A Simple Hello

October 14 2023

Let’s start with the one where I seduce a sweet young woman, way too hot for me, but she’s all for it. Craving to scratch those itches. It was a simple hello to a blind profile but she was younger and looking for an older man. What’s the worst that could happen he thought?

They had never met before but she is excited. Her day to day has become mundane, and all I am is a streak of excitement. We had planned to meet at a little out of the way coffee shop.

As the idle chatter passes between us it comes out

“Do you have a nice cock?”

“I think so, but why don’t you find out for yourself”

“What Here?”

“Sure!, why not, nobody here to worry about, swing around here, feel it through my shorts!”

That look right there on your face is priceless as you slide around the booth and sit next to me. As you do you begin to feel around rubbing your hand along my semi through my shorts.

“Mmmm, that feels nice, almost like you aren’t wearing any underwear”

“I’m, not”


“Yep, stick your hand up my leg”

As your little hand comes in to direct contact, that semi begins to harden.

“I want it” she whispers

“It’s yours”


“Is there a roadside stop nearby” he asks her


“Makes it exciting, in front of the traffic. But safe, with the dark tinted windows, follow me.”


As she climbs in the back seat, she offers her G String

“This is Yours”

“Thank you Miss”

Again she slips her hand up his shorts.

“Can I see it now she asks”

“Of course”

Lifting his bum off the seat, to slide his shorts down.

“Oh, it is gorgeous”

“Thank you Miss”

“What can I do with it”

“Whatever you like, how about you reverse cowgirl him for a bit”

“Ohohoh Yess!”

Quickly as she swings around, he grabs her beautiful cheeks, holding her in place. He wants to taste those delicious folds. Oh my she is so wet, running his tongue down over her clit, along and through her slit to where his nose was planted in her bum. Again and yet again and again this goes on, she can’t take it,

“I need to fuck you”

Finally, allowing her to lower herself onto his cock, a little at a time. A mini tremor and a little bit more, another tremor, and some more, until she is finally seated in his lap. Feeling so very full of his cock. She begins to slowly ride up and down his length while he grabs handfuls of her petite arse, lifting and helping to guide her up and down.

She is comfortable, enjoying the ride approaching her climax, when his thumb finds its way into her bum, almost sending her over the edge there and then. Now using his thumb to grip and control her pace and rhythm, he slips his other hand up her dress to play with her breasts and nipples.

It’s becoming too much, the thumb is working her rectum, the reverse cock is smashing her G, her nipples pinched and teased, her orgasm smashes and explodes.

She crushes his hand into her breasts, her vagina gripping and milking his cock while her sphincter grips his thumb, she is shuddering at the height of her release.


An almost total stranger, she remembers saying hello, but did we even exchange names?