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Stimulating a woman with your big sex organ

November 03 2023

For those unaware of the cliche, the largest sex organ in the human body is not between your legs, but rather between your ears and, quite frankly, speaking as the female member of a couple, we've been consistently disappointed at how proficient many folks on RHP are at using it.

From the generic "Hey" as an introduction, through to the ever hopeful "lets play tonight" (after virtually zero conversation or knowing anything about us), and profiles devoid of anything beyond a couple of lines about how great you are at doing it, culminating with the inevitable unsolicited dick pics, there seems to be a huge challenge in knowing how to engage other people. Whether that's just laziness, thinking it's the most efficient way the play the 'numbers game' or just plain lack of EQ/IQ, it's certainly is not helping getting the results many here are hoping for - not with us anyway.

Maybe we're outliers in this opinion (would love to hear what the rest of you think) but physical attractiveness or quality equipment are just a part of an appealing package - without an ability to creatively flirt, amuse and seduce I am left very cold and unaroused by the rest of it and quickly disengage.

I do understand that men, of course, are visual creatures, but their hunger for immediate gratification and rapid escalation is often so overbearing that it almost always sabotages the result before things ever get the chance to escalate. For the guy or couple (often led by a guy) who is aware that the most effective seduction is often a well-crafted insightful inuendo-rich slow burn I think the rewards will speak for themselves - with me and many (if not most) of the lovely ladies on here looking for that spark which leads a blazing inferno.

Jaz xx


  • Hiluxman1


    8 months ago

    Great post. just from my perspective its hard to be creative, thoughtful and original and engaging just from reading a bio. I get for the prospective play partners/friends it must be frustrating being inundated with similar messages. I think the context is hard without seeing the human emotion beind the message. Its hard to stick out from the pack sometimes thats why people arent confident even when theyve thought out a considered intial message. Well at least thats from my perspective

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    You’re correct in that you exist in a minority.

    Like in life, the cranial variations between genders are evident.

    I posted recently about the lack of quality of profile descriptions so it’s hard to ascertain levels of intent, intellect, awareness.

    I’m different to you perhaps in that I hunt and you’re hunted more so? But it’s very noticeable the transactional approach certain members of the populous take.

    Good luck 🤞

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    You can’t blame men. Our other sex organ takes all the blood away from our brain and we turn into Neanderthals. Stupid, sexy Neanderthals

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    Oh dear another couple lecturing us on everything we are doing wrong.

  • Felicitous


    8 months ago

    I don't necessarily disagree with anything you've addressed above...
    Certainly I felt a similar sense of entitlement and vitriol on here when fairly new.
    However having been in this crazy Pie world for a while now I'd have the following to note.

    1. Those that are 'unaware' of such things are generally not lurking in the forums.
    2. Though you'd be far from 'outliers' in your options (in my opinion) your expectations of men needing to pander and cater to your (reasonable) whims... is a little unrealistic and likely the cause for such sentiments.
    3. Men of your 'standard' absolutely exist...
    Though they are in the minority and to be frank - you'll need to marry their expectations as much as they yours... they are just as picky.
    General entitlement and laundry lists of musts doesn't equate to 'much in it for them'.
    Ticking someone else's boxes only suits a minority of those above.
    4. If you're looking for a "one in a thousand" try not get frustrated with the other 999.... and appreciate those that do align with your needs.

    Is it challenging to find those that suit preferences.. Absolutely! The fussier one is even moreso...
    Disappointments aside - expecting others to behave differently to meet our needs is unrealistic...
    It's what makes those few that do meet our needs so special. Sift and sort and enjoy.

    Good luck 😉

  • Kokoflamingo


    8 months ago

    After a few years, the " hey", "wanna play" " great tits" first messages are like water off a ducks back. Just ignore and move on. There are respectful genuine men here, Have faith. Most people on here, both men and women, do prefer a more investing first message, but some guys reckon that they have a cock so you must be up for a hook up.

  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    8 months ago

    You're wasting your time.
    The men that need advice won't be bothered to read it.

  • Libertine001


    8 months ago

    It is an art form to lure a prospective partner through the use of words online.
    When meeting in real life, flirting plays a major part in this but online it's hard to achieve unless both are on the same page.
    For example being humorous can be taken the wrong way completely not really knowing the person or context and it's best to steer clear until you meet in real life
    Over time one does hone their skills at being successful online but sadly some dont.

    Just my 2 cents worth


  • Margo_Lover


    8 months ago

    I was hanging out at the beach with a sexy fellow RHPite this week. We talked at some length on this topic.

    "How is it 95% of men, can't understand what most women want, or more to the point, don't want. When finding that out is rather simple, given the internets exist."

    Her theory, and I like it a lot... nature doesn't want men to understand women, as it needs to keep the population in check. If most men were emotionally attractive to most women... think of ALL the children 😅

    Therefore, men refuse to learn the obvious... what women don't want, women don't find most men attractive, and the delicate circle of life, stays somewhat in balance 🥰

    - Alex.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    Ok now it's my turn to lecture you (and others like you) on what you're doing wrong.

    Stop thinking you can discern things from online interactions. You can't, it's delusional.
    Stop thinking you are some prize to be won. That is turn off, wtf?
    Stop thinking you are scarce. You are not and the ratio is a myth. 95% of those dudes (at least) are clueless idiots.

    Start putting in the effort. This means meeting people in real life to gauge chemistry (and that he'll even turn up). It is 100% a numbers game and thinking otherwise will get your time wasted. Set it up in speed dating format if you are really that busy. The real ones will understand and appreciate you as someone who knows whats what.

    "Hey" is a perfectly reasonable opener. 100% of approaches I have received from women are literally exactly that and so they should. This jump through hoops nonsense is weird. Look at the profiles that match what you are looking for, look at the pics (like really look at the pics, this takes practice). Pics are all you really have while online.

    Find some people you like the look of and meet them for quick drink/coffee. If someone isn't willing to do this at their earliest possible convenience, I write them off as a time waster. The guys and girls you want have better things to do than play online hoop jumping games.

    Keep doing this until you find what you are looking for.

  • Mumsnewfriend


    8 months ago

    May I commend you on your grasp of our delightful yet confusing language.
    Fair points from what I can gather, although as a single bloke I feel as though I am automatically marginalised into a category I’d rather not be in.
    I can write this now because I have my mum staying, looking after my daughter, generally can meet on Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sunday nights.
    Around 5 years on this site along with various other dating sites and zero action? Yes it’s hard not to sound desperate.
    I can use words and I don’t think I look like a sack of shit?
    Fck me now bby?!!

  • MsSuperFoxy


    8 months ago

    If someone does not fuck with my brain, out with the Trash.
    End of story.
    No excuses for shitty behavour.

    Ms Foxy

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    I find you can not be real, in a message and face to face contact is the only way, I will know if I want to have sex with you anyway.

    Expecting All Men to be Shakespeare and know exactly what you want typed in a first message is an unachievable expectation. Men have to literally message a lot of ladies before even one may reply. From the fake women on here, to prostitues and to chicks trying to scam you, sometimes typing all these different messages can be psychologically draining. So I guess if you get "Hey" a lot and other one liners, it may be that the frustrations of dating and hooking up are starting to show through for a lot of males.

    I think that it needs to be clarified if this is a sex site or a find your sex partner/ sex dating site to everyone when they join. Many men believe this is purely a sex site with the guarantee almost that there are women here wanting to have sex and wanting to have sex with all men. I personally do not understand why you would think anything but normal if someone sent you a one liner asking to Fuck tonight on this site.

    I think a lot of ladies come here not actually ready to have sex and just looking what goes on. There is thousands of Men on here. You are going to recieve a lot of messages if you are a lady no matter what you look like. If you came here and did not expect that then it is hardly anyone else's fault.

    Hey. Or G'day is an appropriate way to start a Conversation. If you are online it is even more appropriate to start a conversation like this.

    If you walk up in a club and you see an attractive person, Hello, G'day, Hey can be the perfect Ice breaker to intimate a conversation. Why do people not give others just an opportunity to chat? Maybe you miss a whole heap of good guys when you don't say hey back. If you also showed some interest in that person, you may find the second reply is better then you could have imagined.

    So just understand, you are asking for everyman/human to study your profile if you bothered writing one. From that read your mind and ask them to, first opportunity they have had, to formulate the perfect opening message, (if your female you never message first right? And is that to get out of being judged like men? Is it as hard for women to contact women and do lesbians have the same standards as women have on men?), after that perfect opener you want them to accept your wonderful two sentence at most response and call it a literary masterpiece then somehow create a second perfect response, meet you pay for the date and the Hotel and or Have his own place. So you can then decide after dinner, if they have been perfect enough to possibly have sex with you once, because after you may be disatified with the room or the sex or any other of the million things men and someone who tries to seduce you had to worry about.

    And you know that is all easy as hey. I will go enrol in university to study literature and will be back to finally get some action on RHP in about 10 years. Catch you all then. 😉😊🤭

  • EarthQueen


    8 months ago

    On the bright side, as a couple you have each other, so at least you have options.

    If you go onto any online space you will find people trolling or being antagonistic or stupid. Dating sites are just the same. It's not just RHP, it's everywhere.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    I wouldve Sid my fingers tbh! Lol
    I'm 6'7", have big hands, big feet.......lol

  • Good_Bad


    8 months ago

    Doesn’t sound great. I have often found in life that you get what you give though. But I do hope you find what you’re looking for :)

  • Knickerless


    8 months ago

    Oh yeah, I see it now, with my big sex organ between your legs!

  • Franky01


    8 months ago

    I see what you've done there...very clever. A more articulate way of the same way wah wah complaints of women about responses and dic pics, while putting all men into the one category.
    This site, (and many others I suspect) is what it is. Guys will read the bio and send dic pics, won't read the bio and send the dic pics, will just reply with just Hi, or have a what they think is a decent well crafted reply. Just same as women don't respond to your Hi or well crafted message. Or there first question is can I have a face pic, before ghosting you, or in some cases blocking you.
    I suggest you react to each message as you would expect to be treated and move on that way. Calling the wambulance won't change anything, as these same questions comments come over and over again.

  • gravybooby28


    8 months ago

    100% agree, you're on the money 👌🏻

  • Jayceejones


    7 months ago

    People on a promiscuous website, expecting others to approach them like they are in a fancy bar...
    I get it, but at the same time... it's rhp. There might be 1 in 100 on here which are creative and good with verbal foreplay. Most people that excel in that area aren't on these sites.