RedHotPie FAQ - My Photos and Private Gallery

Why should I post a photo on RedHotPie?

Looking at photos is one of the most important aspects of finding a match online. A great picture of yourself adds personality and presence to your profile. What's more, research shows that profiles with photos get looked at least nine times more response than those without pictures, and it lets members know that you are making an effort with your profile.

Need to be discreet?
No one expects a facial pic to be posted in your public photo area but some sort of photo is better than nothing, even if it is a headless shot of your overall physique.
Have at least a Main Photo
In search listings, people are more likely to click and open profiles that have a Main Photo.
Less is More
You may wish to refrain from uploading graphic photos of sexual activity or genitalia as your Main Photo or Public Photo. Our members may be Red Hot but it might be good to leave a few things to the imagination ;)

What are the guidelines for posting a photo?

RedHotPie is committed to providing our members with a secure, comfortable environment. We reserve the right to crop or reject any photo at our discretion without explanation and no correspondence will be entered in to. Photos will not appear on the site until the RedHotPie review team approves them.

Please strictly adhere to the following photo rules:
  • All persons depicted in any photo/s must be 18 years of age or older and/or, in the view of the RedHotPie reviewers, look 18 years or older. If any person underage is visible in the photo, even incidentally in the background, the photo/s will be rejected.
  • You must be in the photo and clearly visible (i.e. the main subject of the photo). Photo/s must contain at least your face or body to be allowed in the public gallery of your profile.
  • No animals are permitted in any photo/s. The only exception to this rule is photos that include fish in the context of fishing.
  • No photos depicting drugs or drug taking, violence (including hard/heavy bondage or BDSM resulting in evidence of severe trauma to the person), guns, or any other illegal act/s.
  • Cartoon characters and photos of celebrities are copyrighted and will not be posted, nor will any other photos of inanimate objects or photos not containing yourself.
  • Google Play and Apple App Store have policies that prohibit, ‘objectionable sexually explicit user-generated content’ (any content, including photos, that you may be able to contribute to RedHotPie). As such, any photo/s you upload to RedHotPie that do not meet these Google Play or Apple App Store policies will not be displayed in your profile on the Google Play or Apple App Stores versions of RedHotPie.
  • Photo/s that you wish to appear in the public gallery of your profile are subject to classification – either Restricted or Un-restricted. Restricted photos are photos that depict genitals, any sexual acts or simulated sexual acts and sex toys/objects (whether being used or not). In the instances of Google Play and Apple App store applications, restricted photos also include bare buttocks and bare female breasts. Restricted photos will only be viewable on mobile or desktop web browser versions of RedHotPie to eligible members who have been age verified.
  • If you are a single male or female, you are only permitted to post photos of yourself (i.e. you must be the main subject of the photo). Any accompanying or incidental person/s appearing in a photo must be cropped out of the photo or made unidentifiable (eg - use of photo editing means to conceal face or anything else that may allow identification). Photos that contain a second or more identifiable person will be rejected.
  • If you are a couple, only photos that depict yourself and your partner will be permitted. Any accompanying or incidental person/s appearing in a photo must be cropped out of the photo or made unidentifiable (eg - use of photo editing means to conceal face or anything else that may allow identification). Photos that contain a third or more identifiable person will be rejected.
  • Photos depicting Email addresses, phone numbers, other contact details, URL’s, or business or brands will be rejected and may result in your account being cancelled. However, people who choose to 'watermark' their photos for copyright purposes may do so by using their RedHotPie handle. Photos that include watermarks which indicate that the photo may be copyrighted will be rejected.

What are the guidelines for uploading a Video Intro?

Aside from the guidelines given for uploading photos to RedHotPie above, Video Intros must:

1. include both video and audio;
2. not depict any sexual acts;
3. and not depict or feature any illegal activities or objects.

If Video Intros do not comply with these additional guidelines, then it will not be approved for viewing on RedHotPie.

How do I post a photo?

Option 1: Upload a Photo
To upload a photo directly from your computer, simply click on the 'Upload your Photos' button in 'My Photos and Videos' page. Once approved, uploaded photos will be posted exactly as they are submitted. Be sure to crop your photo if necessary before uploading it and ensure that it is not an excessively large photo (over 2 MB). Due to the volume of photos that we receive, it may take 24 to 72 hours for your photo to appear on your profile.

Option 2: Email a Photo
If you experience any difficulties uploading your photo, please contact the RedHotPie Team via the Help Form.

I already have a photo, but how do I add others?

Posting additional photos is quick and easy! Simply follow the same process as the first photo.

How long will it take for my photo to appear?

The RedHotPie Team usually approves and posts your photos within 24 to 72 hours.

I'm following all the guidelines, but I'm still having trouble posting photos. Any suggestions?

If you've followed our Photo Guidelines and still have trouble posting your photo, or they are not being accepted, please use the Help Form to contact our technical support team. Some photos taken with a digital camera are converted into a format that may be easily corrupted when transferred to the PC.

A Guest said that she/he cannot view my photos. Why?

To further safeguard against restricted photos being viewed by minors, photos that are uploaded for public view on a RedHotPie profile featuring genitalia and sexual acts are not visible to Guests. If you wish to have photos visible by all member in your profile, then please ensure that you do not upload any restricted photos to it. Restricted photos are those that fall into the category of R18+ and X18+ by the Office of Film and Literature Classification.

I want some photos to be private. How can I control who sees what photos?

If you would like to upload some photos to share with a select group of members, then you may do so to your own Private Gallery. Once you have set up your gallery, you can mail members (or reply) and include access to it.

How do I give people access to my Private Gallery?

To allow others to see your private gallery all you have to do is go to attach the gallery when sending a message.

Adding a Private Gallery to a Message:
1. Initiate a message to the person you wish to show the gallery to.
2. On the compose message screen select ‘Private' from the ‘Attach Gallery' drop box (right hand side of the toolbar).
3. Send the message

How do I view someone's Private Gallery?

You must first have been given access to a member's Private Gallery before you can view it. If a member gives you access to his/her Gallery via a message, you should see a link on the top of the message body that you can click on to bring up the gallery photos. If you do not see this link, then you have not been given access yet (ie - the member may have forgotten to attach it).
You can also click on the 'Private Gallery' link that appears on the open profile page of a member who has given you access to the gallery.

Why isn't my photo being accepted?

If you have uploaded photos to RedHotPie but they are not appearing in your profile, then they may have been rejected by our Review Team. Your photos must comply fully with our photo guidelines.

Why should I report members?

RedHotPie is committed to providing our members the best and fun experience possible online. To help keep people from misusing our website or abusing our members, we would very much appreciate your help. Please report members who:
  • Send solicitations to other websites (eg - webcam, other dating websites)
  • Send unprovoked harassing or threatening messages
  • Post fake/inappropriate profiles or photos
  • Are abusive or send solicitations in the chat rooms

Using this form will notify us of such problems and we will aim to resolve those problems as soon as possible. Please note that while we will investigate all reports sent to RHP, we will not reply unless warranted or further information required.