Husband enjoys watching me flirt

October 15 2023

My husband has recently expressed the idea of watching me being desired turns him on (hence why I’m on the app). What do I do to make it interesting for him?


  • Margo_Lover


    4 months ago

    Welcome. It depends, is he talking about real life, online or both?

    Online is very easy, you'll find an unlimited amount of people to have a sexy chat with online, and share some images. Many will be pushy aholes, so look after yourself first. You owe them nothing.

    I find it gets more exciting (Margo flirting online) when she gets to know someone, and their chat gets sexy & personal. More so than just one off chats with randos.

    In real life... much harder to do, but being a sexy woman, you'll be able to engage with men all over the place and flirt. Not so much if hubs is with you though, so maybe you just tell him about it afterwards.

    - Alex.

  • FeistyFatty


    4 months ago

    Maybe start with a couples profile and actually starting the journey together.

  • Hotwife71


    4 months ago

    Plenty of guys on here who will gladly waste your time.

  • Sawadee


    4 months ago

    If you're happy to satisfy your hubbys desire and flirt with guys he ( the guy ) will presume theres a possibilty theres more to come.. Obvious you and your hubby dipping your toe to see what happens ? Nothing wrong with that ' thats how most couples see the potential of where this could lead... talking from experience...

  • lindos


    4 months ago

    I do find watching my wife flirting with another guy at a club/pub soooo sexy. The look she gives me when she's found someone she likes is amazing.
    And if she manages to pick up, the sexy texts throughout the night makes for great reclaim sex when she gets home.
    So I do recommend sending texts if you do decide to meet someone. He'll love getting them.

  • MissSassx


    4 months ago

    Flirt with a woman & send him wild 😘