Perth Day Use Hotel Cash Only

March 17 2024

I know this would be a long shot but would anyone know of any day use hotels in the Perth area that accept cash payment? Trying to avoid using my credit card for obvious reasons but it would be nice to know if any hotels like this were around. Happy for you to DM me in private if you prefer.

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  • Mrs_Deep_Love


    24 days ago

    What are the obvious reasons?

  • curiouscpplwa85


    24 days ago

    Have a look on the day use website

  • CrouchingTiger


    24 days ago

    It says if cash is or isn't accepted, on each hotel page under Payment information.

  • Masters_Of_Bang


    24 days ago

    No hotel accepts cash, for obvious reasons.

  • Alexis


    23 days ago

    I don't, but can I just mention how strange it is to have a profile with no photo and barely any information yet a publicly listed phone number. If you're trying to be discrete, that's probably not the best way to go about it.

  • time4us4play


    23 days ago

    Probably cheating on his partner 😡

  • fun2behere


    23 days ago

    Once met a ‘couple’ at a swingers club. They were both married and lovers. They went to the club event as they could pay cash on arrival - and also enjoy meeting others there too.

  • RagnarPrime


    22 days ago

    I think some just hold the card and you pay once there. So potentially worth a call to see if they’ll take cash on arrival?

    Your reasons are your own, go for it.

  • Jason373


    14 days ago

    Scarborough Indian Ocean hotel the let u pay cash