Need a nicer way to tell my fwb it hurts.

April 17 2023

When my fwb thrusting me, he like to rub on my clit, he means well and think it will helps me cumming, but it's hurt, I was scream from hurting but I think he understood that I was cumming 😣 Any tip or a nice way to tell him to stop doing it? I normally cum hard in this rubbing while thrusting but with my ex though. I'm not feel comfortable to discuss with him directly. So please advice me some other ways. 🙏🙏


  • ReyandJean


    10 months ago

    Make sure you sound like OW OW OW instead of Oh Oh Oh
    But really, just tell him to stop and say it hurts.
    And because men have fragile egos and sulk, smile teach him how to do it better.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    10 months ago

    Just say it has become to sensitive during intercourse

  • MsSuperFoxy


    10 months ago

    If you can't tell him, Houston we have a serious problem.
    Your actions of not sating a he hurts you, will only cause a domino effect. Because he thinks and believes he's turning you on. You're given him an ego boost. So the next person he's with, he will most likely do the same thing and hurt them too.
    Your actions are not the right thing to do or even fair to place him in a situation, you have the choice and control over.
    Speak up and be accountable.

    Ms Foxy

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    10 months ago

    Maybe instead of discussing it in person discuss it over text message, it may be easier for him that way as well .

  • funtimes1978


    10 months ago

    Communication before, after and during sex is Key all good sex

  • curiousgirl35


    10 months ago

    Grab his hand and redirect it in a slower or softer motion,maintaining eye contact.

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    9 months ago

    Just tell him to go slower/gentle in the moment and guide him. Be much easier than having 'the talk' outside the bedroom



    8 months ago

    If your fwb is so careless he is hurting you FIND ANOTHER FWB!!

  • sexuallover


    17 days ago

    Tell him straight don’t wait until it’s too late if he is worth it he’ll adjust and make it better for you

  • VVBN88


    5 hours ago

    What are we missing here? Open communication?? What are you scared off?