Swingers clubs in Brisbane Queensland

April 02 2024

Heading up in mid April, we are a couple, and a female friend will also be there, and we are interested in visiting a good swingers club in the city if there is one. Any recommendations from locals or anyone in the lifestyle who visits Brisbane?


  • mayernaize


    8 days ago

    The minute you find one please let me know

  • PlayfulKinkster


    7 days ago

    Most of the clubs post events on RHP. Just set the search to the city/state. There isn't a huge amount of clubs so there are usually people there. I found Chateau Vino and Mikes Place good. Haven't been to Encounterz yet.

  • ArtsyLusttty


    7 days ago

    Check out Events section for QLD. There are heaps in there.

    Good luck.
    ArtsyLusttty 😊

  • FeistyFatty


    7 days ago

    They're not exactly hiding..... Google and you can jump on each clubs website and see their entire lineup amd costs. They dont post everything on herr

  • NeoAndTrin


    6 days ago

    Chateau Vino in Molendinar is a nice club but entry prices are quite high.

  • Yellowpenguins


    4 days ago

    Chateau vino