How do I pick up two guys.

April 02 2024

My fantasy is to have a hot night with two men, how do I make it happen..


  • Ex007


    8 days ago

    First, be female
    Second, have more than 1 photo
    Third, complete the profile in full
    Fourth, use your female intuition

    Magic 💫🧚‍♂️💫

  • PlayfulKinkster


    7 days ago

    Honestly, just ask the blokes. They might be willing to play with someone else on here with you. Or they might have a mate they know that'll come along. If you don't ask, you won't know.

  • nightingale8


    7 days ago

    First time?
    I suppose it’s the same way you’d go about meeting one guy, just you meet two separately and set a date to come together. Lots of men will get off on the fantasy then bail on the day if they’re inexperienced and you haven’t already established some sort of connection. I started by contacting a gang bang group and went from there. But I have also done so after meeting and making a connection with one guy first, then adding a third. I have also asked that the guys contact each other first for bi play to ensure they were comfortable with each other. Don’t know if that’s a done thing but it made sense to me

  • MajekMonkey


    7 days ago

    You'd have to organize it. It is tricky if you're not a couple. But that's what makes it special because it shows you can seduce multiple guys and have them at the same time.

  • FeistyFatty


    7 days ago

    Easily..... Datefinder or just tell a playmate to phone a friend 🤷

  • Andrea_Sydney


    7 days ago

    I think it might be easier to line up two men that you both already had sex with. They might not bail that way and you also know that you are safe and will have a great time.

  • NeoAndTrin


    7 days ago

    If you wanna pick up 2 guys you need really good arm strength

  • Viccpl


    7 days ago

    I would say it wouldn’t be too hard - you could get along to a club or a party where there are single guys, I’m sure there would be takers there.

    Also groups on here who could help you out too.

    Date finder is another good suggestion!

    You got this!

  • boobsandbusted


    6 days ago

    Meet and greets where single guys are invited and screened

  • boobsandbusted


    6 days ago

    Also Maybe work on your communication skills and learn conversations are a two way street after you ask a question and people answer it ,🤔it’s polite and in your interest to keep it moving along and you may get an answer that works and benifits you 💡

  • RHP User

    RHP User

    6 days ago

    Just ask

  • Garyiskeen


    5 days ago

    I used to have a masseur who really enjoyed joining me when I had a curious female friend. He brought his gf over a few times to play as well.

    I found a three way worked really well if the two guys know each other.

    But also, I have met up with women who have also invited someone new along too, and that has been delightful as well.

    As long as you have two guys who are very open, willing to please, and not averse to body contact with other men, it should be a fun time... at least from my experience

  • ElectricDreamers


    4 days ago

    I'd recommend having 1 who is already a trusted FWB