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A happy ending with a 3some. Part 3

October 31 2023

The 3 spent the rest of the afternoon at the Beach between playing in the sea to relaxing on the Sand.

They made their way back to the hotel talking along the way Tyrese asked what they both thought about for dinner

Jay said he wasn't very hungry so girls could choose.


Serene suddenly remembered one of the things that came with the room that she had planned so she said to them both, "it's okay guys I've got this it's part of the room I think they bring it up later on this evening."

They got back to the hotel and all three took a shower, Jay went first, unbeknownst to him Serene had put her camera in the bathroom.

she called to Tyrese to come and join her on the couch she patted the seat next to her, she turned the TV on and went to the Bluetooth settings and connected to her phone.

On the large screen tv an image of jay in the shower came up on the screen, Tyrese started clapping and saying woohoo Serene joined her and gave a couple of sexy wolf whistles.

Jay stopped to listen The girls were both laughing, Tyrese stood up a made her way to the bathroom, laughing as she entered the bathroom

she walked towards Jay and pointed to serene's phone on the bench.


Tyrese said, "we've been enjoying the show". with that Jay grabbed her and pulled her into the shower, as he kissed her he said to Tyrese will now your part of the ACT.

Serene was sitting on the couch watching yelled, "yeah baby'" as Tyrese grabbed Jay's cock she started stroking it back and forth Jay closed his eyes as she slipped his cock into her mouth, starting to suck his cock teasing the tip with her tongue while cupping his balls with her other hand She started moving back and forth sucking hard on the bottom of this cock all the way up his shaft over his head down the other side.


Serene was sitting back on the couch enjoying the show as she started playing with her nipples, she said to herself why am I here watching this when I go in the bathroom there with them????

She walked into the bathroom, Jay reached out an Arm and brought her into the shower kissing her deeply.

Tyrese started kissing her way up Jay's body until the three of them was standing there Jay grabbed their asses with each Hand and said "I'm done showers all yours'" as he gave them both a little smack on the bum each.


Serene couldn't believe that he just walked out the shower like that but Tyrese knowing her husband knew he was just being a smartass "I'll be on the couch if you need me I heard there's something good on TV."

Serene and Tyrese were left standing there holding each other serene turned to face Tyrese and said, "let's give him one sexy."

Serene cupping tyrese's breasts started sucking gently on her Nipples moving her other hand to rest down her back grabbing at her bum Tyrese reached a hand down serene's body tracing a finger overheard nipples around her breasts down her tummy to her pussy, she felt Serene stiffen as her finger slipped between her wet pussy lips and she began to carress her clit.

Tyrese could tell Serene was enjoying her touch as she could feel serene's pussy getting wetter and the sucking on her nipples intensified, Serene could imagine Jay on the couch with a rock hard cock enjoying the show as they made each other cum.


They looked across the lounge room to Jay sitting on the Couch, Mouth wide open and cock rock hard. Serene slapt Tyrese on the bum and said, "God you're a lucky woman he's sexy as fuck'"

Tyrese laughed and said, "I know I am."


The girls dressed in sexy lingerie, serene in the red crutchless one that was hanging in the wardrobe and Tyrese also in a red one hers wasn't crutchless, it was sheer lace along with the top showing her sexy pink nipples.

Serene stood looking at Tyrese and could feel herself getting turned on she thought to herself, why does this woman turn me on so much I've never been into girls?? she had had a threesome before with the ex, but she never did anything with the other woman.


The site of Tyrese bending over brought her back around as she stood up she looked at Serene

Serene looked at her and said, "you're sexy as hell, I'm gonna fuck you tonight."

serene saw Tyrese blush she doesn't know what comes over her with this girl and her husband but she has never experienced anything so erotic before.


Jay walked into the room and gasped at the sight of the women, Tyrese through a parcel and said, "these are for you."

jay opened them to reveal a pair of very skin type style box of shorts he put them on.


The doorbell rang, Serene skipped out the room, they both watched her bum as she left. A minute later she called out to them, She had arranged all over her body food sweets desserts all sorts of finger food. dinner served, Jay and Therese sat down either side of her and began to pick from her body, they had both left to the very last the food items over her pussy and her boobs.

At the same time they both bent down kissed her on each cheek down her neck to her boobs where they both suck the strawberries from her nipples, makin them even harder, she could feel her pussy starting to get wet.


Jay & Tyrese continued to kiss her body trailing their tongues along her skin, as they found their way to her pussy Jay licked

the cream from the bottom up and tyReese licked it from her clit down with their tongues circling together.

She could feel their tongues plunging inside of her bringing wave after wave of orgasm.


Serene can't quite remember how or when but they ended up in the bedroom on the bed, Serene and Jay together devoured

Tyrese pussy Making her come again and again. Serene took Jays cock in her hand and held it for serene, they both started sucking on his cock, licking his shaft up and down as their tongues met they kiss with the top of his cock.

Jay worked his way down behind serene with his cock right next to her wet pussy, the tip of his cock slipped between serene's wet pussy lips.


Tyrese looked up and could see Jay's cock as it danced next to their lovers pussy and she pushed Serene back.

Serene felt Tyerese push her back and Jay's cock slid deep into her pussy.

she let out a moan as her pussy lips rippled sliding down his shaft Jay pulled her back and as she lifted herself from him

he started sliding his cock in and out of her pussy, her pussy was presented right in front of Tyrese who could see her husband's cock sliding in and out of this woman as she came all over him, she moved forward and ran a tongue from Jay's balls up his shaft onto serene's pussy then up her body.

she cupped her boobs and squeezed them as she sucked in her nipples. Then began to kiss her, Serene couldn't help but moan As Tyrese kissed her and Jay's cock slid in and out of her pussy making her come again and again.

she reached down and could feel Jay's balls and could feel her come all over, she felt Jay's cock stiffen and his balls twitch

as he came Inside of her pussy, she could feel stream after stream of warm cum filling her.


Tyrese had worked her way back down the body and was licking her clit as jay filled her pussy, She screamed and bucked

as wave after wave orgasm washed over her body. before she knew what she was doing she had pushed Serene onto her back slid her pussy off of Jay and lay on Serene with their boobs hard against each other their clits touching and pussy lips interlocked. she began to slide her pussy around tyreses and fucked her as Jay's cum dripped from her pussy all over tyrese's.


she looked into the mirror in front of her and could see the intense look of lust on Jay's face as she fucked his wife's

pussy he moved forward and slid his cock back and forth between their pussies as they fucked. the intense Feeling of tyrese's clit against hers as jay slid his cock between them and then occasionally plunging it deep inside one of their pussies....

it wasn't long before all three were moaning and panting heavily together as both her and Tyrese came at the same time

and as they're pussies flooded over Jay's cock again it lets stream after stream in both their pussies.


They collapsed with Serene and Jay either side of Tyrese, They all woke the same time in the morning. Serene looked at her

lovers and said, "I know it we have to leave soon, but I need to fuck you both one more time." she rose from the table and

held her hand out to join her. Jay's arm moved down the front of her body and come to rest on her abdomem, at the same time Tyrese lifted her hand down her back and was grabbing her bum, as they both kissed her their hands explored her pussy and it wasn't long before her knees were feeling weak as they made her come.


Tyrese was riding Jay's cock and licking her pussy and the girls fondled each other's breasts and kissed as Jay's cock was

driving in and out of his wife and his tongue was lapping at serene's pussy. Tyrese couldn't take any more and came with a

screem, this took serene and Jay to the edge and Jay filled his wife's pussy with his cum.


Serene could hear them talking as they dressed in the bedroom "that was the most erotic thing I've ever seen I just couldn't

not fuck you both and I want to fuck you both again. our birthdays are coming up, maybe we could meet up again."


We hope you enjoyed......