Want to get into the lifestyle

December 23 2023

So here it is I have been married for 25 years & want to kink it up, I have talked to the wife about this & role play pretending that we are with someone else, she says she wants to see me fuck another woman & I definitely want to see her taking a big cock, but she won't take the plunge. Would it be wrong for me to organise a meeting without her knowing that we are actually meeting & just pretend that we crossed paths by a coincidence.


  • Flirty2020


    7 months ago

    In our opinion it certainly would be wrong, for you to arrange something like that without your wife’s prior consent. No means no !!

  • FeistyFatty


    7 months ago

    He didn't last long 💨🤷

  • Sawadee


    6 months ago

    I advised the poster not to do anything without his wifes consent... yet the post was pulled ?