Ideas for in-between cuckolding sessions

October 09 2023

A hotwife looking for suggestions from cucks & experienced hotwife!!! :)

im pretty new to the scene n hubby keeps saying i dont have any original ideas to keep the sparks going..
Since im quite particular with my choices of bulls, the time in between could be long and he feels like nothing is going on..

Any suggestions on what to do as a cuckold couple in between the sessions??

like.... i put him on chasity cage... but it is not long term thing, coz i don't know what we can do if it is MONTHSSS of caging...
He doesnt particularly like the idea of my femdom him....or him doing housework, in return for breaks from the cage (say it is silly because it is not sexy/ sex related)...

first post here ❤️
thanks in advance for your ideas!!


  • RHP User

    RHP User

    9 months ago

    I’ll tell a story about a cuck couple who are friends of Abi and mine. We don’t engage sexually, they’re just friends.

    C (cuck) has certain vices such as smoking, golf, socials he is part of. H (queen) places conditions on how he can partake based on doing things for her throughout the week.

    C would need to plan a date for them. Clean, iron and put away her clothes from her meeting with bull. Eat her out whilst she watched a video of her last bull session. Sit in his cage and repeat affirmations of his position and worth to his queen. Make her bed and turn it in for the nights he sleeps in his cage and prepare her evening tea, pyjamas and gown.

    You see where I’m going. Their dynamic was about him worshipping her as his alpha queen.

  • Cucknshells


    9 months ago

    I make my cuck wear female panties. For his birthday I got rid of all his jocks and only left frilly panties for him to wear, He wears them to work which is a constant reminder he is a cuck but nobody can tell. Also I don't usually let my cuck come inside of me and I make him clean up. If your bulls are willing and consenting, ask if you can have some photos or videos to tide over your cuck.

    Your cuck should be happy with what he gets though. Not all husbands are as lucky to have a hotwife. :-)

    Hope that helps.

    Shells xx

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    8 months ago

    Pull out the whip and make him your bitch!
    Sounds like you're a bit soft and that he's not a true cuck.