a 50+ male

November 27 2023

What changes has a 50+ male guest on her to get contacted?


  • Blueflamingo


    8 months ago

    Chances of getting a message being a male guest are pretty low, but it's got nothing to do with age.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    If you want the attention of women then low. The average woman will not hunt; she will wait to be found,

    If you want to attract guy then a much higher chance as they will be more proactive in how they search.

    But, if neither party is a paid member then you’re fucked.

  • Sawadee


    8 months ago

    The lack of response speaks for itself ?

  • Arcee


    8 months ago

    I started as guest and didn’t get any messages and hardly any views.
    Paid to be able to message first, still hard to get a reply but at least, I get noticed by a small minority of those I message.
    So, unless your profile is super hot, your chances to be noticed as guest is very slim.

  • RORO41


    7 months ago

    Very low..one thing here is men to women ratio is like 10 to 1 and as a man being over 50 does also make it harder. I know these from experience..