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Why is it so hard

March 26 2024

Today I’m writing coming from a couple new to the lifestyle only just starting to explore and experiment with our sexuality but we’re finding it quite hard to find likeminded couples or females in our local area of Mornington peninsula victoria yes we get to chat to some people online but we are more of the genuine kind that would actually like to meet people face to face for lunch/dinner or drinks get to know them anyone else have these issues?


  • Alexis


    15 days ago

    It’s hard because you’re strangers on the internet, in a place with a relatively small population, seeking something which a tiny subset of the population does.

    Keep chatting, build some trust, let people operate in their own timeframes and don’t push too hard for face to face meets too soon.

    Your profile is good though. It shouldn’t take too long to build some trust.

  • TheMinx


    14 days ago

    Go to events or clubs there will be lots of like minded people there to chat with have a drink with and connect with.

  • NeoAndTrin


    14 days ago

    Use the datefinder part. We met a couple first time we used it just recently.

  • FeistyFatty


    14 days ago

    Its not hard to find people to play with. The intricate part is for that person/s to have equal attraction to the both of you. Therein lies one of the many nuances of swinging.
    Attending events can be more forgiving as it allows your personality to be visualised more than just your physical appearance. Online platforms aren't for everyone.
    Best of luck x

  • Andrea_Sydney


    14 days ago

    I would try a meet and greet. Maybe in Melbourne, and see if you meet anyone you feel like swopping numbers with. You find meet & greets advertised in the parties & events section.

  • shadesofbrown


    13 days ago

    Hey mate! Search MINGLEevents and try one of their social events(No dress-downs) and I'm sure you two would have an amazing time. All the best 💖

  • MajekMonkey


    8 days ago

    You're probably better off than a single male, that said these apps work best when you live inside a big city i.e. Sydney and Melbourne. If you're rural than you need to consider being able to travel for dates.

  • boobsandbusted


    8 days ago

    I’d say participating in a thread you start or responding to a chat you start in private, might be a great start 🙄

    Mr b

  • BELREN82


    6 days ago

    Good luck 3 years here still looking