Jill off instructions

March 13 2024

What instructions can I give to my insatiable partner between catch ups, nothing is off limits?


  • FeistyFatty


    a month ago

    How to whipper snip? Pretty sure that'll cure her needs 😋

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    a month ago

    Get a couple more partners.

  • RachWandered


    a month ago

    I don’t think I understand the question…are you asking for tips regarding what to say to a woman that actually wants to bang you?

    I think you may have 99 problems but a horny woman WANTING to have sex with you is not one of them 😂😂

    I think you should worship this woman and thank the love gods for blessing you …

    Maybe I’ve misunderstood.

  • justcasually


    a month ago

    Buy her a nice big dildo, tell her to be creative and get her to send pics and video

  • Alexis


    a month ago

    There are vibrators you can buy that you can control remotely via an app. Maybe look into one of those?

  • justforfun76


    a month ago

    Dares. Tasks. Rules.
    To chat up and flirt with another woman and get her phone number.
    Take a toy shopping with no underwear and use in a change room. Snapchat and send to you.
    Have her lunch in a secluded spot and do the same.
    Toys while on the phone to you.
    No underwear to work. Naked housework while kids are at school. Snapchat vids to you. Striptease for you via snap.
    Use your imagination.

  • CrouchingTiger


    19 days ago

    Prigressing nicely, she's arranged a swap massage with her gym friend next week

  • damunblocker


    8 days ago

    Open your eyes to the unshackled effect of losing your mind.