Where are all the decent women on here?

January 11 2024

I’ve only been on this site for a little over a week and it has been a nonstop barrage of women sending unsolicited flap snaps at all hours of the day.

Trust me ladies, the last thing I want is your clamagram clogging up my inbox at 9am when I open RHP.

For those that bother (or are capable) to use any words it’s usually something as intelligent as ‘hey’ or ‘how r u’

Please, if I wanted to communicate like that I’d buy a Nokia 2210 and text my girlfriend from 2007.

The few that I have engaged with have managed a conversation about as intellectually stimulating as I have with my 3 year old nephew before they ghost me.

I can only assume every other guy is having the same experience on here so I’d like to say something on behalf of all of us:


Am I right guys??


  • StephT


    a month ago

    Bahahahahaha! Welcome to RHP mate 😁

  • countrytouch82


    a month ago

    Hahahaha Flapsnap, I was wondering what the equivalent was called :p

    Could be made into a horror movie, think a vulval version of Day of the Triffids. With no-escape teeth like the Venus fly trap 😀

  • fun2behere


    a month ago

    Whew and I thought it was just me. I’ve also been so disappointed to plan to meet couples and only the woman turns up. I’m over it.

  • NicaDean

  • Ex007


    a month ago

    Oh trust me we have the same experience. (not so much since updating my profile)
    You can report those doing this so they get reprimanded. However, I find it a really good measure of someone's EQ which makes things easier. Block

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    a month ago

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  • Obi1kenietzsche


    a month ago

    “Don’t look baby, this ain’t going to be pretty.”

  • Pangoli28


    a month ago

    I have no idea as I am just a guest but I know the many times I have been here as a paid member over the years I didn't get those messages. If I were you I would find a way of wording on your profile that this is not what you are wanting. Just as the some of the women here do. Can't say it would make a difference as this is RHP and many think their genitalia is their best asset.

  • Kokoflamingo


    a month ago

    Thanks for the laughs! Although, a guy did say that he opened a photo and it was like something displayed at a butchers shop. Personally, I think private bits should be kept private, but Im in a minority. As for messages, "Wat U up 2" is a quick pass. Believe me, we feel your pain. The word is effort, male or female.

  • Libertine001

  • FeistyFatty


    a month ago

    This was a hilarious read. Well played 👏

  • Cucknshells


    a month ago

    Great post and you have only been here a week. I would like to say it gets better, but I am not much of a liar. :-) Good luck.

    Shells xx

  • Lostyanumber


    a month ago

    LOL @ flap snaps.
    Ask them if if they were born with or it's a souvenir from Bangkok.

  • iamthecowgodmo0


    a month ago

    "Flap snap" made my day! Thanks haha.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    a month ago

    Half your luck.

  • SweetSerenade


    a month ago

    Where's all these flap snaps you speak of.... Asking for a friend. 😂😅

    Mr. Serenade.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    Snap Flaps. 🤣😂🤣

    Reminds me of those venus fly trap plants.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    Trust me when I say, the last thing I want at 9am is my inbox glogged too. You're not alone. I feel your pain.

    Ms Foxy 😎

  • Arcee


    a month ago

    LOL! Well played @Alexis77 😅🤣

  • Blueflamingo


    a month ago

    I am sorry my flab snaps wasn't exactly what you expected. But you did purchase the bitcoins I offended you via the link i send you on watsapp.... maybe you need to be more clear about what you want next time!
    (The above is obviously a joke, I use kik, not watsapp 🙄😅)

  • touchbase


    a month ago

    😆😆 gold goes to🫵

  • Mischeviouslad


    a month ago

    Cool story lol

  • PerthVixen


    a month ago

    I know there’s a high chance my comment will be removed by the mods for being “negative”, and that I’ll likely face a backlash from other forum commenters if it isn’t removed, but . . . I don’t understand why so many people are laughing at this post and how it’s being accepted as satire.

    With the recent Matt Rife “joke” about a waitress receiving a black eye because she clearly can’t cook and Jo Koy’s “joke” about the highest grossing movie of all time being about a “doll with big boobs”, how exactly is the false equivalency of the number of dick pics that women GENUINELY receive on dating apps being compared to the false claim (satire!?!) that women send of their vulvas?

    Satire is meant to lean on societal truths. Satire doesn’t compare apples and manure to make its point.

    And the fact that quite a few people didn’t see it as satire but as a factual situation, lamenting on it’s sad state, is also scary.

    Do men STILL not understand how offensive and revolting it is that women repeatedly receive unsolicited photos of penises? Do men not understand that’s it not just a lack of consent, but that it’s a form of violence to send an unsolicited photo of a penis?

    But even than worse than this, I’m really shocked that people are laughing that a photo of a woman’s vulva is being labelled as a “flapsnap”. Is that suppose to be clever? Is a woman’s vulva being called “flaps” seen as acceptable as a penis being called a dick?

    Is there seriously no one who sees this forum post as at a minimum in poor taste and at a maximum, alarmingly sexist?

  • ComfortZone


    a month ago

    Can't say I have ever had a flap snap sent to me. Been on RHP for close to 4 years and struggle to get any messages at all. But I find it somewhat amusing too that woman want a face pic but they only show us a cleavage!!!

  • Takecontrol702


    a month ago

    I think you are only having this problem because of the type of membership you have that allows women to message you, because 90% of women have a guest profile and can’t send messages out. I have never received a single message from a woman while on this site since I joined in August! If you have a problem with flap shots please send them my way I’d love to see what I’m not getting 😂.

  • Dreamkity_Events


    a month ago

    Intellectually stimulating as my 3 year old . 😂😂😂 that’s gold!

  • Dreamkity_Events


    a month ago

    You wouldn’t have this issue if you lived in Perth and came to my events 😜

  • PerthVixen


    a month ago

    Today I received an opening / introductory message from a scorching hot guy of, “Hello” with the attachment of 9 photos.

    8 of the photos were of his penis.

    Good times.
    Good times.

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    a month ago

    “Satire is a sharp and indiscriminate scalpel, in that it cuts away the antiseptic bandages of both privilege and ignorance, yet exposes the wounds of injury and suffering.”

    Michael Borodin

  • Libertine001


    a month ago

    Jimmy Carr has made a career out if satire and he's one to certainly test each and everyone of us. The world would be rather bland had it not been for satire which is to be taken tongue in cheek and not get offended as it usually pushes everyone's boundaries.


  • nightingale8


    a month ago

    And here I was thinking satire was some kind of burger.

  • Gentlelovers


    a month ago

    Plenty of time wasters on here whether it be single females,or couples even single guys that seem to have nothing better to do.

  • wilburwild


    a month ago

    Just wanted to say I ve never received a flap snap at the outset from a lady. I do realise the post was satire. I must say though that after chatting for 15 minutes or so I have received a few flap snaps without any suggestion from me to send one. After this I sort of feel obliged to reciprocate so I send access to my private album. Interesting that some ladies won't send them at first but quite willing to after chatting for a little. Also the term flap snap has been around for a while. I am amazed it is a revelation to some

  • Swingingnudist


    a month ago

    I feel your pain, even fat bald old fellas like me are getting overwhelmed with unwanted Flap Snaps sent to my inbox.

  • Aries1965


    a month ago

    mate not all women r like that

  • On_Safari

  • MrMustang


    a month ago

    I can’t get a hit at all !!!

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    a month ago

    I have found two decent ladies on here. The rest are a total waste of time and as talkative as a dead gum tree.

  • Felicitous


    a month ago

    I totally get the facetiously jocular tone of this post...
    Found some of it rather amusing.

    However I must admit that descriptive term chosen to jest with ... I personally find pretty distasteful.
    Fully realise you didn't make it up OP... apparently it's been around for ages. 🤷🏻‍♀️
    Still it's rather fascinating / interesting how differently we all react to words.
    Also equally interesting that we refer to men's pics as a 'dick pic' or 'cock shot' fairly in keeping with masculine terminology used in the bedroom.
    'Put your cock/dick in my mouth' vs 'Put your flaps in my mouth' 🤔
    Not quite the same 'ring' to it...

    I do muse that perhaps using a different and equally distasteful term for unsolicited male pictures might give the sender less gratification in the sending.
    Then again those that send pics are probably less 'affected' by words.

  • MrDave


    a month ago

    Sounds like someone has tickets on himself

  • FreeButterfly


    a month ago

    I’m here 😜🙋🏻‍♀️

  • BrownSugarSyd


    a month ago

    Lmfao, this made my night 😂😂

  • LittleSoftLady


    a month ago

    Ah, sorry about that - I woke up and my camera fell out of my hand and took a well placed photo before I realised what happened. *Tucks flaps away*.

    I'll have a coffee or two before sending any good morning texts, it takes a while for the brain to function in the morning.

    Glad you said something though, I was wondering why I was getting some very odd responses!!

  • The_Lamborghini


    a month ago

    Appears like the women are just as appalling as the men on here.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    I'm living for this forum! 🤣🤣🤣

    SnapFlaps: 5am: A woman in a pretzel position, attempting to undo the snaps of the crutch of her one piece body suit, whilst taking an photo of her vagina.
    Click, click SNAP! 📸

    Ms Foxy

  • bartender67


    a month ago

    Is this guy complaining about getting messages?! Be thankful dude...some of us dudes don't get any messages lol

  • ShoreThing


    a month ago


  • Yami_pilot1


    a month ago

    Ladies can send them to me anytime. Luv a good flap snap. Even better if it has a huge clit.

  • AbsolutelyClassy


    a month ago

    Hey there! Sorry that's been your experience. But trust me it happens the other way too. I get the 'hey' messages as well. I think these apps bring out the slackest in human abilities as times. Hope it gets better for you Alexis!

  • MandEcouple


    a month ago

    Omg this made me spit out my tea - thank you Alexis for making my day! The coming of the apocalypse is nigh!

  • Bridie1


    a month ago

    Too funny!

  • ozmelbcpl4cpl2


    25 days ago

    80percent of female profiles on here are fake or males pretending to be female.
    Or really a couples profile looking for unicorns for fmf..
    Plus couples are far too hard to match 4 ppl when generally guys have let themselves go

  • kinkylittlecutie


    24 days ago

    So essentially it's just a bunch of dick pics and flap snap

  • Hotasianwife


    23 days ago

    My wife is a decent young Asian woman. But cannot find the right man. I’m looking for her at her request.

  • xxxpeachesxxx


    20 days ago

    This is hilarious 😹

  • dirtyshenanigans


    15 days ago

    There’s not many lol they are all very average , no respond .

    I play solo under cheekymexo and I’d say I’m the most faved and real 😈

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    15 days ago

    Love your satire, haven’t laughed like that for a while! Sad I know! Made my day. Enjoy! 😜

  • sexuallover


    14 days ago

    Lucky you lol

  • S_N_A_G_2024


    13 days ago

    As a guy of below average looks and over the age of 50. These women you speak of are mythical creatures as far as I am concerned.
    Must be tough being a good looking rooster....having to carry a big stick to beat the lovely ladies off with. I really feel sorry for you.

  • squirtingmilf1


    13 days ago

    @Alexis Whilst I am rarely on here, tonight I chose to check out the forum.

    Due to your initial heading “Where are all the decent women on here?” naturally self defence kicked in with a need to respond but I was intrigued and took it upon myself to read your blurb.

    At first, I was taken a back somewhat but as I read further,
    the fact that someone remembered the good old Nokia (snake was a fantastic game) and the mere fact that you could drop it from high levels and unlike an iPhone it survived, was reason to continue on in my quest of finding out about these perils that have left you with a 9am fear!
    If I recall correctly, was it the Nokia 2210 or the Nokia 3310 that had an Orange case and tradies always have one attached to their belt?

    The comments written in response never disappoint and so having now reached the entirety of the thread which I must say I enjoyed reading everyone’s thoughts, has left me asking myself “Do I have the same unique humour or am I just warped?

  • 2023northern


    12 days ago

    and don't mention all that horrible expensive lingerie they try and tease us with. What's all that about! How about covering up a little bit! Seriously!

  • Kerry77


    11 days ago

    This is so true for women also…especially the photos

    So many no shows after wasting hours of chatting…