RHP- what it is for you?

March 25 2024

Just curious as to what this site means for you?
I will start- Not Australian. Born In Barbados and Indian Parents
Do not have a big circle of friends
Love the chat room/forum as its my social outlet- being a bar owner means i am around people alot so on days off i really dont want to see many people unless its a good reason :)
Very vanilla mostly and keen to change that and learn and experience fun stuff and yummy sex :)


  • ElectricDreamers


    3 months ago

    I liken it to the Hotel California...

    A Hamster Wheel...

    Sometimes we dip out but we never leave.

    What it is to me/us...? A tool that's neither good or bad - used correctly it can yield great things... used incorrectly it can cause a lot of damage.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    3 months ago

    RHP means to me; meeting like minded people and those who are a fit with me.
    Could be meeting fully functioning adult men, could be kind loving relationships with males and females, could be long term, could be short term, could be passionate sex, could be drive through - run and dash, could be no sex or cam sex. Can be anything I want it to be. The list is endless! As long as the dickheads, stay away from me.

    Ms Foxy

  • Alexis


    3 months ago

    I've definitely shifted from it being a place for hookups (that never materialise) to a place to meet cool and interesting people.

    I just find the average person and conversations so boring. I met a couple of guys the other day and within 10 minutes we had discussed house prices, mortgage rates and traffic in various cities around Australia 🥱🥱🥱 OMG I had to escape!!

    A friend and I that met on here (have never met in person) decided to have a video chat the other day as we were both feeling a bit bleh. WE HUNG UP AFTER 3 HOURS!!! It was just such an interesting conversation.

    That's what I think, fascinating people who see life different to most of society and are interesting to talk to and meet. Everyone is open about sex and relationships, so I'm sure that will naturally flow from getting to know people. That's my theory anyway 🤣

    I'm very extroverted and at the moment I'm living rurally in WA, so I don't have a lot of social interaction. So the forums are kind of filling that need for me a the moment. It's not ideal but better than nothing I guess.

  • Alexis


    3 months ago

    Do you have a Caribbean accent?

    Just fyi, saying “specifically is if you say stuff she likes too” it doesn’t come across well.

    And also the whole “chicks love this or that”

    Maybe it’s just a cultural thing but those both come across as something that people say on a red pill/incel thread.

    Just wanted to let you know that.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    3 months ago

    A place to have unfiltered interactions with others. Almost a trial for how I set myself IRL.

    If I feel creatively stuck or I just need to be a little bolder than usual then I’ll throw something in here or respond to a comment to fire up a debate.

    There are one or two on here who are good for that and many others for some wholehearted verbal jousting.

    Also good for meeting ppl for intercourse.

  • Obi1kenietzsche


    3 months ago

    I find the Pie a great place to use my time that would otherwise be spent ticking away the moments that make up a dull day.
    Particularly if I simply wish to fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way.
    I find it’s much better than just kicking around on a piece of ground in my hometown.
    And definitely better than waiting for someone or something to show me the way.

  • Yellowpenguins


    3 months ago

    Hmm 🤔 good question..time and time again I find myself back here. Much to my somewhat frustration sometimes 🤣 it's definitely a hotel California.
    I guess yeah I like being 'around' like minded people. Chatting about the things you can't discuss with the average person on the Street ..well I mean you could but you might get some odd looks and / or arrested depending on how far you take it .