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Hotwifing ideas to explore dares to do

January 30 2024

Hi guys, we are interested in hotwifing... Would love hear your stories and advices.... We are new so would like to start slow.... Ta


  • Hotwivesclub


    22 days ago

    Going slow is a smart move. Sometimes the husband's enthusiasm can feel like pressure for the wife or the couples' enthusiasm can cause sloppy decisions collectively.

    On to the fun part...

    Starting really slow - ask the wife to really explain 'her type', point out to you on TV, in real life who she wants to fuck and why. If you watch team sports - ask her to let you know which members of the team turn her on...

    Ready for a bit more? - She could head out to a busy bar ahead of you, dressed to kill and ready to flirt. Her mission should she choose to accept is to flirt and to hit on at least 1 hot guy. You can either watch for a while and then 'arrive' - or slide up and join the conversation. Your mission should you choose to accept it is to keep the guy feeling a friendly vibe.

    Another option involving others is for her to sext while you're with her.

    After that you're ready to work out where your boundaries lie.

    Are you a hot wife couple where she'll go play alone and come home to you or do you want to be there watching/joining in but that's when you take your training wheels off.

  • cple4m


    21 days ago

    We are fairly new to the hotwife scene (12months) lot of guys talk the talk then vanish once you try to arrange a date to meet..
    We've also been cat fished a few times. lol
    Found married guys are more genuine and preform better (our experience)
    Ideally we would love to find 2-3 regular guys we can call on regularly.
    We have 1 regular guy, he's great. genuine, respectful and knows how to fuck her really good.. ..!

  • MFMHotWife


    20 days ago

    Great responses there! In our experience, you can "Freestyle" it, at a pub or club, but it is very hit & miss. I, (Mr) arrange pretty much all our extra guests, plenty of great blokes out there, but plenty of fakers too. Do your homework on here and pay particular attention to any potentials Validations. When dates are arranged, even with seemingly reliable blokes, and they don't turn up, it really knocks the ladies confidence around! Swingers Clubs are reliable, but some lack good ambiance, I love the clubs, but my wife doesn't much care for them, so nowadays we just freestyle it or I arrange extra guests off RHP. "Discover" is a great tool, select the area and/or preferences to seek out potential guests. Sure is a bunch of fun! Good luck guys!

  • Hotwife71


    16 days ago

    We should be allowed to name and shame those that do not turn up or string along with no intentions of ever meeting.