Hard to find voyeurs ...

January 28 2024

You would think finding what we are looking for would be pretty easy, but it's proved a bit of a challenge.
In the past we have done all sorts of things. Same room, orgies, FFM ...

But we have found our biggest kink is just being with each other while others watch. (Couples and girls, not single guys).

We have been to clubs, but found people tend to just look for a bit or from a distance, where we would prefer they get in close for a good look.

Has anyone else experienced this?

We went to one club, and had sex out in the open hoping to get a crowd. We were the first couple to start, so figured that would get a good audience, but people just walked by as if nothing was happening.

Just recently at another club, we got a few people watching, but again many just passing buy or standing a big distance away (until we welcomed a couple to come in if they want to be closer).


  • Alexis


    6 months ago

    Are you being clear that you want people to watch?

    I would think most people wouldn't get in close to watch out of fear of being extremely rude.

  • Ex007


    6 months ago

    Call the club and run it by them first. Perhaps make an A4 sign to put on the chain or on the wall just outside the room. Explain your fetish and any limitation. Remember people are completely unaware unless you inform them. I’m sure you will have plenty of views once they are informed. Also being a little vocal also attracts an audience.


  • MrandMrsEss


    6 months ago

    This resonates with us, we feel we are changing tack and like this kind of experience more too. What is nice is to watch and be watched. We had one experience in Europe where we played with each other next to another couple playing and a bunch of guys just watching. The guys were very respectful and we loved watching the other couple play within inches of us. The combined moans and groans were thrilling and I even thing resisting the temptation to reach out and touch the other couple intensified the erotica.
    I agree with above though that people might be ignoring you as they don’t want to be seen as gawking. I’d suggest talking to a few people and asking if they’d like to watch and let them know to tell other people passing by that you are into that.
    It’s a hands 🙌 if you’re ever up our way though :)

  • nightingale8


    6 months ago

    Wish you guys were in Sydney. I’m a total voyeur. No need to play, your pleasure is mine! I’ve been fortunate to have had a handful of such experiences but it’s not common and usually it’s floated with the idea that I’d join in later on.

  • gccouple1709


    6 months ago

    I get it, but we thought maybe leaving the door fully open and no chain across the doorway would be enough indication that we like to be watched.

  • CandiKane


    6 months ago

    Hey gcccouple!
    It sounds to me as though people are being careful not to invade your space or run the risk of putting you off. Basically they are being well behaved just as this community would generally expect. One way or another, clear consent to come closer has to have been communicated. Having seen you myself I can happily assure you, you won’t be lacking keen viewers. ;)

  • Kenny_duggin


    5 months ago

    Wish I was closer, I am older but still fairly fit would love to watch