M56 F50

A drive with my Master

September 27 2023

Her master was enigmatic.


He was puzzling, inexplicable, and straightforward, but he was hers. Just thinking about him made her wet, the thought of his hands on her made her pussy tingle. His lips on her ear, that breath and low growl turned her inside out, but the insertion of his tongue into it made her melt. This man knew her buttons, the ones she didn’t even know she had had. Like he was hers, she was his. Totally and utterly.


He had messaged her to be ready, it was a beautiful spring day, mid 20’s was the forecast. "Wear a hat", he had instructed.


“A hat” was the give away for her. I meant that he would be bringing his other mistress. She was her only competition, a thing of beauty, sleek, well proportioned and in great shape for a 67 model. His Mustang convertible.


A drive to who knew where, lunch, the hills, the beach, a bush walk, some play whilst driving. The possibilities. She smiled to herself


She heard him approaching, the unmistakable throb and burble of the engine as he turned into her driveway. The small cul-de-sac’s neighbours would certainly have heard and it would be a discussion point at the next community drinks session she thought, as a smile spread across her face.


She locked the front door and approached the car in a new light dress showing off her legs, her figure and a hat as instructed. Sexy new lingerie to match would be a surprise for him later.


They left in a hurry, making sure everyone would hear, a grin on his face. He knew she loved the cul-de-sac notoriety.


Out onto the highway heading for the hills.


She wanted him. Her hand went to his lap, she started to rub, making him hard. No words were spoken. He didn’t tell her to stop, so she continued.


She unbuttoned his loose-fitting shorts, undid his fly and inserted her hand. Unexpectedly there was no impediment, he wasn’t wearing any underwear and she pulled back his foreskin and felt his wet precum. She spread it over his head with her fingers, inserted them into her mouth, tasted him on them and then started to stroke him as oncoming cars and the occasional truck passed by.


Her master’s cock was perfect to her. It was just the right length and girth, and she would love nothing better than sucking it all day if she could. He was concentrating on the road and traffic as she bent over and took him in her mouth. Licking and sucking. Moving up and down slowly at first, releasing him to allow the breeze to cool his cock, before starting again.


Going a little deeper each time, until his length was pushing at the back of her throat. That’s when his left hand grabbed the back of her head and the pony tail poking through the back of her hat and pushed her down.


Her gag reflex kicked in, but she had learnt to accept all of him. “Just a normal girl from the suburbs” she thought to herself. The car accelerated, passing someone slower than them.


She started a rhythm that knew would make him cum quickly, especially if she cupped his balls. His legs were starting to stiffen slightly, a good sign… she then inserted a finger at the right time, hearing him moan and say, “fuck yes, keep going, what a good Sub.”


The pulsing of his load as it emptied into her mouth was her reward, she never tired of this moment, pleasing him, satisfying him, enjoying him…


When she was done, she continued to stroke him slowly. He pulled her to him and kissed her, deeply his tongue exploring. She loved his control and the power in this sharing gesture was what attracted her to him.


He resumed driving and said, “I think the boys in the truck we passed got a shock, but enjoyed the show Sub.”


“Now off to lunch and a walk in the bush is in order. You never know who we may meet….”


She loved sex outdoors, with the possibility of getting caught… with other's a new first with this man, this was turning out to be a great day…. To be continued if there is any reader interest..