Guys - add some more pics to your couples profile!

April 11 2024

FYI, this is the male half of Fun_Two_Pleaser writing this.

Like many other couples on here we are mainly seeking the company of a bi/experimental females, over time we have found it more and more difficult to find a female/unicorn that would take the time to reply to us and engage in conversations to build a connection. So, we turned our attention to MF couples and we have had some success.

One thing that constantly bugs us when looking through MF couples profiles is the lack of pictures of the male half. There are so many couples profiles that have some lovely and very hot pictures of the females (main profile picture and gallery pics) but have no pictures of the male, or the pictures of the male are cropped or obscured which don’t show much.

The Mrs and I have had many conversations about what she likes and finds attractive in other men, I am actively on the look out for couples that not only have a female half that we both find attractive, but also a male half that she (and possibly I) find attractive, and having some pictures of the male half certainly helps with deciding to send that ‘ice breaker’ message.

As many people have written in their profiles - we are not after super models. We have spoken to, met up with and played with plenty of couples who are just like us, your average mum and dad couple who are trying to stay sexy and have some fun.

So, guys in couples, we would like to see more of you 😉. Having a few extra pics of the guys could be a tick in the box that ultimately persuades that couple or single to send you a message and leads to your next sexy experience.

Appreciate others in the RHP community sharing their thoughts on this.

J & R


  • Andrea_Sydney


    3 months ago

    Agreed. I have always wondered about couple profiles where there’s only photos of the female. Like - is he not going to get involved or is he hiding or what’s happening?

  • Margo_Lover


    3 months ago

    So true, it's very frustrating for everyone, when there's a hidden person on an account.

    And it's also saves the awkward step of showing the male pic later in chat, and it being a NO from Margo 😬

    - Alex

  • FeistyFatty


    3 months ago

    Agree 💯. My couple profiles have just as many quality pic's of hubby as well, but we don't seek females so maybe that's the difference 🤔

    Admittedly OP, your own profile does have pics of you also.... But all are almost exactly the same chest pics.

  • DreamPlayers


    3 months ago

    Seriously I know why we connected so well, I could have written this post myself a million times !!!

    Just ask M 👦🏻 I swear his ears are bleeding from all my complaining lol 😂 … he’s just like you J activity searching for the type of guy he knows I want / or would be attracted to. But it’s so hard there’s never any pics in these partner profiles.

    Thank you for starting a discussion maybe some couples will take note 📝

    😘 J&M 👩🏼‍❤️‍👨🏻

  • TheMinx


    3 months ago

    Partnered Women on here are definitely the honeypot. They stimulate our thirsty desires and trap us with their 🔥 photos, Then boom we ask to see him instantly confused shes divine and he looks like a porcupine and we try to recoil out, our retinas burning. Often as they'll send 🍆 pic thinking that will the cream on top but alas that just makes it worse.

    Sigh another polite reply thanks but not floating my boat.

  • RachWandered


    3 months ago

    I’ve enjoyed being a unicorn but prefer bigger settings like parties. I prefer options and someone else to do the screening.
    Meeting couples online is a lot of effort. Normally I wouldn’t engage with a profile that didn’t have face pictures.
    I also never engage where the female is straight or bi curious. I assume bi curious is code for “doing it for hubby”…

    Usually profiles lack pics of the male partner because 9/10 he’s not as hot … probs one reason why hot husbanding isn’t prominent as hot wifing ..

    That’s just my 69 cents as an occasional unicorn …

  • 2inBrisbane


    3 months ago

    Late to the conversation I see but also have to agree, we agave both couples and singles profiles, and we use our couples profile specifically for engaging where we are interested in playing as a couple.
    When we have couples profiles that check out our couples profile and theirs only has pictures of the Lady, we Generally send a message asking if the lady is looking to play on her own, as we assume if there are no photos of him that he’s not playing….

  • newlybicbr


    3 months ago

    I agree wholeheartedly and wondered why this never seemed to be brought up as an issue.
    As a bi guy I definitely like to see the make in a couple too, and I'd have thought it was the same for women and couples looking at couples.

  • CachelessSociety


    3 months ago

    Hi all, thank you for the comments, the highest number of responses we have recieved on a forum topic so far. It must have been something a few people have been thinking about.