene helped Tyrese stand And Jay said, "your turn", she lay down on her back floating in the water.

Jay's hands under her bum, he began to devour a very turned on pussy. While Jay was licking serene's pussy, Tyrese started to kiss her,

It wasn't long before Serene started moaning softly as Jay's tongue made her cum And the feeling of

Tyrese's sexy kiss instantly made her have multiple orgasms and she bucked in the water as it splashed around them.


She's not sure whether it was the fact she was with a married couple having her pussy licked whilst floating and the air bubbles surrounding their body. But she stood grabbing both their hands and LED them to the master bedroom saying, "I need to fuck both of you

right now".

All three made their way over to the bed and they began touching and kissing and she had one hand on Jay's cock and

with the other she was sliding her fingers over Tyrese's wet pussy. While sucking on her nipple Jay was also sucking on Tyrese other nipple.