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What makes a enticing pic as far as couples go?

February 12 2024

Now I realize that obviously showing off your assets is a good start but what particular style of picture piques your interest? What makes you go wow apart from the obvious physical attraction?

We're about to add some much needed pics to our profile and I'm a decent photographer. I want most of our pics to show us both in frame with only one or 2 singles each. Of course a restricted. We collect helmets so we are thinking of taking a jokey one where we wear an Iron Man and Mandolorian helmet to mask out identities for public viewing as it also shows off our nerdy/dorky sides...


  • xxxpeachesxxx


    5 months ago

    Ooooo 😊 I'd say the Perth couple in the amateur pics section on here have some great couple shots. I can't think of their profile name but they're def inspo x

    Hope you get some great shots xx

  • countrytouch82


    5 months ago

    I would have said make sure you have pictures together as a couple but you are already doing that. Particularly when it shows aspects of the connection between the two of you.

    Just showing off a body by itself, is rather simple (although obviously singles have to rely on other methods). Showing the connection helps show that you do really intertwine, helps show that you are real, and in my humble opinion only, that entices me much more than just showing off some boobs etc.

    But each to their own of course. I seek connection and that's what I seek to see in a couple profile (pics and writing).

  • Alexis


    5 months ago

    From your profile I gather you are trying to meet women to join you. So in my opinion the photos should focus on the two of you and display an affection and connection that you share.

    A couple that seems deeply in love and comfortable with each other would display a safe environment for a woman to step into.

    The idea of wearing the masks is great I think. That will appeal a lot to people who share the same interests as you while not being off putting to people who aren't as nerdy as you guys. Little things like this can entice someone who otherwise might be on the fence and you're also more likely to get along with them really well if you share the same interests.

    I think the environment that the photos are taken in could play a part too. Including things like a pool, spa pool, a really comfortable bedroom, the beach, etc.

    Overall, try to make the photos give the vibe that makes a potential partner think these guys seem safe, clean, happy, comfortable and fun to hang out with.

  • Foolery2


    5 months ago

    Actually having a partner helps !