Standing out from the norm!

February 21 2024

How does a genuine male stand out in a sea of horny males who just want to send dick pics? So it's obvious women and couples on here get inundated with messages to the point they don't open half of them so how does someone who is genuine about what they are looking for stand out enough to get someones attention? Maybe it's me ?


  • Margo_Lover


    5 months ago

    There's no way to guarantee anything. But to have any hope, you'll need to improve your photo game.

    A single pic which shows essentially nothing of you, isn't going to attract attention.

    I'm not suggesting nudes or dick pics. But good high quality images of YOU, doing something interesting would be helpful. (NOT holding fish, or with a bunch of friends, or at the pub with a beer.)

    Think of it as marketing yourself, as that's what you're doing. Would you buy a product online with very little information about it, and a pic which shows almost nothing of the product?

    Good luck, Alex.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    5 months ago

    Brutal answer:

    You have something hardly anyone else does. An amazing (like top5%) body or incredible facial features.
    A profile so well written it encapsulates and makes the mind weak.
    A profile name that really stands out and makes people take notice.
    A 12 inch cock.
    First message - look at how they appear in the list of messages. Hi won't cut it, think of a headline that appears in the message preview (maybe 15-20 characters) then begin your message.

    Even then, you're unlikely to be noticed.

    Anyone you meet and interact with will be through effort, consideration and learning as you go.

    But that's the nature of ze beast.

  • Flirty2020


    5 months ago

    Your profile is incomplete.

    You only have 9 out of 19 profile fields / drop down boxes filled in. We suggest that you fill them ALL in.

    Secondly, the wording / English if your Bio needs some work.

  • NeoAndTrin


    5 months ago

    Unless you're built like a Greek God with the charisma of Brad Pitt or Ryan Reynolds you're going to be doing it tough here.

    When I was single I had way more success sexually with other vanilla dating sites/apps than here. Make of that what you will.

  • Blueflamingo


    5 months ago

    Think like a woman, act like a man.
    Be genuine and polite, show respect and intrest in who you message and attach a face picture. She's going to find out what you look like eventually and there will be a bigger chance of her remembering you as well.

  • Andrea_Sydney


    5 months ago

    A nice profile photo with a great face shot with a charming smile.
    Friendly first meeting. Nice profile, worded in a tasteful way rather than too sexual.
    Explicit but still leaving some things to imagination.