Seem harder for a guy to find a like minded. Women , lady , partner

December 27 2023

After living an, adventurous, crazy , life style. And being on various dating sites , I find it hard. To meet some one special
Am I doing something wrong
Just asking
Is it a guy thing


  • Manofthemidnight


    7 months ago

    This site is for swingers and sex freaks where men outnumber women, so you are looking for that "someone special" in the wrong place. Conventional dating sites are more suited for finding love.

    Better still expand your social circle, get out more, socialise, take a dog for a walk in the park, meet people.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    7 months ago

    No, you're not doing anything wrong. You have every right to be here, like everyone else.
    Have you checked out the events TAB? There's always events happening. Maybe attend a club or go one one of the cruises, attend a meet and Greet to broaden your horizon. You'll never know who you'll met. I know plenty of singles that have met significant other, got married and now have families.
    She's out there, looking for you. She just hasn't found you!
    Keep your chin up.
    Ms Foxy
    PS: Add a little more about you, into to your profile Bio. 👌

  • MsSuperFoxy


    7 months ago

    People can met here and have long term relationships and also be in committed couple relationships, can they not?
    Where does it state on this site, it's for "sex freaks"?
    Can you point in the direction or send a link, please?

  • JuniperIsaac


    7 months ago

    There are people on here who are looking for relationships too, based on their "looking for" tags. Just like the apps that people use for hooking up that end in happily married (ymmv re duration).

    Buuuuuut yes, your best bet is probably dates/messaging, in conjunction with attending events and mingling. Get validations from people you've met and played with. Given the split of genders, guys are likely to have a more difficult time tbh

  • MrandMrsEss


    7 months ago

    I replied to country touch but my initial thoughts when I read the OP’s profile is “Here’s a guy who has focused on himself for 50 years, seems to have lived a life full of amazing experiences and now may want the forever friend (not sure if that’s right)” so there’s a few things working against you but top one is most people looking for that deep and lasting partner have likely found it by now especially in your age group so you may have to go younger or accept the dreaded “baggage” that we all accumulate. Also your free and easy lifestyle is more on the fringe and finding fringe dwellers is always more difficult. I have a mate who is a near perfect specimen but in his early 40s cannot find even one woman who has his crazy outlook on life but also wants to settle down. Lastly is time, we all have so little spare time as we have so many competing interests, my advice is work out what your most essential traits in a partner are and spend time on endeavours that put you around those type of people. If kinky, naughty fuckers isn’t up the top of the list then maybe less time here would be a good thing.
    Good luck

  • Kincraft


    7 months ago

    You're not doing anything wrong if you're working towards achieving your goals. There isn't really a 'problem' so much as a conflict of interest and a disparity of supply and demand.

    It shouldn't be a surprise to hear that women decide whether a relationship, even if it's temporary, takes place. Most men don't get an abundance of messages from women. Yet, women will get so many messages that they cannot keep up with the volume (let alone keep track of each conversation).

    It might help to place yourself on the other side of this picture. Imagine you match with and get 10 to 20 messages each day from different women. Who do you choose? You can't book a date with all of them, maybe not even one every day or two. Which means, you're going to select the person who best meets your needs; and doesn't present as a risk to you.

    The larger problem (for men) is that women value similar traits in men, and men who rank highly are relatively easy to find on dating websites. These are the men that women talk to and engage with. The consequence of this is that this small proportion of men have the option to be frivolous with women.. which gives us a bad reputation in general. And we can't escape this reputation by claiming 'but I don't do that...', because most of us haven't been given the opportunity to test our 'moral fortitude'. It'd be a challenge saying 'no' to a beautiful naked woman...

    Following this, women become more reserved about who they select, and new partners are compared to their previous partners. It's entirely understandable that there'd be some reluctance to compromise or settle when choosing another partner.

    In addition to these issues, people's priorities change as they get older. At some point, starting a family is something already accomplished or is no longer an option; which can be a blessing or a curse either way. You're filtering out people that have (or don't have) kids in the same way as people are filtering you by the same criteria. And the same goes for the style of relationship you want, how long you'd like to sustain it, the lifestyle you have, your interests, finances, health, use of drugs, health problems, etc, etc...

    It's not surprising that finding a partner is difficult for men... we're more likely to be 'categorically excluded' in the initial decision making process. Online dating doesn't facilitate us showing 'who we are' and instead focuses on 'what we are'. Most often, this boils down to 'what you are is something less than the competition'...

    Better to find an avenue that allows you to show who you are instead. Attend group events, meet people, spend time out in public, and organise time with larger groups of friends. Online dating is oriented towards women who want an abundance of choice and the men who are highly appealing to women (on paper).

  • Happyandfun1222


    6 months ago

    Definitely a lot tougher for the older guys who are probably real catches and know how to preform and act. Becoming single older Definitely harder to get some naughty times. Just got to look at similar aged women and alot of there friends on here are young guys with abs lol. Personally will hang around for a while maybe check some events out. Even those are 4 to 1 M/F ratio though. Might still be good fun though.