Squirting or Non Squirting

February 26 2024

Hi guys, I want to ask what your personal experiences and views are towards a woman squirting to a woman who doesn't squirt? Have you encountered many women squirters? I haven't and without sounding like a male slut I have had sex with multiple women over time and last night was my very first experience with a squirter. Yes, my first!! The flood gates opened. Thankfully, my watch is waterproof.
One for the ladies, and please excuse my ignorance, so I'll ask you lovely females, how common is squirting, are you one or not? I'd be interested to know how many are and how many aren't because as I said I have had my fair share of sexual experiences with women where MOST do orgasm without squirting, but this one girl last night was a squirter. 💦
If you are wondering what the experience was like, in brief, let me tell you. I initiated foreplay, I caressed her body, gently licked my way down from her neck to her nipples, then down to her toned abs which were so hot, I teased her wet pussy by licking and inserting my fingers, still licking and with my tongue i gently sucked and flicked her clit for about 5 minutes. I can tell she was about to cum but i stopped, came up and moving towards her I put my chest on top of hers and gently inserted my cock into her letting her feel the tip firstly and allowing her to feel me for the first time, slowly inserting my cock back and forth while seeing her eyes roll back. Another five 5 minutes had passed, I could tell she was climaxing, the moans and her body tensing and shaking, I went back down to licking her very wet pussy, inserted two fingers and the heavens opened, loud moans and there it was my first squirting experience, I wore all of it. Her orgasm seemed to go forever and immediately I inserted my hard cock into her while she was still having her orgasm, I fucked her fast and hard until I absolutely blew my whole load. The jury is still out if I enjoyed the squirt, but I loved the sex.


  • FeistyFatty


    5 months ago

    Lost me at, "she was about to cum so I stopped..." 😩

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    5 months ago

    Sounds like a fun 10 minutes…

    But in terms of answering your question; some do some don’t. I know some ppl get heavily fixated on it but it really had minimal bearing on the experience.

    Blankets and towels and those ones that are made to hold liquid are quite useful in the event.

    Abi and I have this game where we she moves or I move her strategically around the bed to ensure one of us is not sleeping in the wet patch! Adds a fun angle to sex.

    That’s about all I can contribute.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    5 months ago

    Post this under, COMMUNITIES ->STORIES.

    Ms Foxy

  • MFMHotWife


    5 months ago

    I wouldn't say my wife is a "Squirter", but she has experienced it twice now. First time she ever squirted was with a guest, on our massage table, took quite the effort, but was sensational to see it happen, the expression on her face was of absolute pleasure and shock, couldn't wipe the smile from my face let me tell you! Wife was in a bit of shock and disbelief too! There was no great "Waterworks" mind you! Second time was another guests down at the Gold Coast, confident bloke he was, guaranteed a squirt, amazingly, he had what was obviously the right technique, got her to squirt within seconds! Again, no great waterworks show, seemed more the sensation of it all.....

  • MrandMrsEss


    5 months ago

    MrsS had her first trio of successive squirting orgasms just last weekend. For her she has to be really in the moment as she’s OCD and will often hold back so as not to make a mess.
    All my long term partners have been frequent squirters, I tend to think it comes with really being able to let go with someone but I’ve also had ONS’s where waterworks were plentiful.
    Then there are some women who don’t squirt or don’t want to and that’s ok too.

  • Hotwife71


    5 months ago

    Wife had only been with me 25 years, first guy we ever met. Black U.S serviceman, Hung like a horse looked like Tyson Beckford and Ripped. She squirted multiple times that night, the look of shock on a conservative 43 year old MILF was priceless.

  • nightingale8


    5 months ago

    I don’t understand squirting. Have done but it’s reasonably light. I wouldn’t describe it as a big gush or anything mind blowing. Is it different to a peegasm?

  • Heapsgoodfriends


    5 months ago

    I had never squirted and just thought I was one that couldn't squirt. However last year I got a new sex partner and he got me to squirt. Now every time he touches me I squirt

  • Flirty2020


    5 months ago

    When you mention squirting, are you thinking along the lines of what’s shown in porn movies - a stream of liquid spraying out ? Or are you simply taking about a sudden wetness, a dribbling & gentle “gushing” ?

    Bearing in mind that it had been clinically proven that squirting comes from the female urethra. It does not come from the skenes glands, nor anywhere else.

  • Jackdavids001


    5 months ago

    I was always intrigued by squirting but had never witnessed it until a few years ago when I met a couple and it came up in discussion.

    The husband demonstrated his technique and coached me through it with his wife. Quite a fun lesson 😉

    Since I learnt the correct technique I have found EVERY woman can squirrt. Maybe only 2 or 3 women I have met have been very difficult, but they certainly have a mental barrier where they hold back. I am told it can feel like you need to pee, so they mentally struggle to overcome this. But using the correct technique will usually push them past this. I also find a woman may struggle with their partner as sometimes they hold back, but with a guest, in an intense moment, they will release control a bit more.

    Squirting from penetration during sex is less common for me. Maybe 10-20% of women. But also depends on your penis shape and agaon, technique/position. Mine is very straight, but I hear the ones that bend up are better at hitting the correct angle. However there is defiinity about 3 positions i have experienced work well.

    And I can definitely confirm "squirt" is urine. As others mentioned, If well hydrated it will be clear and almost odourless. But definitely can be very yellow and have a distinct urine scent much of the time.

    If anyone on the Gold Coast wants to experience this, let me know 😉 I think it's mentioned a few times in my validations 😈

  • Garyiskeen


    4 months ago

    I have had a number of squirting partners. It's a delightful surprise but they must feel comfortable enough with you to simply let go and squirt.

    Since then I have learned the technique and been able to help quite a few experience their first full release.

    It's a truly wonderful feeling to share that moment with then

  • Daisy79


    4 months ago

    I feel like every woman can squirt it’s just a certain technique of fingering and the use of curved dildos can also help

  • TheaussieBull88


    4 months ago

    I personally looove squirting.
    It's a sign you've done your job, you've explored her body to the point where you can pleasure her to the point she gushes.

    I actually got an accidental shoutout on that old "badgirls advice" Facebook group for being able to make ladies squirt haha

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    4 months ago

    I suppose when it comes down to squirting or no squirting I must say I’m a very lucky man. My gorgeous wife is a what you could say is like a broken tap , not the dripping type lol . Once she ready to play she starts and doesn’t stop squirting, it’s a site to behold and simply amazing to be apart of. I’m sure the people that get a chance to play with us will enjoy every moment of it and we definitely leave with a smile on their faces.

  • squirtingmilf1


    4 months ago

    It is interesting to read the comments with so many different takes and opinions on this very enjoyable subject!

    This is not something every women knows about, can do, or even wants too.
    The feeling of needing to go to the bathroom is one that if new to squirting will stop most women immediately as it takes away the ability to relax.

    However, If a woman has emptied her bladder prior, and does have the feeling of needing to go, it then is a comfort thing to trust yourself and your body and allow it to do what it wants too.

    To the men that send messages of “I can make you squirt like never before” or “I would love to show you how to squirt” please don’t.
    Chances are for the majority of women that can multiple ways, don’t need sentences of above, and really we see it as you need to try and prove something to yourself.

    A tip for those getting advice off these men (the hook motion can be described partially, but a word of advice, it isn’t like digging for buried treasure) nor is a sign of a “job well done.”

    There is an intensity with squirting that is sensational, as your body can spasm and being with a partner that loves it is an even bigger turn on.
    Having been introduced to this many years ago by a partner that truly knew his way around a woman’s body and provided an extreme level of comfort was where my first experience was had.

    It is many different ways that I can squirt. Not only with self pleasure, but different sexual positions, as well as oral.
    I have never been with a man that did not find it highly erotic and all have enjoyed the taste, as do I.
    It never tastes like urine nor is it coloured but the amount depends on numerous factors.

    It is a rarity for many women to “gush like a fire hose” out of a porn movie!
    I squirt a lot, multiple times and have soaked partners (with warning first) so the amount of towels or mattress protectors are useless lol (I no longer shop at the same bedding store, after they queried why I was purchasing my third mattress for the year.)

    Like someone prior wrote, I can control it as in stopping at that time but that would be rare to want too as it is complete euphoria and has a feeling that is truly undescribable and a man / partner that does know what they are doing, can also tell and feel when the woman is empty.
    Overall, my conclusion is one of,
    squirting over orgasm anyday!

    Ladies, hypothetically speaking of course, if you happen to be driving and taking matters into your own hands, and again hypothetically speaking are pulled over by the police, when they walk up to your car and ask the familiar question of “Do you know what you did wrong?”
    And you hypothetically haven’t stopped, and answer, “you can tell me when I finish here” then I can not say for all of the boys in Blue, but in my hypothetical story, whilst they watch the scene unfolding- you know continual eye contact, biting of the lip, a skirt not showing all just the motion, resulting in a cycloned waterfall everywhere,
    chances are the stunned look and hardness in their pants will result in them not remembering why you were pulled over in the first place.
    It may result in a phone number exchange, and an “oh my F*cking God” met with “I thought I had seen everything in my 20 years but this is a f*cking fantastic first”
    In which the reply should be,
    “Well given the fact that you put up with so much every day in order to protect us, if ever I could show appreciation in some way, I would”
    The three of us smiling with one replying “You just did!”
    Telling me to enjoy the rest of my night, and to drive safely, then letting me go, it was not until I got about half a km away, that I thought about their body cams being on.
    And with that thought I smirked to myself as they were not going to tell anyone, and if they did, who in fact would get in the most trouble?! 😈
    That was 18 months ago hypothetically speaking….

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    4 months ago

    I have tried to squirt with different men but it’s never happened to me.

    I’ve seen porn videos of women doing it.

    I’m not sure how commit it is, but I’d assume Google has some sort of an answer.

    I do wonder if my orgasms would be more intense or better overall if I could squirt.

    Good story. Thanks for sharing!

  • Letmetease


    4 months ago

    Squirting is sexy AF🥰

  • Randallred


    4 months ago

    Finally got wife to push through and now she squirts every time I eat her out I love it like a gift a sweet wet gift p

  • MsPleasure


    4 months ago

    I can squirt. Always have and always will 💦💦💦💦

  • suziekay


    4 months ago

    I squirt, but not everyone can make me squirt either… don’t know if that’s helpful though 😂

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    4 months ago

    The first time i had the experience of being with one of these lovely ladies i had already seen quite a bit of it in porn. And i don't watch Hollywood porn more so amateur stuff. It started with a relatively small gush of fluid while i was giving her oral, then the gushes became a bit more prominent. At first i was taken aback as it was new and interesting, but then after realising she was really enjoying herse;f i said
    'when in rome". Using fingers and alternating pressure with said fingers and mouth is also beneficial with this! When you start having sex though that can change a bit because what i found is that the pressure building up will push you out so the fluid can escape. Let her enjoy....my thing is to give her a big kiss when that happens and always be encouraging as you can make a couch or bed wet and maybe some people get a little bit self conscious, i am not one of those people lolol I really enjoyed playing with her and was really happy that happened....as she said it was really intense and fun. I think it also has to do with how turned on someone is and how much they like you. Maybe the other fine ladies of Forum can shed some light on that idea :)

  • haveheart


    4 months ago

    💦💦💦 me 🌊

  • Bicuckple60


    3 months ago

    I have had (have) the pleasure of being with two ladies that can squirt...a friends wife could be termed a GUSHER not a squirter....she can wet three towels....and you need a w/proof sheet under her... it is just amazing to feel her cumming and squirting. My MISTRESS can squirt often and a lot when she is particularly aroused....
    A couple of weeks ago she went to a swingers party by herself......she was approached by a handsome very slim middle aged man and invited to his caravan.... he spent a considerable amount of time on her orally ...getting her off nicely for his efforts.... on nearing her second orgasm he stopped oral and mounted her.... to her surprise he was very large in length and girth....he was initially too eager which killed the moment.....after some perseverance he found a good rhythm and stroke and in her words....she was in heaven....and soon was on the edge again. As his thrusts became harder and deeper she orgasmed and squirted......which sent him over the edge as well..... after a period of relaxation she realised what had taken place....the result of the three orgasms was a very messy bed..... which he and his wife had to spend the night in......