How to get into a swingers without a partner

June 05 2024

I'm new to this I'm keen to try out these swingers party's but I'm just a single guy and no idea how to come across the lady's to go with ...any tips or any one that wants to take me along with them ..guidance needed hahaha


  • NeoAndTrin


    a month ago

    Call me crazy but I think you actually need to be invited to most swingers parties first.

    You don't just rock up to one

  • Flirty2020


    a month ago

    Some swingers clubs & parties do allow single guys in, on certain nights, and in limited numbers. Perhaps you should attend on a night that you are allowed in, as a single male ?

    What you don't want to do, as this is considered to be unacceptable swingers etiquette, is to find any woman to take along, simply to get into a swingers club masquerading as a couple, and then one inside you revert to becoming a single male again.

    Most of the swingers clubs have "cottoned on" to the loopholes that single males have discovered, and have implemented new rules. For example the male half of a "couple" is not allowed into the play areas without his female partner accompanying him. If the females leaves the venue, then the male also has to leave the venue.

  • MsSuperFoxy


    a month ago

    OHHHH dude, how can I say this in a respectful way..
    For starters you haven't even put in any effort in your post about how you are going to look after the lady you go with or keep in mind her safety.
    Call me crazy, but my safety is very important to me. I don't go any any club or party with just any ol Tom, Dick or Harry who posts in a form seeking to go with any woman.
    There's so many factors to consider. IE: Are YOU going to have her back, if someone tried slealthing on her? 🤷‍♀️

    Ms Foxy

  • boobsandbusted


    a month ago

    Nope, because if we told you then  the second part of that quote would have to happen,

  • FredAndGinger2


    a month ago

    From our years of experience, the majority of swinging couples don't want to meet guys. Instead, singles guys may find more success at Swinging singles parties and Greedy girl (ie gang bang) parties.

  • boobsandbusted


    a month ago

    Well damn Fred and ginger, now we almost have to kill him ,,😂lucky for him it’s just another stupid single guy thread who never responds after not getting the answers he was hoping for instantly , 🤣

  • Blueflamingo


    a month ago

    You will need to join swingers parties that allows single guys, you can't joing a couples only swingers party with a fb as you are not a couple.
    Some swinging clubs allows single guys, maybe you could try that first and see how you go. Contact the venue directly, don't be shy but ALWAYS be respectful and practice consent.

  • HekticDass


    a month ago

    Be confident within yourself in these scenarios and the rest will happen naturally
    Find your balls be a man