Open: An uncensored memoir of love, liberation and Non-monogamy

February 03 2024

Just recommending this book by Rachel Krantz. Such an interesting, but uncomfortable read. I'm halfway through it at the moment.


  • PerthVixen


    5 months ago

    This book is on my list of titles to read this year. 🥰

    I’ve just finished “Consent Laid Bare” and am about to start “Securely Attached”.

    This book seems to offer the opportunity to understand romantic/sexual relationships outside the realm of strict religious doctrine. Which I am here for.

    May I ask why you’re finding it an uncomfortable read?

  • Sawadee


    5 months ago

    Interesting, what is it that makes you uncomfortable ? Presume it could be challenging in parts ?

  • EarthQueen


    5 months ago

    I'm not polyamorous but it makes me uncomfortable because I see myself in her to some extent and her lack of boundaries and erosion of self by staying in the relationship. The feeling of once you are out of something you can see it so clearly but at the time you are so consumed by the relationship you can't see the harm its doing. The sense of shame in giving yourself up to a relationship or practises that you know isn't in your best interest. She details this very poignantly as well as coercive control and abusive behaviour. At the same time it's an interesting perspective on her exploring her sexuality. Interested to hear what you think when you read it.

  • nightingale8


    5 months ago

    Polyamory is a weird space. Kinda like what happens when a big group of people ditch the grid and go live in the jungle in search of a new utopia. I’ve noticed there’s probably an over-representation of neurodiverse people (especially on the spectrum) who call themselves poly, which I guess makes sense given every aspect of relationships is questioned, negotiated, defined and re-defined. The downside of all this re-defining, I think, is that ‘relationship’ has devolved into being all but semantics (ie anything and nothing). What it is to be “polyamorous” these days is all about the individual’s reality and interpretation (at the expense of a shared accepted reality) -- I think that can be dangerous. Predators thrive in that space.

    So I’ve only read the blurb hahaha. These are my initial thoughts… let me know if I’ve gone way off topic 🤣