When to quit.

April 23 2024

I feel like I'm getting too old. Is it just that everyone else is looking younger or is there an age when you no longer become viable?
I'm not without my suitors or it's not like I'm not in demand but when should we quit?
Parties stop invitations at 50 it seems and I worry as the looks fade do I have to hang up the stockings and lingerie and leave it to the younger crowd?
I find certain positions uncomfortable so not being as flexible as I once was is making me feel self conscious.
So when is it time?


  • Alexis


    3 months ago

    You're definitely not too old, but maybe you have to change the way you approach things now.

    Even at 33, things aren't the same as when I was 23. My tastes, comfort levels, fantasies, turn-ons, turn-offs, are entirely different.

    Maybe you've outgrown what you were into in your thirties and forties.

    If you're still enjoying the lifestyle and it's better to have it in your life than not, then why not continue?

    Just go after what you're into now and don't judge yourself by the standards of 10 years ago.

    P.S. Why does there seem to be an imaginary line we've drawn at 50 in which people are suddenly considered old?

  • Andrea_Sydney


    3 months ago

    Hm. To me the answer is obvious - you stop when you no longer enjoy it.
    How did your question come about? Did you look at too many much younger profiles? Or got any backlash? What happened hun?

  • FeistyFatty


    3 months ago

    Great topic.
    Hubby and I were only discussing this the other day. We will both more than likely "hang up the lingerie" by the time we're 55...... With others that is, but definitely not each other.
    Personally, I hope we kick the bucket fucking each other before we end up in an old folks home 😂.

  • Lostyanumber


    3 months ago

    Fortunately there are women in their 70's with functioning libidos.
    They're goddessi. 🤩😍

  • couplefb


    3 months ago

    Please, please , please postpone any retirement until you have played with us in any position of your choosing 😉😈😈

  • Viccpl


    3 months ago

    Interesting topic - we’ve certainly had our moments, but we continue to engage with sexy like minded people into late 50’s and 60’s. It certainly depends on the individual and if we’re able to have a good time with them over a couple of glasses of bubbles - the rest takes care of itself 😉

  • Hotwife71


    3 months ago

    Start doing some Yoga/Pilates, work on your Flexibility.

    Local RSL/Club.

  • Kokoflamingo


    3 months ago

    Do what you want. Dont live your life worrying. I dont date as much as I used to but its certainly not because of my age. If you are happy with your life, keep doing the things you do. One of my least liked phrases is " grow old gracefully". I will keep on having fun. 😊 Not just here, but in all other aspects of my life.

  • Ex007


    3 months ago

    I looked at your profile but did not read it. I was just wondering if you knew that your profile pic is restricted. You also have only 1 photo which could play a part maybe.

  • teamaj2


    3 months ago

    Interesting post .
    We only started out on this journey of exploration when I was 55!!
    I agree with what others have put forward . You stop when you aren’t enjoying yourselves anymore . If it’s still fun and exciting , why would you stop ? Do whatever you feel comfortable with . Ax

  • MsSuperFoxy


    3 months ago

    I say, we quit at end of life.
    Couples in nursing homes go hell for leather! Some hit their peaks once on nursing homes.
    Everyone has the right to express themselves in some form or other.
    Human touch is a beautiful thing.
    I guess for some, sex isnt on top of their agenda list. That's ok.
    It doesnt matter as we are all sexy fuckers, no matter what age.

    Ms Foxy
    PS Hang your stockings for Santa. He's a kinky fellow. 😉 😜

  • NaughtieByNature


    3 months ago

    Don't quit unless your unhappy. We're 32 and 33 and think your far from two old xx

  • nightingale8


    3 months ago

    Ditto on much of the above. Quit when you want to.

    I’m guessing the main issue is that your body isn’t keeping up with your mind rather than having an issue with age per se. It can be bloody awful coming to terms with what your body can no longer do, whether that’s through age or disability or something else. Just remember sex isn’t confined to PIV, your mind is your greatest sexual organ and breaking beyond the confines of regular sex there are fantastic possibilities out there to explore. It’s touch, connection, fantasy, intimacy, surprise, restraint, ritual, probably more but that’s what came to mind. I think as I explore I am enjoying more of those more subtle nuanced pleasures. Not to imply I’m some sort of enlightened individual either, I’m still vain and horny as fuck and enjoy some good ol’ debaucherous romping and occasional group combinations as well. I’m often encouraged by little facts I’ve collected along the way though - I’ve learned of paraplegic individuals able to cultivate mind blowing orgasms purely with their minds. Isn’t that fantastic.

    As for feeling you’re not aesthetically meeting others’ expectations, I don’t know. Do you know? Does it matter. What standard are you going by. Still, I continue to attempt to keep a regular gym routine, stretch every day, work on my core. Body appearance doesn’t matter RA RA RA, I still want to try being hot. What’s wrong with a little vanity

  • boobsandbusted


    3 months ago

    There is always someone out there who will desire you know matter what ,so the answer really is ,when you don’t desire that part of your life in your heart anymore and the effort required ,doesn’t equal the reward ,it’s time to stop,imo

    Mr b

  • fun2behere


    3 months ago

    each to their own. The first private party I attended in my 40s was hosted by a lovely couple in their 60s. There was a group of friends who mixed and matched to host parties with ages of couples varying from 30s to 60s. But yes its people in their 30s and 40s who seem to be the most active.

  • Music_Fan


    3 months ago

    I think there's a difference between feeling that you're getting too old vs feeling that you don't want to do this anymore.

    You're definitely not alone in feeling old and you only need to read some of the responses to know that, but I agree with their suggestions, maybe it's time to acknowledge how your body is feeling (irrespective of age) and adapt to what you like and what makes you feel comfortable.

    If you still enjoy your stockings and lingerie, then sister, wear them with pride because there will be those out there that love it!

    It's hard to acknowledge when we're getting "older" but we're certainly not "old" - at least not in all areas :p. xx

  • DMSR1999


    3 months ago

    We've only just got into the lifestyle this year and we're 59 and having the best sex of our lives (that's with each other, let alone with anyone else in the mix too). Sure my body isn't what it used to be but I'm learning lots of new things that more than compensate. For us a big turning point was when we became empty nesters, no more kids in the house or family responsibilities meant more time and energy for the fun things in life. There's all types of people out there and they're into all types of people. So if your hearts still in the game keep playing.

  • ComfortZone


    3 months ago

    Never too old for playing, just have to improvise, adapt and overcome to suit your limits. I have crook knees and while I can't kneel on a hard floor anymore, I certainly can on a soft bed. And I have found that while in the passion of the moment, I feel no pain. Suffer for it later though.

    I too was a late starter to the lifestyle, 55. The age can be limiting but there is still stuff happening for the oldies.

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    2 months ago

    I’ll call it quits when I’m damn fucking ready. 🐺

  • Djrw9170


    2 months ago

    We've only just started our journey at 53/54 and like you, we do have some limitations due to our age but we enjoy what we are doing and are doing what we enjoy. We don't think there is an age at which you 'should' stop but perhaps there is an age at which you 'will consider' stopping and that is something that is up to you, not the general joe blow or a club that puts an age limit on things.
    If the club has an age limit on some nights, maybe find another club or maybe find another night/event to go to so you can keep enjoying what you do and doing what you enjoy.
    We'll happily stand right next to you, holding the 50+ banner,grinning from ear to ear about the good times we are having and enjoying the people we meet along the way.

  • Tonywantsyou


    2 months ago

    Never to old to explore your sensual side .. if anything females that are or let’s say mature age want guys young with ripped bodies. Us mature men think we are too old for this

  • ozmelbcpl4cpl2


    2 months ago

    50 is the new 40

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    2 months ago

    Well- from personal experience - you’re def not too old!!!!
    Sexy , fun and def very flexible 😃😃
    We’re all getting older and maturing like a good bottle of wine -

  • Aligirl443


    2 months ago

    I’m definately wondering this myself. Every now and then I receive comments that i must be lying about my age or that they don’t believe l’m the age l am. Why would l lie? No point as I’ll get outed. Now l’m also thinking should I be giving the parties and events a miss now. Am l too old?

  • sheswet_heshard


    2 months ago

    We think you look amazing don't quit x

  • bevnicetome


    2 months ago

    Iam 63 and there no stopping me the guy love mature women

  • freerider116


    2 months ago

    I'm hot and horny with heaps of drive at 66. I'm a man. Try finding a woman to satisfy me......impossible.

  • squirtingmilf1


    2 months ago

    You are never too old.
    I turn 54 in a few weeks time and age is only a number.
    As you get older your wants, desires, limitations and boundaries change.
    This can be more or less but you also know exactly what you like now which is part of the fun and for many men they love a confident woman that knows that, not to mention has learnt men and takes them on a heightened journey of ecstasy. This being one that many have not experienced to that extent before.
    I like chemistry, connection, attraction and intellect etc and that is something that can be with any age, so I have never been one to define it.

    Just because some of the positions may be a little harder and only those a contortionist can achieve, do not over think it.
    I have always been one to say if I am not comfortable or did not like a position, or wanted to change.
    I am far from cocky or arrogant but I am comfortable and confident to voice this.
    I have always found by being open, men have appreciated it and it has enhanced the experiences due to being able to speak about different things making it pleasurable for both.
    I also understand and have always that although are bodies are the same, they are so different.
    I read some of the stories and what some enjoy with their bodies and think ‘ouch’ or ‘no way’ but that’s a me think and nothing to do with age.

    Remember how to tease and tantalise and bring that person to a drueling mess, you know what seduction is and that is largely part of the fun.
    If you enjoy sex and enjoy the process than don’t stop.
    But if you are not enjoying then rethink how you truly feel.
    It is your body at the end of the day and it is you that needs to be comfortable and unless you have a damn good reason, you
    “Never ever hang up your stockings and lingerie! “

  • MostlyStr8man


    2 months ago

    We just need to start some over 50s parties... or even just dinners at home and meet ups. My wife and I are thinking about doing just that. If like minded people show up at least we get to have dinner and maybe some fun... a good night out either way.

  • Garyiskeen


    2 months ago

    I like to think I'm getting better as I get older. Though for some people it seems to go in phases.

    They are wildly horny, they get married and slowly lose their lust, they divorce and it's anything goes... but just for a short time as they then realise they want to settle down again. It's more related to where you are in life than age.

    At least that's what I have found to be true.

  • Fwbplease


    a month ago

    Why would you stop if you are still enjoying it. When that changes for us, we will stop…

  • Buccaneer102


    a month ago

    There is nothing sexier that an experienced woman who is comfortable in her own self. I for one hope that you put off calling time until as late as possible. Adults of all ages should be able to share in mutual pleasures.