Removing validations

March 03 2024

Curious if you've ever removed a validation you gave to someone , or they removed one they gave to you.

If so, why?


  • time4us4play


    4 months ago

    We have after we found out the person concerned was married. His profile stated single able to host etc. we then found out he was using a single friends house to host. Didn’t help we bumped into him and his family when out and about one day.
    We will not validate a lying, cheating person.

  • RachWandered


    4 months ago

    I have - had them taken away or taken them away.
    Humans are complicated and humans fucking are all sorts of complicated so I don’t think there’s anything weird about it. Validations are just opinions about a person or experience… everyone is entitled to change their mind or opinion especially in light of new information…

    I’ve stopped giving or receiving them. Ultimately my opinion about myself is all that matters and likewise if I’m going to fuck someone I don’t need to cloud my judgment with other peoples’ opinions…

  • MsSuperFoxy


    4 months ago

    Yeah, I have.
    Because I like my privacy. So I made a choice.

    Ms Foxy

  • FeistyFatty


    4 months ago

    I removed all mine (no longer display). Its a small place and I found I just didn't want every Tom, Dick and Harry knowing who my playmates are.
    I've never given a Validation to someone else.

  • nightingale8


    4 months ago

    Once because I heard through the grapevine he was really awful to another woman. I didn’t want to support it happening to someone else. Another time because his wife tattled to my boss behind my back. A couple I’ve simply removed due to the passage of time and I hope they’re well.
    I guess I didn’t check if mine were still there… I’m not sure it matters. It’s just a validation someone is real